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Gem Journey: Chapter Seven: Topaz (Part One)

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon This is a Topaz Special. She will be the only one to talk; if she even does.

This... is Chapter Numero Seven.
Topaz looked around. She was dazed. Topaz was knocked in the head. Or that's what it felt like. She fell to the ground. She fainted.

Topaz woke up. She was floating. "Wha..?" She asked herself, tired. She looked down. She saw someone below. They looked familiar. Topaz's eyes widened. It was herself.

She looked different though. She was wearing pitch-black Armor. The other Topaz walked down a hallway with prison cells.

Topaz followed. She looked in a Prison Cell. She saw another familiar looking person. Onyx!

The Weird Onyx saw the other Topaz. He looked up and smiled. The other Topaz only scowled. The Onyx looked down, as if he was scared. What was going on..?
  1. Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    Princess Lilia (Lilly)
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    Jan 30, 2017