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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 8, L.T Surge... Or Not L.T!

by Sylvious

Surge: Go Voltorb And Pikachu! Use Self-Destruct! And Pikachu Use ThunderBolt!" Ace: Go Charizard And Golbat! Use Flamethrower Charizard! Golbat Use Wing Attack! Surge: All your pokemon are weak. Your done trainer! Pikachu Thunder Shock Attack!" Ace: After all my losses, I will win this one with no losing! Charizard And Golbat! Use Flamethrower And Wing Attack! FINISH THIS WEAK POKEMON OFF!" Surge: Pikachu Come Back, Go Raichu! Thundarr!!!" Ace: Raichu?! NOOOOO! FLAMETHROWER! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! SAME AS YOU GOLBAT! WING ATTACK! YES! I DID IT!" Surge: Come back Raichu. Sigh.. My Raichu is still my best friend.. Now that all my family is gone.. Heres the ThundARRRRRR Badge. You've earned it. Ace: Yes! I've gotten the ThundARRRRRR Badge!!" With Ace actually winning THE FIRST TIME, Ace is sooooooo happy with himself. Theres 5 more gyms to go before he can MAYBE become the champion! If he can defeat the Elite Four! So.. Ace Will Continue His Journey... In The Next ChaptARRRRR ! Lol the reference of thunder. Heh >:D
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  1. Sylvious
    Jul 25, 2015