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Chapter One (FANFICTION)

by Moonlight-HOO

Moonlight-HOO Just a story I'm writing...
Here, have a teaser!
*Moonlight-HOO accidentally throws a taser.*
Well, the story is on Wattpad! So, go read more there! But uh... this is just Chapter One, K?
Your name was (Y/N), and you had just turned ten today. You had wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer since you were little, and now you finally could! You lived in Pallet Town with your mom. You had made friends and enemies. Your rival... Well, some people laughed at who your rival was. She was and expert at Pokemon, seeing as how her dad was the Fire Type gym leader. But still, she was a brilliant girl with short light brown hair, black eyes, a black Pokeball beanie, a short black dress, and a red scarf. She had and unusual name, as well. Her name was Calico, and she was 6 years old.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Wait, she's 6! How can she be my rival when she isn't even old enough to be a trainer! Well, if your thinking that, then A.) Let me explain, or B.) Your just a jerk and you are just here to criticize me. If you are an A, then sit down and get comfy! Because, I am very bored, so I will be typing alot of words. If you are a B, then... Well... Let's just say, you will have a BAD TIME.

So, one day, a Trainer had come to Pallet Town in search of Pokemon trainers to join him on his journey. His name was Ash Ketchum, and he had just returned from his Pokemon journey through the Kalos region to go to the Alola region. As the humble Ash strode into the town, he was immediately swarmed by swooning fangirls. They all huddled away in fear when a woman screeched, "GET AWAY FROM MY BABY!!" Ash whipped around, only to be shoved to the ground, engulfed in a hug from his mother. Ash layed on the ground, unable to move. His mother got up when she noticed his face turning blue. Ash looked around and said, "alright, the reason I'm here is to, 1.) See my mom, and 2.) Gather a few trainers for my journey into the Alola region."

In an instant, the hands of people shot into the air while the owners were screaming, "ME! PICK ME!" Ash yelled over the noise of the crowd for them to be quiet. everyone immediately quieted. "Now, I can only have one girl and one boy. So I will have a contest for all of the people eleven and younger to come to me at noon with a Pokemon. It can be any Pokemon. Alright, now shoo! Be free, and choose your Pokemon!" With that, the crowd began to disperse into chattering groups. Where were you when this all happened? Well, you were nervous, seeing as you had only moved there a few days ago, and you were a child, so you were a bit shy. You were peeking out the window at the young trainer.

He saw you staring and waved, smiling. You quickly closed the curtains. You knew what you wanted to be. A Pokemon trainer. You walked outside to go introduce yourself to the neighbors you hadn't meet yet. You remembered that you had meet everyone but the family in a baby blue, two story house. You walked up to it and knocked on the door quietly. It was opened after a few seconds by a little 4 year old. She looked at you with mischievous black eyes and a smile playing across her face. She looked like she could do some serious damage. "Hello there! My name is Calico, and I'm going to go participate in the challenge that Ash Ketchum is doing!" She said to you. You asked if her parents were home, and she shook her head. Your eyes widened a you almost yelled, "They left a 4 year old ALONE!?" Calico shook her head again. "Nope, me and my daddy's Pokemon Ninetails is here with me!" As if on cue, a Ninetails came around the corner and looked at you cautiously. You waved to it with a smile. It nodded approvingly at you. You had always had a fascination with Pokemon.

You waved bye to Calico and walked home when you heard the bell ring for noon. You ran over to where Ash was standing to watch. He asked where your Pokemon was, and you quietly mumbled that you were just there to watch. He looked at you curiously, but soon shrugged it off when he saw a Ninetails carrying a 4 year old over. Calico slid off the Ninetails' back and said, "I'm here!" Soon after, many other kids came in with Pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey. You realized that Calico would win, so you walked home, not wanting to be bored for a few hours watching Pokemon after Pokemon faint.

Well, that was Chapter One! If you want to see a Trainer Card of Calico, go to http://pokecharms.com/members/moonlight-hoo.221274/ to find it! Bye!

-Private of The Cow Armada