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The Chronicles of Tim Wood: Chapter Four - Mauville City Meltdown

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Terre, the leader of Team Gaea, attacks Mauville City. Things get wild. Like- really wild. I mean EXTREMELY wild.
Tim stood by Wattson and Roxanne. The Gaea member in the red and blue suit smiled in front of them. Tim's Grovyle, Wattson's Magneton, and Roxanne's Onix were all ready to battle the Team Gaea member.
"No evildoers will be taking over the Hoenn Region on my watch!" Wattson thundered.
"It's not up to you," the man said, "I'm sorry to be the one to inform you."
"Magneton! Use Shock Wave!" Wattson called.
"Flygon! Destroy that Magneton!" the man ordered. A Flygon shot down from the sky, and smashed into Magneton. The man sent out a Camerupt. The Camerupt melted Magneton into a puddle of liquid steel.
"Magneton!" Wattson cried.
"Your resistance is futile," the man chuckled, shaking his head. He drew a sleek pistol from the inside of his suit, and pointed it at Wattson.
"Please don't do this!" Wattson sobbed. Secretly, behind his back, he was holding a Pokeball. No- not a Pokeball. A Voltorb. He healed Voltorb, and flung it at the man. Voltorb exploded, flinging the man down the street. But instead of reforming, Flygon made sure Voltorb stayed torn apart. Flygon started to swallow bits of the disintegrated Voltorb. That way, the pieces could never reassemble.
"Onix! Take that Flygon down! Use Rock Throw!" Roxanne said. Onix ripped a piece of asphalt from the road, and flung it at Flygon. Flygon caught in its tail, and threw it at the Pokemon Center. It destroyed the Pokemon Center completely.
Tim was hesitant to have Grovyle do something. He didn't want Grovyle to die.
The man returned, riding on a Mega Camerupt. Mega Camerupt stomped, and lava shot out of the ground in a line. The line of lava spouts was approaching Tim, Wattson, and Roxanne. Tim grabbed Grovyle, and dove out of the way. Onix wrapped around Roxanne, forming a protective sphere. Wattson tried to get out of the way, but was too slow. The lava incinerated Wattson. Tim shrieked as he saw the smoking body of the gym leader he had battled only 30 minutes ago.
"You see?" the man smiled cruelly, "Team Gaea can't be stopped. Not even by the gym leaders."
"But can you defeat me?" came a voice. Tim saw his dad flying in on an Altaria. Altaria screeched, and the man collapsed, covering his ears. Altaria shot a beam of energy from its beak. The energy beam pinned the man to the ground.
"Agent Nikitis?" Roxanne was apparently stunned to see Tim's father.
"The one and only," Tim's dad nodded.
"Nikitis?" Tim raised an eyebrow.
"My codename," Tim's dad, Nikitis, explained, "It's 'Victor' in Greek. And I have never lost a battle. I'm always the victor. You two get Wattson to a hospital. I'll take care of Terre."
"Terre?" Roxanna and Tim asked in unison.
"This man," Nikitis said, pointing to the man in the suit, "The leader of Team Gaea."
"You'll never catch me," Terre grunted.
"I'm pretty sure I have my Altaria using Dragon Breath on you right now," Nikitis said, "So I think I've caught you."
"You think," Terre nodded, "You're not sure."
"And how do you plan on escaping?" Nikitis chuckled, "Humor me."
"Like this."
Terre transformed into a large rock beast. He batted Altaria aside like a fly. He ripped Onix in half. He picked up Nikitis and wiggled him.
"You see Agent Nikitis?" Terre laughed, "You'll never catch me. And by the way- you've lost your first battle."
Terre flung Nikitis away.
"Dad!" Tim screamed. Grovyle used his extreme agility to scale a large mountain and leap up to catch Nikitis.
"Thanks Grovyle," Nikitis panted.
"Gro-gro!" Grovyle nodded.
"But we still have to worry about Terre," Nikitis said. He hopped on his Houndoom, and bounded down the mountain.
"Dad! Are you okay?" Tim asked.
"Fine," Nikitis nodded, "Where's Roxanne and Wattson?"
"I stayed to make sure you're okay," Tim said, "Roxanne is still on her way to the hospital with Wattson."
"Get on Houndoom," Nikitis instructed, "We'll catch up to them."
Tim let Mightyena out, "I can ride Mightyena."
"You've gotten strong very quickly," Nikitis smiled, "That's good. We need strength and strategy to defeat Terre."
Grovyle sprinted towards Roxanne and Wattson with Tim, Mightyena, Nikitis, and Houndoom following. Terre spotted them, and stomped their way.
"Houndoom! Use Inferno!" Nikitis yelled.
Houndoom turned his head, and let out searing flames from his mouth. It followed up with Foul Play. As in- Houndoom bit Terre in his rocky no-no square. Youch. Even as a rock giant that hurts.
"Go Tim! Make sure Wattson gets to the hospital safely!"
