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Gem Journey: Chapter Five: Destroying the Peace

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon This is through the perspective of one of my two evil OCs, Aquamarine!

Chapter Numero five!

I will Call Aquamarine Aqua throughout this chapter.
Aquamarine sat on top of the tunnel. He scoffed. "Ugh. You all are stupid. You had to call a friend. Weaklings," He remarked.

"Aquamarine!" Iolite shouted. Aqua smirked.

"The one and only," Aqua shouted. He drew his Staff. Aqua thought this would be easy.

Aqua whipped his Staff. A water hand came out of the ocean. It Whacked onto the land. It blew everyone back. Aqua laughed.

"Aquamarine, stop!" Iolite shouted. Aqua heard the fear in her voice. He only chuckled.

"You're going down!" Turquoise said. Turquoise jumped up. She drew her sword.

Aqua whipped his staff. A water hand grabbed Turquoise. A smaller one grabbed her sword and gave it to Aqua. "Nice sword! It would be too bad if someone-" Aqua threw the sword in the air. When it came back, he used his staff to break it. "-BREAK IT!" He shouted.

Turquoise gasped as she was dropped. Another came as it grabbed Iolite.

Aqua jumped into the water. He brought Iolite with him.

"Help!" Iolite shouted before she went under.
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    Turquoise: Nice
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    Princess Lilia (Lilly)
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    Flame the Trainer
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