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(A White as the Snow.Red as the Flames): Chapter one

by Leafy the Leafeon

Leafy the Leafeon
Crevan snapped his eyes open as the dream faded away.Funny for ten years he hadn't though about the deal with the demons. Shaking his shortish cropped hair,Crevan swung out of bed.For a few seconds he stared blankly at the dimly lit doorway.-Funny I don't remember leaving the light on-Mummbling under his breath ,Crevan pushed off the bed which creakedsoftly as his weigh was moved from it.Slowly the male got to the doorway.With each step Crevan became more and more awake.Forcing his body to not tense up, the boy grabbed the door handle.Feeling a small prick coming to his skull.A moment later two round rustic red fox ears showed through his thick mane of pale ginger hair.

Bracing himself for a fight the were-fox pulled the door open and blinked against the bright light."Justin,Fuck do you know what time it is? I seriously considered shifting to take a chunk out of you."The shaggy brown hair was shoved from the reaper's face.The eyes slowly pulling his attention.The normal one a dark brown.But the one that had been passed to him through generations of reapers was light blue."My dude -Your eyes are doing that again."he mused still not being able to look away "Sorry Crevan-" The reaper mummbled dropping the hair over his face again. "I don't control when the dead need to be taken down."A blush had stained his skin lightly.Crevan knew that Justin hated drawing people's eyes. to his own.

"Anyways dude, What's up?" his voice once again taking a serious tone.Just chuckled and watched him from the normal. "I believe it's time to check up on our pack...But not all at the same time. Unless you want me to go back down...."he said slowly trailing off.Crevan shook his head viloently."making one of his best friends go into a place like Hell wasn't something that sat well with him."No Justin.We'll invite a demon here.Ward my place and I'll get one up here soon."he said his voice once again taking on the cold egde of a leader. The other boy paused for a moment and then bowed his head."As you command Crevan." he murrmured

Not looking at Justin , the red-head brushed by him. The past desicions and faults flooded through his mind.- Should have never made the stupid circle in the first fucking place.- It seemed like three days since one of the most beautiful and fesity women had slamed into his world.But in truth it had been years.No contact from the demons.None tried to find Justin.Walking into the small closet as his mind wandered, Crevan felt around for the one of the things that could bring up a demon.The Book.After a moment of him just thumping his hand on the shelves, Crevan pulled back. His golden eyes narrowed in aggravation."Alec, you sneaky bastard......."he said backing out. Without the words in the Book he couldn't fully insure the safetly of the ones he cared about.

Biting his lower lip, the ginger silently though of ways to payback his angelic bud."Crevan the wards are in place."Justin stated from the doorway. The reaper was leaning against the frame like he owned the place,but all the while watching Crevan with the normal eye.Already feeling gulit started to slowly shred his insides as the were-fox finally came to the desicion. If the demoness wouldn't contact them then, he was going to catch one and it into speaking. "Justin , I'm going to need you to bring me down to Hell....." he said not being able to met the other's eye. The silence slowly shifted into restlessness as seconds ticked away. Neither boy had moved from the spot that they were in. Crevan mauled it over bowing his head and completely ready to brush it all off as a joke.

Finally the ginger stepped forward forward to the reaper."I'll bring you but- your not going in that form....." Justin stated pushing off the door frame with eiree ease."Your safer if they don't think your a human."From Crevan's understanding anything that wasn't ment to be in Hell, was better off Not being anything close to human. The best choice was to avoid the place all together and just wait for the demonesses to come willingly.But somehow he highly doubted they would just help.Closing his eyes, Crevan once again rebealed at the though of helping at all. But the moment tiny pinpticks of the shift began he knew there was no no chance of changing his mind. One reason being he never ducked out on his word. Another being that it was alot more effort to get back to his human self.

