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Fumi-iko's Alola Exploring: Chapter 9: Lycanroc's father

by BloomingSkyShaymin

BloomingSkyShaymin Torracat and Brionne were friends with Lycanroc since Chapter 1. and Rockruff didnt make her debut in the first chapter and you guys always say "Silvally is not able to breed!!!" and healing The Silver Wing will be in next Chapter
5 hours later after getting 6 items of course their didnt find Tapu Pink Box. their in the cave. Nebby said "Pew! where is the Tapu Pink box? Pew!" Lycanroc said "AGGGH I KNEW IT THIS BOOK IS FREAKING LIYING!" Torracat said "There she goes again.." Fumi-iko said "what?" Torracat said "you knowed that Lycanroc when she was a baby she cussed" Fumi-iko said "OMG thats horrible and where she cussed?" Torracat said "Well i came to her house and she cussed real bad that was her first word" Fumi-iko said "...." Torracat said "Yeah you were her sis and you were sleeping" Fumi-iko said "WHAA?!" Torracat said "Its her secret me,my sis and Rockruff were friends" but some whisper of pokemon was heard "Lycanroc, Fumi where are you?" Brionne said "Waaah! a ghost! it was luring Fumi-iko and Lycanroc!" it was...Silvally! Silvally said "Huh? Lycanroc? Fumi?" Fumi-iko and Lycanroc said "Dad?" Silvally said "Lycanroc! Fumi! i missed you!" Lycanroc said "wheres mom?" Silvally said "dont cry but your mother died" Lycanroc said "oh.. but we not sad" Fumi-iko said "Dad? whos that?"
Silvally said "Oh! its my friend its name is Cosmoem" Nebby said "Pew! its that my daddy? Pew!" Silvally said "Yes i met your daddy when your created you were created from DNA machine" also he said "And who are those pokemon their your friends?" Fumi-iko said "This is Torracat and Brionne their lovers of Bendy and Boris: The Quest For The Ink Machine." Silvally said "Oh you finally made new friends already when your a little poke-child your were shy and i also got this pink box" Brionne said "Thats the Tapu Pink Box! and we needed for healing The Silver Wing!" Silvally said "Oh this um ok helping is a good thing" Silvally was given Brionne a Tapu Pink Box Brionne said "Thanks mister Silvally!" Silvally said "Your welcome!"