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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 9: Two's a Team

by MegaloX

MegaloX Okay at this point I'm just stalling out the gym battle cause of some stuff I didn't realize. Plot holes amirite? Trying something new.
The three trainers were still sitting on the stage thanks to Salamence's forceful landing. Cody's eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree and Blake was trying to figure out why. "Umm Cody are you okay?" he asked. Cody hopped to his feet and looked at Blake and Luna like they were missing something, "Of course I'm not okay! No one told me Jonathan was coming here!" he exclaimed. Luna stood in protest, "Actually Cody that's exactly what I said." she said, annoyed that he obviously wasn't listening. Blake then stood to his feet, "Either way, what's so important about him. From what I can see this dude looks way too stuck up to be so good." the boy said. "I don't exactly know what it is but he doesn't seem like the most graceful of people." he said.

Cody pushed Blake's shoulder, "That feeling is jealousy. You just don't like him because you know he's a better Pokemon trainer than you are." Cody said, sticking up for Jonathan. "As for who he is, that's Jonathan Ringer. This guy literally is Cynthia's equal but I don't know why he isn't the champion. He must not want to be either. That's super noble of him." Cody said. Luna sighed, not wanting to shatter Cody's dreams or anything like that. "Cody did you ever think that maybe Jonathan isn't the champion for a reason. Like, a good reason." she said. Cody began to laugh, "Oh wow Luna don't tell me you're jealous too." he said, continuing his laughter. "You know what I don't need this. I think I'm going to go somewhere by myself and walk around." he said, his laughter changing to anger as he spoke. The boy then turned around and descended the stairs before running off into the streets of Oreburgh. From there, he slipped down an alley way and out into the forest.

Jonathan watched Cody leave. He was listening to his conversation with his other two so called friends and fully understood where his anger was coming from. The boy was genuinely intrigued with Cody. He walked over to his Salamece and whispered, "Go find that boy and keep an eye on him." he said. The mighty dragon pushed off and began to fly away.

Blake and Luna felt the powerful gust of wind that the Pokemon created upon pushing itself into the sky and covered their faces to help resist movement from their current spots. "I can say whatever the heck I want about this guy but his Pokemon are cool." the boy said, quickly grabbing out his Pokedex to scan to giant dragon before it got out of range.

Salamence. The Dragon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Shelgon. Salamence will destroy entire mountains and valleys when enraged using it's sharp claws and powerful fire blasts.

Luna listened in on Blake's Pokedex and was amazed with what she was hearing. "Wow that poor dragon. Everyone sees it as a monster when really it doesn't have to be. I bet that thing would kill in contests." she said happily. "Yeah, literally kill." Blake said, trying to be quiet. Luna punched Blake in the arm, "Stop it you know what I meant!" she shouted angrily yet, really quietly.

- Somewhere In The Forest -

"Go Chimchar use Scratch!" Cody yelled as the fire type ran towards it's opponent with it's claws extended. Chimchar slashed at the Mareep it was battling and the wild Pokemon took the hit, staggering back a bit. "Alright now go Pokeball!" Cody shouted, tossing the ball at the Pokemon. Mareep was sucked into the ball in the form of red light while Cody and Chimchar waited for results.
"Alright Chimchar we did it! I caught my second Pokemon! Welcome to the team Mareep!" he exclaimed excitedly. The boy held the Pokeball in his hand and smirked, "That'll teach Blake to act like he's better than me. His Clauncher won't be so cool when it finds out that I have an Electric Type Pokemon." he thought to himself.

- 30 Minutes Later -

"And that concludes my Sinnoh story everyone! Thanks for coming out today and I'll see you all another time! Remember train hard and maybe you'll catch up to me and Cynthia some day!" Jonathan yelled as the crowd cheered louder and louder with each thing that he said. The boy whistled and Salamence came swooping down from above. Jonathan jumped up onto the dragon and gave one last wave before it flew off again.

Blake and Luna got off the stage and began heading back to the main street. "Oh Luna I've been meaning to ask you. What do you know about the gym?" he asked. The boy planned to challenge it but he wanted to challenge it along with Cody. Maybe it would being them out of the sorta awkward slump that they've been in for a bit if they did something that awesome together. Luna smiled, "Oh, well for starters the gym leader is Roark. He's a really nice guy and he uses a bunch of rock types. Other than that, I don't have a clue." she said. Blake nodded, "Wow, rock types huh? It'll be more difficult for Torchic but Clauncher should do pretty well seeing how it's a water type." he said, contemplating a possible strategy. Luna was shifting back and forth looking at the ground for a moment. "Hey Blake?" she asked. "What is it Luna?" the boy responded. "Nothing really, it's just that..." the girl began to touch the tips of her index fingers together. "It's just that I've never seen a gym battle before so I wanted to ask you if I could come watch you battle Roark. If that's okay." she said. Blake laughed, "Of course it's okay Luna that's what Pokemon is all about. What good would it be if I didn't have my friends there to support me?" he asked. Luna smiled and laughed a bit too, "Alright then I guess I'll be there." she said with a smile.