"Gro-grovel!" Grovyle screeched. It looked deep in Tim's eyes. Tim nodded. Grovyle nodded back, and sprinted at Terre. Using Leaf Blade, Grovyle scaled the rocky giant. Once on Terre's head, Grovyle used Rock Smash. Terre's rock form crumbled, revealing only the man in the suit again. Grovyle used Quick Attack and uppercutted Terre. Terre went limp, blooding rolling down from his mouth.
"I'm gonna call this a draw," Nikitis said, cuffing Terre, "Because we got you in the end, but you defeated me. But you underestimated my son and his Pokemon."
"Shut it Nikitis," Terre groaned.
"Don't worry Terre," Nikitis smiled, "When we lock you up you'll be seeing a lot of me."
"Someone kill me," Terre pleaded.
The sound of a gunshot filled the air. Terre's head snapped back. Blood gushed from his forehead.
"What the---?" Nikitis looked around frantically, "Everybody get inside!"
Citizens who had just come out to see Terre's capture rushed back in their houses.
"Grovyle, I need you to do a quick perimeter check," Nikitis instructed, "Find the person who shot Terre."
"You'll know who it is. They'll have a sniper."
"Why? Because we needed Terre alive for information!" Nikitis exclaimed, "That's why!"
"Grov," Grovyle sighed. He sprinted off.
Another gunshot. Nikitis covered his head with hands. It was a good thing he did. The sniper bullet tore through the flesh of his arm, only stopping when it hit his Radius bone. Nikitis screamed in pain. Grovyle saw the muzzle flash, and sped towards where it came from. Grovyle found a person dressed in all black. He ran over, and put a Leaf Blade to the back of the person's neck. The person turned to look up at Grovyle. Grovyle saw the person's face, and screeched. He ran away immediately.
Down in Mauville City, Nikitis had taken cover inside a nearby home. He called Tim.
Tim picked up the phone, "Hey Dad. We made it to the hospital with Wattson. Did you get Terre?"
"Yes," Nikitis nodded, "We did. But things got crazy."
"Crazy how?" Tim inquired, "Does it have anything to do with the gunshots I heard?"
"Yes," Nikitis sighed, "Someone killed Terre. Before we could get information out of him. They shot at me but I'm okay. They only got my right arm. Grovyle is tracking the sniper."
As Nikitis said this, Grovyle burst into the house, obviously terrified.
"Gro-gro-vy-vee!" Grovyle cried.
"What?" Nikitis's eyes widened, "A monster?"
"Dad? What's going on?" Tim asked over the phone.
"Graw!" Grovyle sobbed.
"Grovyle found the sniper," Nikitis bit his lip, "But it's not just any sniper."
Outside, the sky grew very dark. Red lightning flashes filled the sky.
"Gro-lye!" Grovyle shook Nikitis.
"Calm down Grovyle!" Nikitis yelled, slapping Grovyle in the face.
"Gro..." Grovyle looked down, ashamed of how worked up he'd been.
"Now," Nikitis said calmly, "Explain what you saw. Calmly."
"Gro-tro-vy-gyr. Vyle."
"A man without a face?"
Grovyle nodded, "Grovyle. Vy-gro."
"Tim," Nikitis said into the phone, "Don't go outside."
The red lightning outside left a red gas in the air.
Nikitis turned to the terrified family huddled in the corner of the room, "Close all the windows. Close anything that leads outside."
"What's happening?" the father asked.
"No questions."
The family quickly started shutting everything that led outside.
"Tim, you need to get somewhere that has no openings," Nikitis said.
"Why?" Tim asked.
"Do it."
Tim hung up.
Nikitis addressed the family, "There is a sniper outside. One that I thought was a Myth. The Phantom. He can create massive storms that generate energy and power to open portals to the Phantom Zone."
"The Phantom Zone?"
"You don't want to know," Nikitis snapped, "The portal sucks anyone that isn't completely shut off from it into the Phantom Zone."
"That's why we had to close the windows?"
"Correct," Nikitis nodded.
Outside, the red gas was coming together. Energy levels spiked. The gases swirled, and opened a portal of pure darkness. Citizens were sucked into the portal. The parents of the family covered their children's eyes. Nikitis sighed. Suddenly, there was a knocking at the window. Nikitis looked up and saw a man in a black hood. Under the hood, there was no face. Just a swirling red orb. The man, the Phantom, made a screeching noise. The window began to vibrate.
"Everybody get back!" Nikitis ordered. He quickly pulled a small pistol from the back of his pockets. He aimed at the window.
"What are you doing?" the father demanded, "That will break the window and expose us to the portal!"
"Hold on to something," Nikitis said calmly. He pulled the trigger. The bullet smashed through the window, and entered the swirling orb under the Phantom's black hood. The Phantom began to spasm. The Phantom Zone portal was shutting down. But Nikitis was already being pulled towards it.
Milliseconds after Nikitis had been dragged into the Phantom Zone, the portal shut down. The Phantom collapsed. Only the black cloak remained.