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Special Monsters of Chaos: Chapter 9 : Ambering The Chaos

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen I Have Made My Decision Since The Series is based on items from A to Z Every Letter From A To Z Will Have a Season Meaning It Will Have Seasons Of A To Z.So I have Made My Decision And No Turning Back If I Dont Post Anything After The Chapter for The Azure Flute That Means Im Taking a Break.From Now on The Solution For One Chapter will Be Closed in The Next for Example The Aerodactyl Chapter With Aggron Chapter Also The Solution Chapters Will Never Be Infected Like The Rest. Anyways Enjoy.
After Neutralizing Route 3 in The Fossil Lab In Ambrette Town The Mega Aerodactyl That is Owned By A Scientist Is Infected By Chaos.It Started Creating Mass Chaos in The Town After Being Infected.Respectively It Infected More and More Aerodactyl Until It Infected Old Ambers. That Soon Became Infected Aerodactyl Will It Be Defeated.To Be Continued