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Gem Journey: Chapter Nine: Topaz (Part Two)

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon Part two of the Chapter Topaz.
Topaz Saw the other her realese the Onyx. The Onyx got up and walked out of his cage. He ran down the hallway, and Topaz followed.

She saw a faint black line, also following Onyx. It looked like Onyx... As it got clearer Topaz could tell, it WAS Onyx. She waved. The Onyx waved back. "Topaz?" The ghost like Onyx said. "Onyx!" Topaz replied. They hugged, still following the Onyx.

The Onyx walked into a room. A whole bunch of gems came in. One pointed to the Onyx. "Hey, isn't that one of the prisoners?! How'd he get out?!" They said.

Topaz rushed in and picked up Onyx. Just by the touch, they both glowed. They then fused into Mystic Topaz. She (they) ran.

Mystic Topaz got into an escape pod. They had an army chasing them. They exited Homeworld, heading toward Earth. Everything blacked out.

Topaz woke up on the beach. She sat up. She looked around. She saw Onyx laying right next to the Shore. She saw everyone was asleep. "They must've waited for me to wake up and fell asleep." Topaz thought.

Topaz ran over to Onyx. She woke him up. "Wha..?" Onyx asked, waking up.
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