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The Great "Gotta Catch em' All" Adventure: Chapter One.

by donald.duck

donald.duck Here it is it's finally here. Yep. The first chapter. I've been holding this off because I feel NO is going to see it. But(t) I'm going to express my self. (Also yes I know in the title the chapter name isn't there, but here me out...it's down in the story.).

Are adventure starts as a young man brushes his hair out of his face as he rides upon a Zebstrika towards the Professor's lab. "Okay..Zeb-strika calm your butt down buddy. All were doing is going to th-" suddenly he urges his 'savage' Pokemon to stop. As the Zebstrika comes to a stop the young man attaches pure white goggles with green lenses to his face and taps on an ear piece that he holds up to his 'listening hole'. "Hello?".

"Greetings Bow. So...me and Isabel are wondering why you're so late on this 'special' day. Please answer quickly." a voice from the piece cries out softly.

"I'll be there in a second. Don't do anything without me!" Bow cries out as he commands Zebstrika to gallop away. "Edgard tell Isabel to just...wait. Ok."

"Ok." Edgard whispers as he ends the conversation with a single tap.

"bye-bye" he mumbles as he sighs to himself. "ok. Go buddy go.". Bow starts to slide off as Zebstrika struggles to sustain enough energy to stay on the correct path. Soon enough they arrive at the lab. Quickly Bow slid off of Zebstrika becoming paralyzed in the process. He opened the door as he begins trembling to his feet. "Prof. come on give me the goods...".

"Ok. Bow you've finally arrived." Prof. Juniper finally announces as Isabel and Edgard face Bow in a dissapointed expression.

"You're late." Isabel says twirling around a shiny Oshawatt.

"Isabel right for once. Be. On. Time." Edgard says pointing towards his Snivy who proudly gives a little booty shake.

"Yep ok. I get Tepig then right?"

"Yes." Edgard says quietly.

"Yep." Isabel says fiddling with her hair.

"I'm afraid so" Prof. Juniper says grinning.


"Cause' you were late." Edgard says looking away.

"I was being dramatic 'Mr. Edgard'."

"Ok. Heres Tepig." he says handing Bow a poke-ball.

"No thank you." he says proudly as everybody stares in shock.

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  1. donald.duck
    Idk I don't really care anymore. He could use his...idk frea-fu-his ZEBSTRIKA!
    Jan 3, 2019
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  2. Leeon
    Bow turned down Tepig?! Then what poké will he get?!
    Jan 2, 2019
  3. donald.duck
    Plz read.
    Nov 21, 2017