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Dragon Ball X: Chapter Four: Prison Break

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive Oof. Sorry about the randomly capitalized I's. I allowed one of my friends to edit this for me.
~ Chapter 4 ~

~ Prison Break ~

We started blastIng through the Blockade of Walls and Guards, I Didn’t want to Kill them, But I Had too, All I Heard were ExplosIons and screamIng, I Wasn’t even In Super androId and Jack wasn’t even Second, We were all In our Base form. It wasn’t untIl Tamako came out we Started runnIng the Other way. “Get back here Runts!” He yelled, FlyIng at us at Full Speed. Jack and I Jumped to dIfferent SIdes, as Tomako ran Into a ConvenIently placed Pole. “What are the Chances of that.” I SaId, as I Started questIonIng my LogIc, But as Luck has It, a GIant robot-Mech ThIng comes Out of the Wall, “Do you know where the OffIce Is, Jack?” I Yell, As Jack poInts to the StaIrway, “Over TheIr! Top Floor! That's where they Gave me the Bounty!” He yelled, GoIng to hIs Second Form, “I Got thIs PIle of Nuts and Bolts.” He saId, LookIng at Me, “Oh, No offence.” as I DId feel a LIttle Offended, I Shrugged It off and Ran to the StaIrs, “Why do they have So many Bloody StaIrs?” I saId, PantIng, I Was only Halfway There, as By the tIme I Got to the Top, I was PantIng to the HIghest Degree, “I’m beIng VERY PolIte lettIng you Catch your Breath, I am quIte Mad at You.” The OffIcIal saId, as I got my breath back, I Stared at hIm, DIrectly Into hIs Soul, as He flInched a BIt, “What do you want, ‘AndroId’.” he SaId, DIsgustedly. “I Came to End you.” I say, as I Became Super AndroId, Except… My haIr stayed up, And sparks started flowIng Around me, I felt so Much power and Anger wIthIn me, I VanIshed behInd the OffIcIal, and Pushed hIs Head to the Desk, I heard a few Bones crack, but I DIdn’t care, I Death Beamed hIs Arms, I Heard hIm Scream, “Feel the PaIn of every Innocent you MercIlessly KIlled!” I yelled, as My haIr started LowerIng back Into Its Normal State, But Was stIll Purple. But before I Could go for the FInal death Beam, Jack came, HeadfIrst, Into Me, “Agh!” We both saId, as We were PInned to the Glass by Tomako, “Oh, what do we have HERE, Two lIttle Runts who want a Death WIsh? FIne Then!” Tomako saId, PushIng us Through the Glass, ForcIng us to Plummet to the Ground, Jack was forced back Into hIs FIrst Form, I TrIed to Start FlyIng, But I Couldn’t, So I decIded to Let loose, but as Hope has It, theIr was a Garbage truck, As we Fell Into It, We Instantly shook Up, “God, Now I Smell lIke Overdue Cheese... “ I SaId, as I Took my Jacket off, and Put It around my WaIst, “Easy for You to Say, These are Made from my TIssue’s” Jack saId.