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The Chronicles of Tim Wood: Chapter Six - The Phantom Returns

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Tim has continued his journey, and made it to Mossdeep City. Then stuff returns to its normal state- CHAOS.
Tim sent out Manectric. A Sharpedo was leaping around the waters around Mossdeep City, terrorizing citizens.
"Manectric! Use Thunderbolt!" Tim called. Manectric roared, and lightning crackled around his body. A bolt shot off and electrified Sharpedo. Sharpedo dove underwater, trying to escape.
"Go Dewgong! Use Dive! Follow that Sharpedo!" Tim yelled, sending out a new Pokemon- Dewgong. The sleek Pokemon twirled in the air, and dove into the water, swimming furiously after Sharpedo. Tim waiting nervously on the shore. Dewgong wasn't coming up. Tim let Exploud out of her ball.
"Exploud, I need you to do me a favor," Tim said.
"Plou-ploud," Exploud nodded.
"I need you to use sonic waves to send me down to the seafloor," Tim explained, "I want to make sure Dewgong is okay."
"Expo?" Exploud questioned, wondering if this was safe.
"Trust me," Tim said. He ran to the edge of the cliff, and dove. He hit splashed into the water, and felt a vibration approaching from behind. Suddenly, he was thrust down into the seafloor. He began to tread underwater. Tim saw Dewgong fighting for her life. Sharpedo was trying to kill her! Tim swam over to Dewgong as quickly as he could. When Sharpedo swam up for its next attack, Tim punched it in the nose. Sharpedo turned and smacked Tim with its tail, then it swam off angrily. Tim held tight to Dewgong as they sped towards the water's surface. They shot out of the water elegantly, and Dewgong brought Tim back to a dock where he could warm up.
Tim was brought into a small beach hut where a young woman was brewing a strange green liquid.
"Drink," the woman said, handing a cup full of the green liquid to Tim.
"What is it?" Tim asked.
"It helps calm the mind," the woman explained, "And after fighting a Sharpedo I figured you could use some calm."
Tim sipped the liquid. It tasted nasty. Seaweed and... was that urine? But Tim wanted to be courteous, and thanked the woman. Suddenly, everything went black. Not a scary black. A calm black.
"Tim," came a voice. Nikitis. Tyson. Dad.
"Dad," Tim gasped, and turned to see his father.
"Hello Tim," Tyson smiled.
"I thought you were dead!" Tim said, exasperated, "You were sucked into the Phantom Zone!"
"I'm not dead Tim," Tyson said, "But I need help. You know that. Norman is trying to find evidence on the Phantom Zone. He won't find anything. The Phantom Zone is untraceable. At least- untraceable to an untrained mind."
"Norman's mind isn't untrained," Tim said, "He's very smart."
"Untrained in mystical forces," Tyson corrected himself, "Tate and Liza deal with myths and legends. Norman was right to direct you to them. Ask their mother if you can see them. Act fast. The Phantom Zone drains all life forms of their soul. I am being drained, but I'm holding on. Just remember to-"
Tyson disappeared.
"Remember to what?" Tim exclaimed, spasming, "Remember to what?"
"It worked," the woman remarked.
"What?" Tim turned to the woman with wild eyes, "What was that?"
"It clears your mind of all rational thought so you can see beyond," the woman explained, "See beyond the natural world. It's what my daughters use. It's how they knew you were coming."
"Your daughters...? You're Tate and Liza's mom!"
"How perceptive," the woman smiled, "I'm Rachel. My husband Jin is out right now, so you'll just have to deal with me."
"That's fine with me," Tim laughed, "So, do you know if I can talk to your daughters? There's just something I need to-"
"I know," Rachel nodded, "They told me. The Phantom Zone. They've been learning about it. Seeing into it. They should be back soon."
"Back from where?" Tim asked.
"Why- the Phantom Zone," Rachel stated like it was obvious.
"They're in the Phantom Zone?" Tim exclaimed.
"Looking for your father I presume," Rachel nodded.
"You let them go?" Tim's jaw dropped.
"They can handle themselves," Rachel said, "They're older than you and you set out on a journey by yourself."
"They're Gym Leaders," Rachel chuckled, "They can handle themselves."
Just then, a massive portal of darkness opened there in the small kitchen. A boy and girl who looked to be about sixteen flew out and landed on the floor.
"Phantom!" the boy yelled. The boy sent out a Solrock, and the girl sent out a Lunatone. Out of the portal came an orb of red mist. The orb that had been the Phantom.
"Lunatone! Use Moonblast!" the girl, Liza, called.
"Solrock, use Solarbeam to make the Eclipse Combo!" the boy, Tate, ordered. Solrock and Lunatone merged their attacks into a shadowy beam that tore through the misty orb. It also tore through the wall of the house. The small hut began to crumble. Tim pushed Rachel out of the way of a falling table. He then sent out Dewgong to freeze the walls in place. The Eclipse move was slowly but surely pushing the orb back into the portal. The orb began to shake, and it shook the entire world along with it. The ice Dewgong had made shattered, and all four walls collapsed. Tate and Liza were crushed. So were Solrock and Lunatone. The orb shot up in the sky, and began to expand.
"What's happening?" Tim yelled over the commotion, while pulling Tate out from under a fallen beam.
"The Phantom..." Tate groaned, "It's getting ready to release a pulse that will send everything into the Phantom Zone..."
"What?" Tim exclaimed, "How do I stop it?"
"Get it back in the portal..."
Tate went unconscious.
