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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 9: Amity Square Mayhem

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Ry made it to Round 2, yay! But what could happen next?
Ry woke up the next morning, and headed into the main lobby, after he had gotten ready. He was greeted by an overly excited June. "Hey Ry, come with me, I have something to show you."She said to him. Before he could respond, she grabbed his wrist and lead him away. She lead him to a closed gateway, on the northern part of Hearthome. She walked up and said, "My name is June Wilson," to the guard. The guard nodded and pushed a button, to reveal a large open space. Follow me," she said leading Ry through the gate.

Ry looked around and was amazed. It was like a park for trainers. Near the entrance, a large sign said, "No Catching Pokemon."
"Amity Square is home to some rare types of pokemon, and this is a place for them. If you catch them, it ruins the fun for people." June said noticing Ry's gaze.
"Wow," said Ry.
"Send out your Pokemon, so they can walk around." June said tossing out four pokeballs. A Bunery, a Pachrisu, a Roserade, and a Glameow. "This is Juliet the Bunery, Charles the Pachirisu, Alice the Roserade, and finally my partner Susie the Glameow." June said introducing her pokemon.
"Go team!" Ry shouted tossing out his pokeballs. His three Pokemon apeared. "Splashy, Jet, and Fuego," Ry said pointing to his pokemon.
Alice looked at Jet, and Jet looked back they shared a slight serious nod. They were both the cool ones in their individual groups. Splashy started to play with Charles and Juliet. The three pokemon, were enjoying themselves. Meanwhile Fuego and Susie just stood by their Trainers.
"Wow, It's really relaxing here," ry said beginning to walk. June walked beside him. "Yeah, beautiful."
"Ry, are you ready for the Pokemon Contest," June aked Ry.
He looked as his team. "Yeah, we're ready."
"What is your dream?" June asked Ry.
"Winning the Pokemon League, and becoming a Champion." Ry said looking towards a nearby tree.
"I'm gonna be a Top Cordinater." June sad looking at Ry. "Umm, Ry," she asked him. He turned to face her, and she popped the question. "Do you want to travel with me across the Sinnoh region?"
Ry was taken back. "Sure, I'd love to." He said smiling. Then Dennis burst throught the tree line, being chased by a group of Buizel.
"Dennis, What's going on!" Ry shouted.
"He must have caugth their leader, Floatzel," June said.
"Jet, use Leaf Blade, to knock the Buziel away!" Ry shouted. The Grovyle jumped into action, and slashed at the buizel knocking them out.
Dennis used this as a distraction and escaped Amity Square. Ry and June fought off the buizel, quickly. They looked around for Dennis, but he was long gone. Then an alarm went off. They were going ot be late for the second Round.