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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 8: White City

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Brian and Axel arrive in White City. Just what kind of trouble will they run into this time?
Chapter 8: White City

Team Neos Foils Team Aqua

In an attempt to bring rain to the Hoenn desert with numerous Water-type Pokémon simultaneously using Rain Dance, Team Aqua was defeated by yet another intervention by Team Neos. At the conclusion of the battle, casualties included a Wailmer and two Golducks. Ten other Pokémon and six Aqua members were injured in the attack. Police were unable to make any arrests of Neos members. There will be no investigation on the incident authorities say.

I threw the newspaper to the side in disgust. Ever since that day on the boat with Madison, Team Neos has been popping up in the news more and more frequently. The worst part is the police are just letting this go! Sure the Neos only target the major criminal organizations like Team Galactic and Team Aqua, which I guess makes life easier for the cops, but I just can’t get over all the shit they pull receiving no repercussions what so ever.

“Team Neos. Remember that name.” I said repeating what the guy with the Feraligatr said over six months ago when I kicked his ass. Like it’s hard with how much attention they get these days.

“Attention passengers.” a loud booming voice came over the speakers. “We have just arrived in White City. Please gather all your belongings and disembark the ship carefully. Enjoy your stay in White City.” the captain said until the speakers clicked off with a bit of static. Didn’t need to tell me that, I’ve seen the approaching land for the last half hour. I got up out of the chair I had been sitting in on the deck of the ship to leave with everyone else with a certain monkey behind me.

Salty air blew past as I took my first step on to the island White City was located. It was a beautifully warm day and the scenery was exquisite. The land that wasn’t urbanized was a very fertile green. Not too far away I could hear the sounds of rushing water like a waterfall. If there ever was a paradise on Earth, this was it.

The opening ceremony of the tournament is tomorrow isn’t it?” asked Axel breaking me from my trance.

“Hm? Oh, yeah. Why, what do you propose?” I inquired.

I says we go ‘splorin’!” the monkey declared.

“‘Splorin’s always fun.” I agreed. “Heads we go to the right; tails we go left.” I said pulling out a coin. I flipped it in the air, caught it, and smacked it on the back of my other hand. “Tails!” I announced turning to the left beginning to walk.

Brian, you’re going the wrong way!” Axel called. I stopped and looked down at my hands. I extended the hand I write with, my right, and looked in the direction I had been heading. Curse my directional impairedness. I jumped up doing a 180° spin in the air to face the way I wanted to go, and continued walking like nothing had happened. Behind me I could hear Axel snickering. Like he’s any better, I must constantly remind him of things like days of the week.

Starting from the southwest of the city going clockwise there was a residential area complete with apartments, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Nearby was a small island a few yards away from the main island with a flowing waterfall. Due west across a bridge was a large hollowed out rectangular building colored a whitish silver. The entrance was up a flight of stairs with eight pillars on either side of the double staircase, four on each side, holding up the roof as the double glass doors were more toward the center of the building. On top of it was a giant Pokéball, the same color as the building. So says a random passerbier, this is the research lab of Professor Alfonse Heimrich, a crazy and eccentric scientist. I’m gonna have to pay this guy a visit when I’m done ‘splorin’.

My travels then took me to a castle in the northwest. It had a similar color scheme to the lab and apparently it’s some sort of historical monument of battle. I’ll have to find out more about that later. Directly north was a Contest Hall for Coordinators, as well as a Pokémon playground where Pokémon could play games that don’t have much to do with battle such as a type of soccer game for Furrets, Linoone, and Girafarig. On a small island to the northeast was a park that required you to cross a bridge to get to. All around the park there were benches to sit back and relax, water fountains for drinking, one big aesthetically pleasing water fountain somewhere toward the center, light posts for when it got dark, and a place to battle on the boardwalk. Luckily no one challenged me. I still haven’t seen all the sights yet, and I’d like to know where everything was before sunset.

