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Chapter one: A wild trainer apears!

by Special Mew

Special Mew
I was lurking about in the forest as usual and Pokémon coming to me about their problems which I tell them to please GO away but they don't listen... Anyway when I was lurking I heard BIG footsteps but I assumed it was a Gallade or something but then it got closer and then I heard a Pokedex, This is Mew the new species Pokémon . First I was all like WHAT!?!, Then I realized "the only Pokémon he probably has is Pikachu or somthin like that. Then he got closer and then there was a flashing light and there was a Pikachu ( called it!) and I sat there like "really?" So I made my sparkling noise thingie and used psychic and the Pikachu fell to the ground. The trainer saw and smirked and I was in for it... He sent out a Houndoom and beat me to the ground. I was scratched up but I float strong! ( Mew doesn't stand it floats 'cause DUH its a mythical). I sneered and used iron tail and that sent Houndoom to the ground and then I use aircutter which send the Houndoom flying and I giggle and the screaming Hounddoom.
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