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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 9, Bugsy! IS EASY. And Ilex Forest....

by Sylvious

Jason: Lets go Ace!" Bugsy: Ok! Lets Battle!! Go Scyther And Metapod!" Ace And Jason: Go Typlosion! Ember! Go Noctowl! Use Confusion!" Bugsy: Come Back Scyther And Metapod! Go Kakuna!" Ace: Bye! EMBER!" Bugsy: You beat me fast..... Heres the Hive Badge." Jason: Yes! We got it! So.. Bye!" Ace goes to Ilex Forest. Doing nothing but fighting Caterpie's and Metapod's. Getting out of Ilex Forest. *Good Grinding* And Goes through Route 34. Battling trainers and good grinding once again. Ace gets to Goldenrod City. Ready to fight Whitney.
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