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The Chronicles of Tim Wood: Chapter Seven - The Master and the Apprentice

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Tim has made it to Sootopolis City. But so has someone else...
[NOTE: Something weird happened with this story. This is the last chapter showing for me, but there are more. You'll have to go back to the page listing all my stories, and find Chapter Eight. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you know how to fix this, PLEASE tell me.]
Tim glared at the boy. Frank. He was wrestling with Machamp while his Crawdaunt and Sableye battled each against Blaziken and Aggron. Frank's team had really expanded. Tim began to walk away, hoping to avoid an encounter with Frank, but it was no use. Machamp flipped Frank onto his back. While on his back, Frank spotted Tim.
"Twig!" Frank called. Tim stopped, and sighed.
"I'm surprised you made it this far Twig!" Frank laughed, getting up and dusting himself off, "I thought you'd be back in your mommy's lap, with your daddy comforting you. Wait- that's not possible. Your daddy is dead."
"What. Did. You. Just. Say?"
"Your daddy is dead," Frank repeated, blowing Tim a raspberry.
"One- he's not. Two- don't ever talk about my father."
"Is Twig a little triggered?" Frank cooed.
"More than a little," Tim said. He turned, and let all six of his Pokemon out. Sceptile. Exploud. Mightyena. Manectric. Houndoom. Dewgong.
"Cute," Frank chuckled, "But it's nothing compared to this."
Frank pulled a Master Ball out of his pocket, and held it up like an offering. The Master Ball opened, and Deoxys was revealed.
"So Twig," Frank sneered, "How about a battle?"
"Why don't we wait for the League?" Tim asked, "Are you in some sort of rush to be beaten?"
"Aren't you hilarious?" Frank said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "We both know you're just afraid of Deoxys."
"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries," Tim said, "I'm not afraid of you or any of your Pokemon."
"Did you really just make a Monty Python reference?"
"Nah," Frank shook his head, "It's just that I didn't know you liked Monty Python."
"They're pretty cool," Tim nodded.
"Ah, forget it!" Frank said, "You're trying to change the subject from battling to a British comedy group! I want a battle!"
"You wont get one with me," Tim shrugged, enjoying Frank's little fit.
"Whatever," Frank snorted, "You'd be easy practice anyways."
"This kid giving you a hard time Tim?" came a voice. Tim looked up.
"Brent!" Tim beamed.
"It's the bicycle nerd," Frank said, "Hooray..."
"I remember you," Brent said, glaring at Frank.
"It's fine Brent," Tim said, "He's just a kid who thinks he has a chance of beating me."
"Funny," Brent smiled.
"I can beat you!" Frank insisted, "You're just too scared to battle."
"Why don't you teach the kid a lesson?" Brent shrugged, "It'd be nice to see how you've grown as a trainer."
"Alright," Tim said, turning to Frank, "Prepare to lose."
"I was thinking the same thing. Go Machamp!"
"Go Manectric!"
"I remember when your Manectric was still an Electrike," Brent mused.
"We've gotten a lot stronger. Manectric! Use Thunderbolt!"
Manectric reared his head, then shot forward, sending a lightning bolt speeding towards Machamp. Machamp took the hit without flinching. Machamp then charged at Manectric and used Close Combat. Manectric got back up and used Thunder Fang. Machamp shook Manectric off, then used Low Kick followed closely by Karate Chop. Manectric fainted.
"I've gotten a lot stronger too," Frank grinned, cockily.
"So it seems. Return Manectric. Go Houndoom! Use Flamethrower!"
Houndoom roared and sent flames at Machamp. When the smoke cleared, Machamp was running towards Houndoom. Close Combat and Low Kick easily defeated Houndoom.
"Fighting beats Dark! This stuff is basic!" Frank sneered.
"Go Exploud! Use Hyper Voice!"
Exploud leapt towards Machamp, and let out a roar. Machamp went flying back, but remained standing.
"Fighting also beats Normal."
"But Exploud beats Machamp. Use Hyper Voice to send Machamp flying!"
Exploud ran and flung Machamp into the air. Then, she roared, and sent Machamp soaring into the clouds. Machamp hit the ground with a thud.
"Lucky shot," Frank shrugged, sending out his next Pokemon, "Aggron use Iron Tail!"
Aggron roared an swung his tail at Exploud. Exploud caught the tail in her mouth, and bit down hard. Then, she used Hyper Voice and Aggron's tail completely shattered. Exploud turned and used Echoed Voice to knock Aggron off balance. Take Down knocked out the beast.
"Yeah Exploud!" Brent cheered.
"You're getting really lucky Twig," Frank snarled, "Go Crawdaunt! Use Hydro Pump!"
Crawdaunt sprang onto the battlefield, and shot a massive surge of water at Exploud. Exploud was shot across the field and into a tree. She groaned as she tried to get back on her feet. Crawdaunt used Aqua Jet and slammed into Exploud, knocking her out.
"Return Exploud. You did really good. Now go Sceptile! Use Leaf Blade!"
Sceptile charged towards Crawdaunt, and slashed mercilessly with his leaf blades. Crawdaunt collapsed immediately.