"Alright team," Tim said, sending out all six of his Pokemon. Grovyle. Exploud. Mightyena. Manectric. Houndoom. Dewgong.
"I'm going to need everyone's help," Tim said, "We need to take down Phantom."
All six Pokemon nodded.
"Okay then. Do your stuff..."
Grovyle got on Houndoom's back as Houndoom leapt in the air. Exploud used sonic waves to act as a levitating device, and sent Houndoom farther into the air. Mightyena and Manectric combined shadow and lightning attacks into a destructive beam aimed at Phantom. And Dewgong? Well- Dewgong just used an epic looking Ice Beam. Once Houndoom and Grovyle reached Phantom, Grovyle slashed at it with Leaf Blade. The orb zipped around to dodge the attack. Houndoom used Flamethrower to torch Phantom. Then, as Houndoom began to fall back to the ground, he snatched Phantom in his jaws. Houndoom and Grovyle fell slowly back to Tim, thanks to Exploud using sonic waves to lower them at a slow speed.
"Alright Houndoom!" Tim smiled, "Blast Phantom back into the Phantom Zone!"
Houndoom roared and sent Phantom flying back into the portal. The portal closed immediately.
Liza climbed out from under a fallen wall, and said, "How did you-?"
"I don't know," Tim said, shaking his head in disbelief.

A few days later, the Gym had been rebuilt after the tremors caused by Phantom destroyed it. Tate and Liza had told Tim about what they'd learned about the Phantom Zone. Phantom fed off of souls. Tyson was next on the menu. But there was a way to rescue him. With the help of a Legendary Pokemon so powerful that it could destroy anything with a single thought. Infinexus. But the quest to find Infinexus would be dangerous. If Infinexus was angered by anyone's presence, it could simply incinerate them. But if it meant rescuing Tyson, Tim decided it was worth it. But first, he needed to get stronger. He needed to prove himself worthy enough to fight alongside Infinexus. He needed to become the Champion of Hoenn. Suddenly- his journey had purpose. He had to become Champion in order to free his father and all the other captives of the Phantom Zone. And to become Champion, he needed eight badges. The Mind Badge would be his seventh. So he challenged Tate and Liza to a Gym Battle.
"Of course we accept!" Tate nodded.
"I mean, you saved the world, so it's the least we can do!" Liza agreed.
"Alright," Rachel smiled, walking over, "I'll officiate. This will be a Double Battle. Both sides will be able to use four Pokemon. Are both sides ready?"
Tate and Liza nodded. Tim grabbed four of his Pokeballs, and nodded as well.
"Go Claydoll!" Tate yelled, sending out his first Pokemon.
"Xatu! I choose you!"
Tim sent out Manectric and Mightyena. Xatu used Confuse Ray on Manectric. Mightyena used Crunch on Xatu, and brought it down. Manectric attempted to use Thunderbolt, but hit Mightyena. Claydoll used Earhtquake. Manectric fainted. Mightyena attacked Claydoll with Crunch, and easily defeated him.
"Go Solrock!" Tate called.
"Go Lunatone!" Liza followed up.
"Go Dewgong!" Tim yelled, sending out his next Pokemon, "Use Ice Beam on Solrock!"
"Solrock- get ready!"
"You know what's coming Lunatone... ECLIPSE COMBO!"
Solrock and Lunatone performed their combo move, and destroyed both Mightyena and Dewgong.
"Tim only has one Pokemon left!" Rachel remarked.
"Looks like we win Tate!" Liza smiled.
"I wouldn't be so sure," Tim said, "Go Grovyle!"
"Grovyle?" Tate said, shocked, "Isn't he a lot weaker than Exploud or Houndoom? He's not even a Sceptile."
"Exactly," Tim nodded, "He needs to train. He needs to get stronger. Him and I both."
"A Gym Battle against two strong trainers isn't an ideal place to train a weak Pokemon," Liza pointed out.
"Grovyle isn't weak," Tim insisted, "Use Leaf Blade on Solrock and Lunatone!"
"And?" Tate said, confused.
Grovyle sped in between Solrock and Lunatone, using Leaf Blade on each of them. He then flipped backwards, and slashed downwards on both Pokemon.
"ECLIPSE COMBO AGAIN!" Tate called, getting nervous.
Solrock and Lunatone performed their Eclipse Combo effortlessly. The shadowy beam slammed into Grovyle. Grovyle began to shine.
"Grovyle isn't weak," Tim repeated, smiling. When the glowing stopped, Grovyle had turned into Sceptile.
"Whoa..." Liza marveled.
"Alright Sceptile! Finish this with Leaf Blade!" Tim yelled.
Sceptile charged at Solrock and Lunatone, and cut them both down with Leaf Blade. Tim had won the battle.
"That was a great battle!" Tate beamed, "Here's the Mind Badge! You-"
"Earned it," Liza said, finished Tate's sentence.
"Thank you both so much for everything you did," Tim smiled, "Exploring the Phantom Zone and looking for my dad. Now I just need to find Infinexus."
"I guess we have our next task..." Liza sighed.
"What's that?" Tim asked.
"We need to find out what Infinexus even is," Tate said, "And then how to find it."
"We've got our work cut out for us," Liza shrugged, "But so do you if you want to be the Champion."
"You know I do."
"Then good luck," Tate said, shaking Tim's hand.
"And Tim!" said Rachel, running over, "If you ever need a place to stay, you can stay with us."
"Thank you all so much," Tim smiled. He was one step closer to becoming the Champion. One step closer to finding Infinexus. One step closer to freeing his father.