Letting the change ease through out his body, Crevan opened his eyes and glanced down at his arms.Rusty orange fur coated the whole lenght of his shirking arms.Well it covered everything except the black part that colored his paws.Chuckles became higher pitched yips as his front paws hit the floor with a gental thump."Ya know Crevan...It amuses me to no end that you end up being so small and adorable."Justin teased , a full blown grin on his face. "I'm gonna show you how cute it is when my teeth go into your throat." he growled allowing his lips to peel back in aggravation.Justin rolled his eyes and moved over to the snarling fox."Yeah alright boss real matur-Ow" he finshed just as his hand came into snapping range.Crevan flattened his ears to the base of his skull and rolled his gaze to Justin's.

"Real mature Crevan...Real mature"Justin grumbled trying to gentally tug his hand free."I warned you." Crevan though releasing his brother's hand.The reaper snorted and scooped Crevan's smaller form up into strangely gental arms. Funny he never believed the group to be any sort of gental."Brace yourself fox boy."Justin mummbled as the scent of roses and embers slammed over the two.The surrounding flash and blurred together making Crevan's stomach all but emptied itself.All to quickly the pair touched down at the gates of Hell. Justin knelt down and released Crevan to the grey rocky floor.A soul had been screaming for his attention for awhile.Not speaking to his furred brother who watched with worried eyes, Justin turned to the flickering spirit.Flicking his hair from his uncanny stare,Justin snagged the man by the front of his shirt."You know there's a price .A life for a life.Rot in hell bastard."Justin stated hauling the now pleading man to his side.

A cruel smirk had taken the place of a normally expressionlessly face.As Justin moved to twin large charcoal colored boulders. Crevan followed slower his paws making almost no noise.A reddish-orange light streamed through a crack between the boulders.As id coming to the realization that this was no longer a dream the spirit twisted and squirmed in vein to escape.The crack soon grew widen enough that screams of the tortured souls engulfed the entrance. A few flames even snaked out in greedy anticipation of having another guest forever. Unhurried the reaper barely cocked his arm back and tossed the male to the flames.In a matter of seconds the spirit had been swallowed by hell and all it's dangerous citizens. "Well my brother now or never."Justin mused glancing over at the small fox.The shaggy brown hair falling over the light blue eye.

Snorting Crevan got to his paws.Heat drenched his fur making it feel as if the sun had rained down on him.Allowing his tongue to loll to the side, Crevan stopped in front of Justin's steel toed boots."Good luck with your job Justin,I'll met up with you as soon as I can." As the though left his mind the fox flicked his tail up.The white tip basically a bright spot."Crevan, if you need me to get you.I'll be there in a flash."the shaggy haired male vowed bowing his head and making a slash over his right side of his chest. A grin slipped over his muzzle before,Crevan reared on to his hind legs and placed a paw just above the other males knee. "I know Justin. I'll contact you or one of the others." A small smirk crossed over Justin's face before rubbing ,Crevan's head.Rolling his eyes Crevan dropped back to all fours and started forward to the gates.Already his pulse picked up abit .Taking a deep breath, Crevan waited for the gates to be open once more.

The ground rumbled as the boulders started to slide open.Again flames licked the sides of the rocks turning them a little darker. Crevan narrowed his eyes and darted through the crack.Hell anyone could have called Crevan out on not being fearless at that point in time and he won't have denied it.Flaming fur with a side of scorched flesh.No fucking way was he going to sit there and smile about that.Shaking out the short ginger fur out so it no longer looked spiked.Pealing his ears up from the base of his skull,Crevan looked around.Demons of all shapes and sizes passed around him, not even giving the fox a second glance.Calming down enough so that the thoughts weren't drown out by the blood rushing to through out his body,Crevan tried to recall the images of the women that they had summoned. But with the sounds of the damned and the wicked coming alive it was a bit more complicated. Deciding to just wander til he came across any scent that was familiar, Crevan moved along with the crowd.Breaking away from what seemed to be pathways to villages or maybe a city the were- fox looked at the amber colored grass that seemed to glint in the fire light like a blade would.- Strange even the plant life seems badass-.Lifting one paw he made his way to the amber grass.

