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Chapter Three, Orange Wants To Battle

by Sylvious

Sylvious Orange is like Blue in adventures. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS or something like that. Instead its Know your strategies. Or your attacks are worthless.
Purple: Ahhhh! A pokemon! Oh!" Looks at pokedex, Purple: Just a Pidgey... Okay, Bulba! Go! Use Tackle!" Pidgey: Pidgey!!!!!!!!" The Pidgey trys to run away. Purple: Nope! Your not going to run away! Use Tackle again Bulba!" The Pidgey Faints. Purple: Yes! I fainted that Pidgey!" Purple runs through Route 1. But finds a obstacle. Orange: So. You supposed to be my rival right? This will be easy. Now, lets battle! Go Charmander!" Purple: Hm. Your my rival? Okay! This will be a good battle! Go Bulbasaur! Use Tackle!" Orange: Use Growl!" Purple: If it doesn't do damage. The moves worthless! So growl is worthless. Use Tackle!" Orange: Really.? Use Growl." Purple: Use Tackle! How did it survive?" Orange: Strategies. Scratch!" Purple: Come Back Bulba! How did i lose with your growls?" Orange: Know your strategies. Or your attacks are worthless." Purple: Ugh. Cya." Purple runs through Route 1, and gets to Viridian City.
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  1. ~Pokelover~
    Poor Purple... that's how I used to think too.
    Aug 3, 2015