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Chapter Seven, Misty And Pidgeotto Art! AND IVYSAUR ART

by Sylvious

http://pokecharms.com/works/my-art-of-pidgeotto.5723/ Is Pidgeotto Art! I do not take credit for this picture though. Now lets go on to the book! Purple: So Ivy. We healed our pokemon. And I think we can beat Misty! Lets go!" Purple goes to the Cerulean City Gym. Misty: Red...... Lets do this! Go Staryu!" Purple: Go Ivy!" Purple: Vine Whip!!" Misty: Tackle!" Purple: Vine Whip!" Misty: Come back Staryu! Go Starmie!" Misty: Water Pulse!" Purple: Ivy, you got hurt a lot. You should take a break." Ivy: Ivysaur?" Purple: Go Pity! Use Gust!" Misty: Water Pulse!" The Starmie almost made Pity faint. Ivy: Ivysaur!!!!" Purple: Ivy! Come back Ivy. PITY! USE GUST! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!" Misty: Come back Starmie! Thats embarrassing. Heres the Cascade Badge." Pity: Pidgey!!" Purple: Your evolving!!" Pity Evolved Into Pidgeotto! Purple: Wow! Pidgeotto? I will name you Otto! (Actually. there is like 517 birds in germany, and Otto is a german name. I was not trying to be scientific at all. I just saw how many birds on wikipedia. WOW. No research at all.) Otto: Pidgeotto!" Orange: Hey Purple. This time i will get the badge first." Purple: I got the badge." Orange: UGHHHHHHHH." Purple: Heh, Cya!" Orange: I already had the badge." Purple: WHAT?" Orange: Lets have a battle!" Purple: Ugh." HERES A IVYSAUR ART TOO! With bulbasaur and Venusaur i will show this art one more time for Venusaur! http://pokecharms.com/works/bulbasaur-evolutionary-line.1488/
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  1. ~Pokelover~
    Can't wait for more! :)
    Aug 3, 2015
  2. Sylvious
    I Love The Art So Far! Everybody Who Made It Is A Really Good drawer! Give me a private message if you have art. It has to do with something that was in the last chapter i made!
    Aug 2, 2015