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Chapter One, The Past

by Sylvious

Sylvious A Long time ago when fire red leaf green came out when i was a kid i wrote something called pokemon purple. It only has 2 books and the second one is not finished. Kanto: Finished, Johto: Not finished. Well here you go. Chapter One, the past. Also 7 year old Purple is based off of me. Im very immature. Im not being sarcastic. And Bulba The Curious, if your reading this. Bulbasaur is named after you. EDIT: In Japanese Red's Bulbasuar Is Named Bulba. Crap Copyright Ahead :( But its good that this is not Japan. Or copyright. EDIT AGAIN: This is based off of Pokemon Adventures. Yu will see a couple of things related to it.
1998, The time Red and Blue went off on their journey. When Purple was 7 Years old. Purple: Mom, I want a pokemon friend." Mom: I don't think you can get one till you ten."
Purple: Aw.. Im going." Purple snuck into Prof. Oak's Lab. Purple: *Whispering* Ok, where is that pokemon.?" Purple finds one pokeball laying on a table." Purple: There it is! *Whispering* oh right, i need to whisper. Okay. I will take this pokemon, and i will be on my way." Purple tiptoes out of Prof. Oak's Lab, and goes inside his house and room." Purple: Heh. GO POKEMON!" Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!" Purple: I guess its called a Bulbasaur. I will call you Bulba!" Prof. Oak opens the door to Purple's room. Prof. Oak: Theres the Bulbasaur! I looked all around town. Why did you take it Purple?" Purple: I... I wanted.... A pokemon.." Prof. Oak: Didn't you hear? You can only get a pokemon if your ten!" Purple: But i want a pokemon friend.. And someday I will be a pokemon trainer. Just like Red and Blue! Bulba and I will become the best pokemon trainers!" Prof. Oak: Okay...." Prof. Oak walks out of the room. Purple: Hi Bulba!" Bulbasaur: BULBASAUR!"
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