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Dragon Ball X: Chapter Two: Carpy Carp Carp

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive The most creative name. *Sarcasm*
~ Chapter 2 ~

~ Carpy Carp Carp. ~

Along the Way to Wherever I was going, I seen Some weird Person with a Tail, I Didn’t think much of it Until he Looked my WAy, Holding a Piece of Paper, As I landed near the Tailed person, and Asked me this. “Have you seen someone who Looks like this?” He asked, Or At Least, It SOUNDED like a He. I Forgot the Fact that I had a Hood on, But even If I Didn’t, the Tailed person did a Pose, as he Took off his Hood, Revealing a Glass-Like Head thing with Horns on his Head,“IN, the Face of evil! Justice will always Prevail! The Great Jack!” It yelled, Which I Was walking Past him Now, “Uh, Thanks, I’ll take my leave here” I said, As I Was Making sure Not to let my Guard Down, “Hey! Dont Ignore me You Fool!” he Yelled, as I heard him Charging something, I Looked back Just in time to see The purple beam just Skim my Hair, WHich ticked me Off, as It took quite Awhile to make my Hair look this Good. “Oi! Watch where you’re Pointing That, Mate!” I Yelled, Putting one of my Hands forward, Pointing to Him, Doing the Same move He just Did, Through the Five years I’ve been Running from the Corrupt Government, I learned a Few Tricks, this Being ONE Of my Signature moves. As I shot a Purple beam Near him, Which hit a Random pond, and one of Which was Infested with Carp, Exploded with carp Flying out of it, One of which Landed on the Tailed-Freaks Head, As it became Quite Annoyed, It started Yelling, as It began Increasing in Size, Its horns becoming Bigger, and its Tail becoming Larger, “This is my Second Form! You cant stand up to my Second! Even though its at Half Power!”` it Yelled, “My power Level is Over 920,000!” As it was Yelling, I Was Using my hand to Mock the Tailed Freak. “H--How dare You mock the Arcosian Race!” It yelled, as I Just started thinking of a Smart Aleck Comment, Then it hit Me. “You really put your Trust in Numbers? You’re dumber Than I Thought.” As I let my Inner Peace Commence, and Turned Super Android. Which Took my Hood off, “O--Oh MY! Its The Android!” It said, asn It began Yelling once again, This time, Turning Shorter, And Having WHite on its Body, BEsides the Glass-Head thing, A bit on the Arms, And the Stomase, as the Feet were Quite large, And Instead of Human-Like Feet, They were CHicken Like, “Ah, This is Better, my Final Form.” He said, as he Put one Foot infront of the Other, and Had his Hands out. “What The? You just got Shorter,, But I Wont let that Scare me, You DID say ‘Final’, So? You're saying there's ABSOLUTELY No form Past it.” I Said, GEtting in a Battle Stance, One of which I had One hand in a Fist behind me, and The Other in a Grabbing-Type-Look in front of me, While looking like I’m Crouched. “I’m Positive.”, “Well, I’ll Take your Word for It!”, But before I could do ANything, Something purple came out of the Arcosians Wrist, I was thinking it was Its Blood, But before I Could Think, As it Rushed to Me, And Jabbed me, Usually I Would be Able to Walk it Off, But this, I Felt a sudden sting Inside me, As My form shut Off, I Started Staggering, while Getting tunnel Vision. The last thing I heard was the Arcosian saying “Hehehe, Easy as space cake..” Then I Blacked Out