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Chapter One

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift This is the first chapter of the Pokemon School series(or at least mine)! Sorry it's so long...

@Dratini Boy
Aspen stretched and yawned. Her alarm clock went off somewhere in a box that she hadn’t yet unpacked. It was her first day in the Alola region, and she wondered what new people she’d meet. Eevee was curled up by the foot of her bed and yawned at the same time its Trainer did. Aspen laughed. Eevee jumped onto the bed and Aspen pet it. She smiled.

“Aspen, get ready! Big, big day!” Her mom called up the stairs. Aspen sighed and got out of bed. She changed out of her PJs and into a pink shirt with a single white flower, jean shorts, and pink and white sneakers.

Then, Aspen started towards the staircase, and stopped near the top. She was surprised that there was already three guests. All of them were her age. And all of them were boys. Talk about weird, Aspen thought. They were seated at the table, eating something that looked like rolls with sugar on them.

One of the boys had brown hair and was wearing an outfit that looked very uncomfortable in the sweltering heat of the Alola region, consisting of a pale yellow button-down shirt, a navy blue scarf, jeans, and blue and yellow colored boots. Another was blond. He was wearing a more casual outfit: a blue tee-shirt, black shorts, blue fingerless gloves, and black sandals. Yet another boy sat at the table too. He had darker skin and green hair, and was wearing a plain black tee shirt, an orange backpack, orange floral shorts, and orange sandals. The last one noticed Aspen and waved up to her.

“Hi! You must be Aspen!” He called up to her. Aspen waved back, a little unsure of the new people.

“Yeah, I am. Who are you?” She asked. The brown haired one sighed.

“I’m Kevin, and this is Chris,” He gestured to Chris. “We moved here together, but you kinda-sorta-maybe made the mistake of going up to an Alolan Exeggutor’s tail. It sent you flying into a wall, and you lost a little bit of your memory. A lot, actually. As in, you probably can’t recognize either of us, right?” Aspen shook her head.

“Nope,” She said. The third one, the one that had waved to her, stuffed one of the sugar-roll-things in his mouth again. Aspen walked to them.

“What are those things?” She inquired. “And who are you?” The boy had finished eating his thing and offered her one.

“I’m Hau, and this is a malasada,” He told her, “Try it!” Aspen took the pastry and took a bite. It was sweet and tased kind of like a donut.

“That’s good!” She said joyfully. Her mom walked out of the kitchen and planted a kiss right on her Aspen’s forehead. “Mooooommmm,” Aspen groaned. Her mom laughed.

“You guys should probably get going,” Aspen’s mom said, turning to the boys too. “You wouldn’t want to be late for your first day!”

Hau laughed. “It’s only their first day. I know the place like the back of my hand!”

Chris looked at Aspen. “Be prepared for a lot of how ‘This place is the greatest!’ Hau gets excited pretty easily.”

Aspen laughed softly. “I can tell.”

The group headed out of Aspen’s house and to the Pokemon School. They stopped to talk to people around the place, and Eevee would stop to explore. A lot. Kevin seemed to have a surplus of energy, and he and Hau instantly hit it off. The two boys ran ahead, leaving Aspen and Chris to catch up behind. Aspen asked a few questions, had they caught Pokemon in the Unova region and what kinds? Chris replied patiently. He didn’t seem to have a problem with the constant questions.

Eventually, they reached the wooded trail leading to the Pokemon School. Two people were already there. They seemed to be waiting for Hau, who immediately ran up to him. Kevin matched him step for step. Aspen looked at Chris. “Should we catch up?”

“Probably.” So they ran to catch up. Hau was introducing Kevin to the people. One of them was a girl in a red flower-like hat with a square Pokeball symbol, green shorts, and a white shirt. The other was wearing a black baseball hat, a blue-and-white striped shirt, and black shorts.

“Hey, guys! Sun, Moon, these are Aspen and Chris. Aspen, Chris, these are Sun and Moon,” He introduced them. Aspen and Chris waved. Eevee jumped on Sun’s head, then Moon’s. Moon laughed.

“So who’s Pokemon is this?” She asked. Aspen laughed.

“Eevee’s mine,” She told the other Trainer.

“Cool, wanna see mine?”


“Alright, c’mon out, Popplio!” Moon threw a Pokeball, and a blue seal beamed out of the red and white capsule. It blew a huge bubble with its nose, then the bubble popped loudly in Eevee’s face. Eevee recoiled backwards, startled, then laughed and began to play with Popplio. Sun looked at the two Pokemon playing.

“They look like they’re having fun,” He said, “Say hi, Litten.” He also threw a Pokeball. A black cat with red stripes and large yellow eyes came out, but didn’t join the other Pokemon. Instead, it stayed by Sun’s feet. “Come on, Litten! Go have fun,” He tried to convince it to go with the others, but Litten wouldn’t budge. “Litten’s a little antisocial,” Sun told the group. “It may not exactly want to play or do...really anything. Except lay around. It does that a LOT.”

“That’s okay,” Aspen tried to encourage the new Trainer, “I bet it’s great in battle!”

“Yeah. Somehow they always beat me and Rowlett!” Hau laughed. “Hey, we should have a battle sometime!” He exclaimed. Aspen smiled.

“That sounds like it’d be fun,” She accepted the challenge. Hau smiled, then seemed to think of something.

“We’d probably better get going to the Pokemon School,” He said. Just then, someone with blond hair, wearing a large white sunhat and a white dress, and toting a large duffel bag ran up to the group.

“Hey...People...Nebby…” She clapped her hand over her mouth. Chris raised an eyebrow.

“Nebby?” He asked, “What’s Nebby?” The girl looked over to Hau.

“I think we can trust them,” Hau told her, “These guys wouldn’t do that. They took down an entire criminal organization!”

Aspen was a little confused. She said, “We did?” at the same time that the girl exclaimed, “They DID?!”

Kevin laughed. “Team Plasma. After they, y’know, skewered me through the stomach and whatnot. Yeah, I kinda died then came back as a robot then came back again as a person.” He looked to Chris for a little help.

“Hey, you got yourself into this hole. You can get yourself out of it,” Chris shrugged. Kevin sighed.
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    So is it a yes or no on adding another character? Also whats with the people in the discription?
    Dec 12, 2016
  2. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    I would love to add a character if i could. Either ways keep up the good work on this series, im ready to chapter two already.
    Dec 11, 2016
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