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Without A Trace: Chapter Three: Different

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova Here's chapter three! Sorry it's short. Yes yes, I know no one reads this work.
Chapter Three


Älskar was horrified. The cell was all cold, grey stone. He was laying on a bed that hung on the wall sideways by chains, on it a lumpy old mattress and an old, worn white blanket. There was an old disgusting steel toilet, and a nasty old steel sink with an old scratched up mirror. He groaned, laying back. “What did I do?” He asked no one in particular. He didn’t remember doing anything wrong. About an hour later, a man dressed in all white came to Älskar’s cell. “...... Älskar, is it?” He asked. His voice was gruff and emotionless. Älskar nodded, walking over to the bars, where the man dressed in white stood on the other side. “You are found to be different. You mauled Claude Brookshire, almost to death.” “No, I bloody didn’t!” Älskar snapped. “How would I do that?” The man rolled his dark brown eyes. “You may want to watch this, then,” he grunted, showing Älskar a touch-screen device. The video showed what happened in the market from a hidden camera. After Claude chuckled, “Aren’t you gonna fight back, mutt?” which was the point Älskar didn’t remember anything beyond. Then…. Älskar doubled over, grunting in pain. There was snapping and popping sounds, and soon the grunts became canine growls. When Älskar lifted his head…. He wasn’t….. Human. He was a wolf, the size of a Kodiak Bear, with fur the same color as his hair and the same yellow eyes Älskar was watching the video with…. Claude screamed in horror as the wolf Älskar had become leapt at him… Älskar closed his eyes, putting his face in his hands as the video ended. “You-” The man dressed in white began, but Älskar cut in, “Ya, sent to Earth to die, I KNOW.” His voice was hoarse. “You, your brother, and your dog.” Älskar lifted his face from his hands and lowered his hands to his side. “W-Why them too….?” Älskar asked slowly, then attempted to clear his throat to get rid of the hoarseness. “Tyst, when we came to your house to pick him up, he…. threw things at us. Telepathically.” Älskar was taken aback. Me and Tyst both….? “What about Hund….?” Älskar managed, on the verge of tears of anger and sadness. “Your dog’s bark shattered the glass of a containment vehicle.” The man in white sighed. The man left Älskar in silence. About an hour or two later, five men in white escorted Älskar to a large room. It was where they kept the ships that traveled to and from Earth, and the rest of space. There were about ten ships, each as big as a large trailer. The room was big enough to hold them all, with plenty of walking space. They forced him into one, which Tyst and Hund were in as well. Tyst’s eyes were puffy, Älskar guessed from crying. Tyst held the small wooden music box in his hands that Felicia and Edmund had given the two brothers. Hund and Tyst stood at the sight of Älskar coming in, but guards on either side of them came over and made them sit. Älskar sat by them. The men made them put masks over their mouths, and before Älskar knew it he was trying his best to keep his eyes open.
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