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Chapter One - Ambition

by Mokko

Mokko Young Desmond dreams of bringing peace and unity to the Talus region- but he and his companion, Weedle, always seem to be a step or two behind of his classmates at the trainer's school...
It was a chilly morning, fog and slightly melted ice cloaking the grounds of Acalasia Town. Said town was a well sized one, with a population of around four hundred. None of the houses particularly stood out, as they were all nearly identical, the mansions near the top of Honeypot Hills being the only exception. Still, the housing situation wasn't a bad one by any means. They were all two story houses, containing two bedrooms (a few had three) and two bathrooms.

Yes, originality wasn't exactly the most important thing to the inhabitants of Acalasia Town. Many, if not all of them preferred having a boring, generic house over staying outside in the bitter cold that plagued the area to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Still, there was some sort of comfortable vibe about the place. Maybe it was because of how cozy it looked, all those buildings resting in the ice and snow. Or perhaps it was the gentle ring of wind chimes as the breeze made them ring.

Either way, the town was a somewhat small one. Almost everybody knew everybody, but that didn't mean everybody was friends. Not by any means, actually. In fact, a lot of people in the town had nothing but disdain for each other, likely due to the state of their town. People constantly argued due to their foul moods that were caused by a kid hitting a window pane with a ball of ice, or slipping on the frozen road.

Perhaps this was the reason behind Desmond's ambition.

Desmond was a young boy, eight years old, to be exact. It was just a regular school day, but his enthusiasm knew no bounds. Why? Because he was that kind of kid- always full of energy, ready to show the world what he was made of. Besides, as young as he was, he was fully aware that he had to be enthusiastic in order to achieve his dream.

Nearly every other kid in his class wanted to go on an adventure around the region with Pokemon, challenging gyms and becoming champion. He, however, didn't want to do so. He DID want to go on a journey, yes, but for another reason. His upbringing in the usually negative environment of Acalasia was enough to make him realize how poor people could treat each other. He, for one, was sick of it, and his dream was to become a powerful trainer, and try to bring peace to Acalasia, or maybe even the entire Talus region.

He gazed at himself in the mirror. He was an average height for his age, with blonde hair that was a little on the shaggy side. He always wore his favorite purple scarf (even indoors) along with a long sleeved black shirt, a purple coat, jeans, and warm boots. His eyes were a deep, misty blue, often said to be his most distinguishing feature.

"Ready to go, Weedle?" he asked, sliding a pair of gloves on his hands as he looked around the bedroom for his partner Pokemon.

Desmond didn't seem even remotely surprised that the bug-type Pokemon was curled up and half asleep on the bed, pretending not to hear his friend and trainer's words.

"You know, you'd be a lot less tired in the mornings if you didn't stay up half the night raiding the cupboards," the young boy said to the Pokemon, who only groaned in reply.

"Alright, alright, I get the picture," Desmond laughed lightly as he picked up the tired Pokemon, before walking over to his backpack and gently placing him inside. Weedle seemed fine with this, and went back to napping.

"Don't forget, today's battle day! Maybe we can finally teach Jasper and his mean Growlithe a lesson," Desmond stated happily, slinging the backpack over his shoulders before exiting his bedroom and entering his home's living room. It was one large room, technically, but it consisted of the living room and the dining room, and usually he referred to each one separately.

He wasn't looking forward to the cold walk to school. It wasn't that far away, but nobody really enjoyed staying outside for more than thirty seconds in Acalasia. It didn't matter what you were wearing- after thirty seconds, you'd feel like an ice pop.

Regardless, it didn't didn't matter how much he didn't want to go outside, he had to. His parents were still asleep at this hour, and frankly, with how overworked they were, he didn't blame them. The icy breeze immediately gave him goosebumps the moment he opened the front door, quickly exiting the house and closing said door behind him. Already, he felt like a human ice cube tray. After living in Acalasia for eight years, he still wasn't used to how cold it constantly was. Nobody was.

As usual, many Vanillite hovered around, playing tag and whatnot with the local Sneasel and Delibird. Most wild Pokemon in town were ice types, and they were notably friendly to the local humans.

Desmond began the chilly walk to school. Admittedly, it was only a three minute walk, but it felt like longer. The only way to pass time on the way to school was to play the 'how long can your teeth go without chattering' game.

Lucky little Weedle was tucked away in the snug backpack, surrounded by overdue book reports and math packets. Sometimes Desmond envied how lazy Weedle would be, often thinking that maybe he'd be happier if he napped as often as his Pokemon did, but refused to actually become lazy.

Yep, he was probably the only kid in the world who fantasized about being lazy.

As different as Desmond was from his Weedle, he still loved the little guy to death. The two were inseparable. Since the day they'd met, they'd both had a special bond. Everyone always told him how weak of a Pokemon Weedle was, and how even its final form was inferior to most other Pokemon. This didn't discourage him one bit. As far as he was concerned, Weedle was the strongest Pokemon to ever exist.

Okay, maybe that was somewhat biased, but still.

Eventually, he ended up in front of the school. It was small, and there were only four classrooms, because with the town's population never hitting six hundred, they never really needed more than four for the elementary school.

The sound of crunching snow beneath his boots ceased when he entered the building, and he kicked against the rug to make sure there were no stray bits of ice clinging to his shoes. Class was starting soon, and the last thing he wanted to be was late for school twice in a row.

But hey, when you're gonna be a powerful trainer fighting for peace in the future, who cares if you're a little late to class?
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  1. turnt3chGodh34d
    an interesting and engaging start to a story with a lot of potential. i expect great things from you, Mr. Potter.
    Nov 17, 2018
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