"Return Crawdaunt. Go Blaziken! Use Flare Blitz!"
Blaziken burst into flames, and charged at Sceptile. Sceptile grinned, making Blaziken nervous. When Blaziken got close, Sceptile flipped over him. Sceptile whipped around, and put his leaf blades around Blaziken's neck. Blaziken shivered in fear. Sceptile looked to Tim. Tim nodded. Sceptile slashed, and Blaziken collapsed. Frank's jaw dropped as he recalled Blaziken. He sent out Sableye without saying a word. Tim noticed something odd about Sableye. The usually red gem on its chest had been replaced with an odd stone. Frank raised his arm, and touched a stone of the same design. Sableye disappeared inside a pink sphere.
"Mega Evolution!" Brent marveled.
"Mega Sableye! Use Shadow Ball!"
Mega Sableye closed its eyes and an orb of darkness formed in front of the massive red crystal it was holding. The orb shot towards Sceptile with extreme speed. Sceptile collapsed as soon as the Shadow Ball hit him.
"Whoa. Return Sceptile. Go Mightyena. Use Crunch."
Mightyena charged at Mega Sableye, and attempted to bite it. But Mega Sableye flung its massive crystal at Mightyena. Mightyena did something entirely unexpected. He caught the crystal in his fangs. He bit down, and the crystal shattered. Sableye stumbled, gasping for air. The crystal was somehow connected to its health. Mightyena charged and brought his fangs down on Mega Sableye, knocking it out.
"What? How? Ugh! Return Sableye. Go Deoxys! Finish Mightyena with Hyper Beam!"
Deoxys shot into the sky, and charged up power. Mightyena crouched down, and shot upwards, trying to reach Deoxys. It was no use. Deoxys was too far up. Deoxys shot down a glowing beam that easily defeated Mightyena.
"Return Mightyena. You fought well. Now go Dewgong! It's all on you! Use Aqua Tail!"
Dewgong used her tail to propel herself upwards. But again, Deoxys was too high. Deoxys began charging another Hyper Beam.
"Perfect," Tim grinned.
"Dewgong! Ice Beam!"
Dewgong lifted her head to the sky, and shot a crystal beam of ice at Deoxys. Deoxys couldn't react- it was charging up for Hyper Beam! Deoxys fell to the ground, frozen. Dewgong squirmed over to the frozen Deoxys, and ended the battle with Aqua Tail.
"And I have a Dewgong," Tim smiled, hugging Dewgong.
Frank stormed off, furious.
"That was quite the battle," Brent smiled, shaking Tim's hand.
"Thanks Brent."
"So what are you doing here in Sootopolis City? Looking for a badge perhaps?"
"You know it," Tim nodded, "I'm one badge away from being able to enter the Hoenn League Tournament."
"Nice. I wish you good luck in the tournament."
"Thanks. I might need it."
"If you battle like you did today, you'll have no problem."
"So Brent, what are you doing in Sootopolis City?"
"I just got done with a Triathalon," Brent explained, "And now I'm headed back to Mauville."
"How's Mauville been ever since... the incident?"
"We're getting better," Brent shrugged, "Most of the buildings have been rebuilt. Pokemon have been a huge help."
"Well, I hope things get back to normal soon."
"So do I," Brent nodded, mounting his bicycle, "Good luck on your Gym Battle!"
Brent rode off, and Tim walked towards the Sootopolis City Gym. He entered the gym, and saw a tall, thin man with green hair skating around on a large ice flat. At the back of the gym sat a short old man blue coat.
"Wallace! It looks like you have a challenger!" the old man called. The green haired man stopped short, and turned to face Tim.
"Oh I see," the tall man smiled, "Hello challenger. What is your name?"
"My name is Tim Wood."
"Tim Wood? The boy who saved Mauville and Mossdeep City?" the tall man asked.
"I had help."
"This should be fun," the man smiled, skating over, "My name is Wallace. I'm the Gym Leader here. I used to be Champion."
"I could use the experience of going up against a former Champion," Tim admitted.
"You're planning to enter the Hoenn League Tournament?" Wallace assumed. Tim nodded.
"Well then I'm your final obstacle! Let's get this battle started! I won't lose- I was trained by the best!"
The old man stood up, and nodded, saying, "I didn't think you thought of me as the best."
"Of course you are Juan," Wallace said.
"If that's the case- shouldn't I battle Tim?" the old man, Juan, asked.
"That's a good point. But I have a better idea," Wallace grinned.
"What's that?" Juan asked. Wallace skated over and whispered an idea in Juan's ear. Juan nodded.
"¡Excelente! ¡Una doble battala!" Juan beamed.
"A what?" Tim asked.
"A Double Battle," Wallace explained, smiling, "Me and Juan versus you. We'll each use our three best Pokemon."
"Alright!" Tim nodded happily.
"Then let's get this battle started!" Wallace exclaimed, and pulled a lever on the wall beside him. The ice rink slid apart, revealing a smooth battlefield.
"Your final Gym Battle begins Tim Wood," Juan smiled.
"Go Kingdra!" Juan called.
"Go Milotic!" Wallace called.
"Sceptile! I choose you!"