" Are you stupid or something?"drawled a voice that pulled Crevan from his own little world. Craning his head to the side to see , the were-fox's jaw practically fell open.Aqua-blue eyes watched him with mild amusement."Cause if you are stupid , be my guest and go through the razor wheat." she finished. Red wings quickly caught fire as she pushed up into the air and flew forward .Crevan cleared his throat and sat near the edge of the field."I'm not stupid chick." A growl followed the though as the demoness landed next to him."Then you just want to come out like someone sliced you up ,Mutt?" she questioned crossing her arms. Kyra forced a laugh down as she looked at the dog like demon. Obviously it had never wandered to far from whatever hole it lived in. Brief annoyance flickered over the mutt's muzzle."This stuff doesn't do anythng .So I would look just as I do now." A snicker escaped her as Kyra plopped down and plucked a piece of the wheat free.The edges already slicing into her thumb and index finger from the way she held it.

Not waiting for him to react , Kyra turned the wheat flat and slashed out.Caught off guard the dog yelped and sat straight up.A trickle of blood began to darken the pale ginger fur."Cause I don't know what I'm talking about" she said with a cruel grin.Satisfied that she had drawn first blood,Kyra tossed the single piece of wheat away. The dog looked at her with disbelief showing in it's eyes.-It actually cut me- Crevan could only stare at the demoness, vainly trying to recall which one she was forcing a growl to escape him.Amusement danced through the aqua-blue eyes"Relax mutt, there's two ways that most demons do it and then there's my way." The demon stated"The more common way is carefully go through it."As she explained, the girl moved her hand to the edge of the field."What are you doing?!" the fox jumped up to his paws and took a few steps closer to Kyra's out stretched hand."Just watch.." she said pressing the heel of her hand to the razor wheat and following the motion until the blade like grass flattened under her palm."Basically walk heel to toe"Crevan shook his head in disbelief."What's the second way?" He asked, now watching her with mild curiosity. A full blown laugh escaped the demoness as she pushed up .

"Well aren't you just you just amusing.The other way is to fly."She said a smiling lingering on her lips."But unless you've got got some wings you aren't doing that." -Which demon is she?- Crevan mentally shouted at himself no closer to an answer then he had been before."And your way?" Crevan muttered studying the girl in front of him.If not for the large red feathered wings he would have taken her for just another human.She was 'nice' enough with a small amount of bite."I though you'd never ask." A pur practically answered him as she turned to the field.At first nothing happened, Crevan began to wounder if the demon had fallen asleep. That was until fire consumed a straight path through the field. Feeling numb with shock he tipped his head up to look at her.She hadn't even moved or said a word.But yet a force had call fire to her."An that's my way.Quiet effective don't you think."She stated with a smug smirk setting on her face."What are yo-" "If it isn't Hell's most angelic demon!How you doing Ky?"Snickered a male as he crossed through the razor wheat field. Crevan blinked as everything changed with the girl.She had gone completely still and a cold murderous look had set into her eyes.The wings lit up like a bonfire .Heat roared off of her ,spiking the temperature .Crevan swallowed hard and lowered himself to the ground .He knew that Ky wasn't directed the rage at him but it seemed like it was safer to not grab her attention.As the male came closer he noticed two others following silently.They didn't look older then twenty -two."Didn't you hear me talking to you .Huh or do you like Hell's Angel better?"the one continued to taunt until he was out of the field."What did you call me, Bastian?"Kyra finally snarled using the younger demons full name.Power shimmered through out the air as his name was stated.The male froze in his spot paling out completely.

