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Nobody Doodles and Posters: Charecters to Nobody

by Arx11

Storm.png Yuka.png Emily.png Hood.png Error.png
Arx11 1: Storm Sterling
This is the original character I made. I was messing around, trying to make a new, good, original character. Eventually, by accident, I made Storm and his powers.
2: Yuka Serling
When I was trying to figure out Storm's past, I created a tragic past, but I thought: Somebody needs to help Storm through. I eventually made Yuka Sterling.
3: Emily
I made Emily in the first Nobody comic. She was one of the main characters and changed over time.
4: Hood
I made Hood as a villain in the first comic. He wears a hoodie over his head, and uses the Bow and Arrow for a weapon, but rarely a sword. In Nobody: Reruns, Storm returns to the first dimension and Hood is looking for revenge.
5: Error Storm
Error was made in the second comic. He was created by Storm on accident because Storms jumps between dimensions. He shoots strings from his hands, and if it wraps around someone's soul, he or she will be under his control.