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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 8

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Now that I'm on Christmas break we can look forward to lots more fanfic chapters over the next two weeks or so.
Chapter 8: Squishy

The yellow Pokemon fell to the ground. It had fainted.
"B--but... it had a type advantage and everything..... how..."
The bird screeched, diving toward Bonnie. She grabbed Dedenne, screaming.
Until a flash of green flew past her.
She looked over to she what it was... and saw none other than Zygarde 10%.

Could it really be?
Bonnie looked down at the hand-sewn pocket of her bag that had been unoccupied for so long...
Zygarde (or Squishy, perhaps) began to glow.
That's the move!!
Squishy looked over at Bonnie expectantly. The blonde smiled for a moment before running to its side.
"Squishy... use Thousand Arrows!!"
Squishy obeyed, and the bird Pokemon fell to the ground. It changed-- into a Pidgeot.
It had fainted.
While the Professor used a Revive on Ampharos and examined the Pidgeot, Bonnie was hugging Squishy-- who had shrank to a Zygarde Core-- tightly, tears in her eyes.
"Squishy.... it's been forever.... how did you find me?"
Squishy tilted its head, then closed its eye happily (as it doesn't have a mouth). Bonnie stood up, holiding Squishy out in front of her.
The green little blob looked into Bonnie's eyes.
"Will you travel with me again? Please? I want us to have fun together again. You don't even have to battle. I don't have to catch you. I just want us to go back to how it was... It was so fun when we were together."
There was a moment of silence. Dedenne and Skiddo stood nearby, looking expectantly.
Squishy nodded. It agreed to go with Bonnie on her journey.
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