Strangled noises came from Bastian,as he struggled to to unbind himself from the ancient power."Oh come now,Bast where'd all that talk go?"She asked sickly sweet, before she moved closer to him.Dark red marks slowly began to show on the male's skin from being to close to her."I asked you a question Bast..Don't make me wait." Crevan held his breath as he watched the demoness. If he hadn't heard the conversation or seen the action before, it would have looked like Bast had been captured by her beauty.Or that maybe she was flirting with him and he had no clue what to do.But he saw the cruel light that shown in the aqua-blue eyes.Curling his tail closer to his body he froze on the spot. -Hell's Angel....Shit-Crevan let himself drift back to the dream for a moment.She had been the one to almost brake the circle without any real power.He had found one of the girls he had needed too.-Justin I got one...give us ten minutes and pull us out of hell-He though hoping the reaper wasn't busy.-Alright boss- came the reply just as Bast began to respond.
"I-I called you an- angelic Ky." he managed to get out sweating and shaking. Kyra smiled and gentle cupped his check, cooling her hand temperature so as not to burn right through his face.Forcing Bast to met her eyes,Kyra let the smile turn just as sickly sweet as her voice."I know.Are you sorry for opening you pathetic little mouth?" she asked cocking her her head.

The two boys behind Bast hadn't moved but watched in wide eyed horror."Yes-Yes I'm sorry."he stuttered searching her eyes, looking for kindness or mercy.-To bad I'm not the demon of mercy.-"Good cause I'm not."She hissed as she let the fire rushed from her wings and consume the male .Pain filled screams filled the air for a moment before the fire died.Leaving only ash in Bast's place."To bad he wasn't a phoenix demon like me,It would have only been a minor inconvenience."Kyra mused stepping through the small pile to the other two."That's just an example of what could happen to you.Now Scatter!"The two barely glanced at the pile of ash that had been their leader.The scent of chard flesh hung in the air a small reminder of the events before.Pulling the heat and power back in she looked down at the rust colored dog.He had been so quite that she honestly forget that he was there."They needed to remember their place boy."She stated calmly setting back on the ground.This was the kind of demon he remembered cold unfeeling doing just for herself.If he kept that image in his head, Crevan was positive that he would only think of her as a way to help Jagger.-Boss I'm gonna have to grab her first....Will you be fine for a few moments in hell?- the soft male voice asked.A slow smile crossed his muzzle.-I'll be fine .Do it- he sent the though back to Justin.Ky had barely closed her eyes before she spoke."So who are you Street Walker?"her voice was the normal rasp instead of the sickly sweet one she had just used.
"Just a guy looking for answers." he mused as a familiar shadow made his way to the demoness. A snort pulled free from Kyra"Isn't everyone looking for answers."She mused swiping back the Auburn wisps that danced across her bare shoulders.A soft sigh escaped her mouth before Kyra could stop it.Things had definitely gone downhill for her peers. Rumors had spread like a hell -blaze through the entire place.Some demons had been summoned and came back different .If they came back at all.They mumbled about effecting other races and wishing they hadn't done something.The ones that didn't come back, no-one wanted to know what happened. -It's only a matter of time before one of us gets called.-Kyra thought before her arms slowly wrapped around herself.The fox near her had been quiet for awhile..Turning her head slowly to the rusty furred creature, only to find him he was staring at something over her shoulder.The hair on the back of her neck rose as chills went down the demoness's spine.-What the hell.-Kyra barely twisted before another pair of arms circled around her.

The field of razor wheat blurred as kyra squirmed to break free.Gritting her teeth together, the demoness snapped her wings out , with flames raging across her wingspan.A very manly grunt and foul curses erupted from the person holding her.Her actions though had a bit late.Her hellish home replaced with lighter colored walls and other household items .The male that had grabbed her, quickly shoved her into a circle.Hitting the ground with a hard thump, Kyra slowly shook the shock away.Leaving a very pissed off phoenix demon lordess in the circle.

Crevan pricked his semi-curved ears up as Justin followed through with the plan perfectly.Though he did feel bad about his brother getting burnt.As well as he couldn't forget the feral look in the demon's eyes as Justin wrapped her up.The pure and utter fear as well as the need to get free.A snort sounded from the right of him.C revan looked at the reaper as he stood by new crisp bandages wrapped snug around his ribs."Your turn to take the Reaper Train out of here."He murmured before walking to the were-fox and picking him up."Please refrain from biting scratching or any kind of violent act.Or I will drop your furry ass,"he stated before vanishing to the human realm.