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Dragon Ball X: Chapter Three: Prision

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive Really, why do I write in the summary's? Crime, Time, Prime, All rhyme.
~ Prison.~

When I woke up, I was Chained to the Wall, my Hands at the side of mr Chained aswell, the Only thing I could move was my Head. “W--What's Going On?” I Say, Trying to move my Hands away from the Chains, As I Look around I See a Window, Where that Arcosian in his First form is Also chained up, I Cant hear through the Glass, But I Can tell he was Mad. “Tell Me! Now!” I Yelled again, Trying to Get someone's Attention, Then, The door Opens, where someone Familiar comes through, I Stare blankly, as I was Screaming on the Inside, “T-T-” I Was trying to say, as he Puts his hand on my Mouth with Force, “nuh-uh-uh, You cant say My name, Android.” He says, as he Knees my Stomach, Causing me to Spit up some Oil, “Ah, weaker then Ever.” He says, as he Leaves the Room, “Lock him up, Along with the Arcosian.” He says, as Two Moderately Tall people TAke the Chains Off me, and Drag me to a Cell, I Didn’t feel like Fighting as the Knee has done some Damage to me, the Arcosian on the other hand was Punching everyone else who Came near Him, They had to taze him to Make him stop, then they Threw him into my Cell, “You wont get Away with This!” the Arcosian yelled, as he Started banging on the Cell Bar’s, I thought about what he was Doing, that's when I heard whispering in the Cell Besides us, “Psst, Jerry, do you Know who those two People are In the Cell Besides us?” one of them Said, “The one with Black hair is that Android, Duh, but the One with the Horns...I Have no Idea, is that a kid with a Physical and Mental Disease?” The other one Said, As the Arcosian Started pounding on the Wall I Was listening at, “Oi! Who you calling Mental, Punk!” He yelled, shooting a Purple beam through the Wall, as through the wall I Seen them Look at It, “W--W--Which one of you Did That?” They both Said, Then the Arcosian Busted the Wall, and Stared into their Souls, “Me.” He said, still in his First Form, I Was wondering how strong he would be in his Final Form. “That's enough, arcosian.” I Said, Leaning on the Wall, “Fine.” He said, As he Used his Energy to Rebuild the Wall, and I Could hear the Two Yelling “WHAAAT” loud enough to get the Guards over here, as I DIdn’t hear what they Said, I Could tell that they Said the Arcosian was MAgical, Because the Guards came over to Our cell and started Giving us the Death stare, but once The arcosian gave Them the Death stare, They Backed off, “So, What's your name, Arcosian?” I Say, as I Thought he Already knew, But he laid down in the Bed(Can I even call it a Bed?) Sighed and said, “First tell me Yours.”, “Nitro.” I Say, as he Gets up from the Lying position “Names Jack of the Frost demon Clan, I came Because I heard about your Bounty, But I guess None of us Got it.” He said, As if he wanted the Bounty for a Reason, “Well, I Have a Idea on How to get Out.”