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Finch's Fnaf AU: Charlie and Michael

by Finch~

the only ones left.png
Finch~ Charlie and Michael's adult designs, next will be Michael's after being scooped design
They're 22 and 20 here

annnd also some facts/headcanons/whatever because I forgot to inculde them last time
Vain ass bitch
He bleached his hair once and never did it again and now it looks stupid
When he gets angry he just screams and probably throws a chair
Loves all his kids more than anything in the world
Has a stupidly good memory
Has a british accent

Charlie (child):
Oblivious, but not stupid, they’re actually pretty smart when they want to be
Wants to work for Freddy’s when they’re an adult
Has a Bonnie Plushie, hes their favourite
Curious and friendly, yet just as equally anxious
A bit of a pushover, but doesn’t let it get in their way
Looks up to William (not literally because they’re taller than him lmao) like an idol
One of their friends is French and they're trying to learn from them
Their accent is somehow stronger than William's wow

Charlie (adult):
Pretty wary of William and would rather be alone than with him
Moved out as soon as they could when they where 18
Still trying to work out what happened to the other Charlie (Charlie Emily), seeing as they know William killed her
They dyed their hair purple when they where 16 and it still hasn't washed out
They do miss William, but try to forget about him
Wanted to change their second name but never really bothered
Can speak French well

Charlie/Ghostie (dead):
Their personality basically went; anxious - angry - william 2.0
Flamboyant, over the top and confident, yet still skittish and anxious in unfamiliar situation
s a s s

Michael (child):
A bit of grump
Popcorn addict
Hogs the sofa
Doesn’t listen to any of his siblings or his dad
Very tall
Possibly got the teasing his brother thing from Charlie, as they used to tease (albeit a lot more friendly teasing) Michael when they where younger

Michael (adult):
Still a popcorn addict and sofa hog
Like Charlie, he thinks he's seen Chris's ghost a few times
aha Tall
Still lives with William, he doesn't know what he's done yet but was pretty suspicious of why Charlie just up and left so soon

Michael (after being scooped):
fuck you, you and you; you all suck
Sad and grumpy half the time
Regret? what is that?
Will forever be a popcorn addict

Always smiling, even when she’s angry
Asks for thing, gets thing, then never uses/plays with thing
Sibling rivalry 100
“I know a song that’ll get on your nerves~”
She’s actually really sweet, but she just wants more attention than her family can give her

Calm and collected most of the time
Looks almost like a mini version of his Dad
Pretty similar to Charlie
Foxy is his least favourite animatronic and Michael knows that
Brings his Fredbear plushie everywhere with him
Hardly speaks up for himself

Chris (dead):
also s a s s
Someone taught him cuss words oh no
Doesn't really mind being dead
Likes to mess with people
Despite being good friends with them when they where both alive, the sibling rivalry between him and Ghostie is most defitanly there.