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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 8: The Best Pokemon

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon IM SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE! Im really hate to keep you guys waiting! but anyway, enjoy!
Venie and Ava have arrived in Ambrette Town.

Ava: Woah look at the Pokemon! Venie: Yea.. Ava: Something wrong? You dont seem ok.. Venie: Im still worried about Clemont. He seemed really hurt... Ava: Dont you worry! By the time you go challge him, All hes going to have is a black eye! Why dont you give him a call? Venie: Alright then.

Venie calls Clemont while Ava works on something..

phone start ringing- Venie: Cmon... -a robot shows up on the scree- Venie: GAHH! Clembot: Hello. I am Clembot. The Gym Leader robot. Venie: Robot? I guess Clemont made you. Can I speak to him? Clembot: You want to speak to Sir. Ok. Please wait until I get Sir. Clemont: Hey Ven! Venie: Clemont, Why are you on a wheelchair? Clemont: Fine, -trouble breathing- I'll explain.

Ava is sowing a Ice Dress with Vanillox..

Ava: This is Perfect! Its going to wow the stage! I can see it now!



*dream ends*

Ava: Lets get back to the real world and work on our Ice Dress! Vanillox: Vanill!

Our Friends are in a cave and the suddly see a..

Ava: Look! Its a Pokemon! Venie Huh? -sees a wingull- Its a.. Bird Pokemon? Ava: Why dont you scan it with your PokeDex! Venie: Right!

PokeDex: Wingull. The Seagull Pokemon. Catching sea winds with its long wings, it soars as if it was a glider. It folds its wings to rest.

Venie: This one looks diffrent from the Pokedex. Ava. Yea. It has Green stripes instead of Blue. I think it looks weird. Venie: I think it looks cool! Hey buddy! -wingull sits on venies sholder- -laughs- H-Hey! your feet are Tickly! Wingull: Winn! Winn! Ava: I think it likes you. Venie: You do? Why dont we take a bike ride?

Venie grabs his bike and while Wingull is on his sholder, they take a nice stroll.

Venie: Fun, isnt it? Wingull: Wingul! Winn! Venie: Why dont you come with me? -stops and get a pokeball- Its going to get way more fun! -wingull taps the pokeball and gets in- Ava: Just hope it doeset eat my dresses.. Venie: Huh? Ava: NOTHING!