- Back To The Forest -

"I think that's enough for today. When we go to challenge the gym tomorrow Blake will have to accept that I've gotten just as strong as him if not better." he said, returning his Mareep and began to head back to town alongside his Chimchar.

Just then a familiar Pokemon landed right in their path and oh boy was it a big one. Cody fell to the floor and stared up in awe at who was standing before him. "J-J-Jonathan?" he asked. The boy was absolutely shocked. He had no idea why Jonathan Ringer was out in some random forest with him. Jonathan jumped down from Salamence and approached Cody. He offered him his hand to get up which Cody took it a heart beat. Once Cody was on his feet he composed himself. "Oh um hi I'm a big fan. My name is Cody Nelson and I think you're an amazing trainer." he said, stuttering just bit. Jonathan laughed a bit, "Thanks Cody but, from what I hear your friends Blake and Luna I believe? I think they only believe that I'm not the champion because I can't beat Cynthia." he said, smirking. Cody nodded, "Yeah but I defended you. I said that you didn't want to become champion and I told them how noble it was and everything." he said, pleading his case. "Yes I know, don't worry Cody none of this is your fault. You are correct I don't want to be the champion of Sinnoh. Do you know why that is?" he asked. Cody scratched his head, "No not really." he said. "Well it's like this Cody. You see I'm a big fan of somebody else. That person is you. I don't want to become champion because I want to train a student so powerful that they can take down Cynthia. That's why I'm out here. I want you to come train with me and be my student. You'll be able to obtain everything you ever wanted. You'll become way stronger than Blake and you'll even surpass Cynthia and I one day. So what do you say?" he asked with a crooked smile.

Cody couldn't even comprehend everything that was just said. Jonathan Ringer believed that he could become his student and take down Cynthia. It seemed completely outrageous to the young trainer but if Jonathan said it then it must be true. What about his friends though? Cody was supposed to be travelling with Blake. They were best friends and had a childhood promise that they would explore and conquer Sinnoh together. Then again, they both knew that there could only be one champion and Cody wanted that more than anything. However, he would never stoop so low as to betray a promise. "I'm really honored Jonathan but, I can't. I made a promise to travel with Blake and I won't break it. I'm really sorry." he said as painful as it was to say.

Jonathan smiled and placed a hand on Cody's shoulder. "You've got a strong resolve kid. That's another thing I like about you. I can't stress enough how perfect of a student you would be. As for your promise, don't worry about it I completely understand." Jonathan said, walking back over to his Salamence. The boy hopped on the dragon and looked back down at Cody. "Just remember this, maybe not today but some day you'll change your mind. And when that day comes, I'll be right there to begin your training." he said, still smirking. His Pokemon then pushed off the forest floor and soared up through the trees before disappearing into the sky. Cody was still staring up at the sky when he realized that it was getting dark and Blake and Luna would start to worry. "I've gotta get back to the city." he said, beginning his run back with Chimchar.

- Back In The City -

"It's getting really dark out." Luna said. "Don't worry I'm sure he'll show up." Blake said. Just then the two trainers heard running footsteps. "Hey guys sorry if I scared you!" Cody shouted, running towards them. Blake and Luna both sighed in relief, "We're just glad you're back." Luna said. Blake smirked at Cody, "We're challenging the gym tomorrow and Luna is going to come watch." the boy said. Cody smirked back at his friend, "Don't worry. You and I both have secret weapons now." Cody said. He tossed out the Mareep he just caught and smiled. Luna slapped both hands against her cheeks, "It's sooooooooo cute!" she yelled, taking out her Pokedex and scanning it.

Mareep. The Wool Pokemon. Mareep's wool cloak doubles in size when full of electricity and can be used to deliver devastating electric attacks.

"Wow and it's strong!" Luna continued, still in love with the Pokemon. Blake nodded, "So you got yourself a second Pokemon. I knew you were doing something other than thinking about your life out there." he said with a laugh. "Yup and I'm going to use it to beat the gym leader tomorrow." he said.

"Well it's getting dark and we need to find a hotel." Blake said. "Oh there's one right there." Luna said, pointing down the street. "Okay thank you Luna. Goodnight." Cody said, following Blake who had already taken off. "Bye!" Luna yelled, waving at the boys. Blake and Cody waved back as they made their way to the hotel.

Both trainers were excited about their gym battle with Roark on the proceeding day. Will Jonathan be able to persuade Cody into becoming his student? All of this and more as the journey continues.