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Fire And Ice: Chapter One

by WolfyPop

WolfyPop (If anyone wants me to tag them in this story, just ask! ^^)

Dusk has to teach one of Blizzard's pups about the pack!
Dusk woke up to see Muno sitting at the entrance to her den. "Oh... what do you want Muno..." Mumbled Dusk, keeping her eyes half closed. "Don't you want to come hunting?" The red and black wolf sighed. "Fiiiiine..." Dusk sighed and got up.

After a while of hunting, A white wolf with brown legs came up to Dusk. "Hello Quartz, what is it?" Dusk turned to them. "The Alpha wants to see you, Dusk," The Messenger bowed and walked away. "Ooookay then..." Muno piped up. "I'll save some Elk for ya," Muno smiled. "Thanks," Dusk padded towards Blizzard's den.

Dusk walked into her Alpha's den. Blizzard smiled. "There you are, so, as you know, the two remaining pups have been getting older..." Dusk nodded. "... so I trust you will be able to teach one of them about the pack," Blizzard sat down. Dusk nodded again. "Yes Blizzard," She swished her tail. "So, meet your... 'Apprentice'," A black she-wolf with amber eyes walked out of the darkness, her ears were flat, she had her tail between her legs, and she was looking down shyly. "H-Hello... Aunt Dusk..." She mumbled. "Hello there," Dusk smiled. Blizzard spoke up. "This is Frost," She said. "Hello Frost," Dusk smiled at her.
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