Continuing my travels, I passed by a school to the east. By the looks of it, and the plaque on the side of the building, this was the White City Pokémon Academy. Haha losers! You guys have to go to school to learn how to be Trainers while I dropped out of school to become one. Then Axel took a piss on the wall. That made my day right there. The next thing on my stop to the southeast was the main city consisting of a ton of skyscrapers, most likely office buildings for various businesses. One of said buildings was particularly interesting; no doubt the largest one on the skyline.

Hey Brian! Watch out!” Axel warned. I turned around just in time to walk into something and fall to the ground.

“Are you alright?” asked a man in a calm voice standing over me. He had semi-neatly combed brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a white suit with a light blue dress shirt underneath and a white tie. His dress shoes were the same color as his pimp suit.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said getting up. The man gave me a strange look, staring at me as if he were in deep thought. “Something wrong?” I asked confused with a hint of annoyance. The man broke from his trance.

“No. Nothing at all.” he said waving his right hand as if pushing the idea aside. “You have my sincerest apologies. You just look very familiar. Have we met?”

“Can’t say that we have.” I said still confused.

“Then perhaps I have seen you around. Are you by chance a student at White City Academy?” he inquired.

“Nope.” I said proudly. “I actually just arrived in White City for the first time this afternoon.” I explained.

“Puzzling.” the man said. He chuckled quietly to himself. “Anyway, you should be more careful young man.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that.” I said embarrassedly rubbing the back of my head. “That building over there was just so interesting I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.” I said pointing to where my attention had been.

“Ah, the White City Committee Building. It is the home of White City’s government.” he said turning to look at it. No wonder it’s so big, it’s the most important building in the city. “That would explain why you were so inattentive earlier.”

“What does that even mean?” I asked in confusion. Why did he have to go and use a big word?

“Are you disconcerted by my vocabulary?” asked the man. Stop that! “Very well, I shall expurgate my sentences if it will help you fathom what I am telling you.” he said shrugging his shoulders. Now he’s just doing it on purpose. Stupid smart people.

“So no more big words?” I asked.

“For one as ignorant as you, I will stunt my vocabulary for now.” he mocked.

“Fantastic.” I said sarcastically.

“I see you have an Infernape. I have never seen one of this coloration before, quite a rare breed indeed.” said the man finally taking notice of Axel. Usually his gold fur attracts attention due being so unnatural and out of the ordinary, but I guess because this guy was so distracted by me he didn’t notice.

Thank you for acknowledging me.” Axel said bowing.

“Well I am a Trainer.” I said proudly. Then I realized something. “You said you recognized me from somewhere. I’ve placed 3rd in the Hoenn League, 2nd in the Sinnoh League, and participated in numerous other tournaments over the last five years, including the one that starts tomorrow. Is it possible you know me from them? The name’s Brian Nosurname if you’ve heard it.”

“I believe I have, but only because the White City Committee was informed several days ago that Paul Shinji would be unavailable to participate in the upcoming tournament leaving his spot open for the Trainer who won second place in the Sinnoh League Tournament.”

“Wait, you work for the White City Committee? So you’re a political?” I inquired.

“A politician, yes.” he corrected. “This tournament is the first one hosted by White City and we are hoping to make it an annual affair. If all goes well in the coming week then I can only surmise that the Committee will become very busy, maybe even flourish.”

“Well from a combatant’s perspective I hope it goes well too. I look forward to challenging fights, and I know Axel is ready to kick some ass.” I said excitedly.

Hell yeah I am!” the monkey said in agreement pounding his fists together. The sound of a waterfall entered the silence of the evening. As usual it was found on a small island to the southeast. We had begun walking around the time the conversation started, and now the sky had started turning a beautiful purple-orange mix as the sun disappeared under the horizon.

“I think now would be an appropriate time to part ways. Farewell Brian, I wish you the best of luck in the tournament.” the man said before taking off as I kept walking the opposite direction.

Am I the only one that found that a bit uncomfortable?” Axel asked me.

“That was pretty strange.” I admit.

Did we even get his name?

“No, no we didn’t.”
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