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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 8: A Fight or Flight Situation

by MegaloX

MegaloX Still no gym battle but this is great too am I right?
"Heracross use Horn Attack!" Devin shouted to start the battle off. His Pokemon began running towards Torchic as it's horn turn white, signalling that it was energized for the attack. Blake smirked and knew that he wasn't about to give up so easily. "Torchic let's get right in there with Tackle!" the boy shouted back as Torchic ran right back towards Heracross.

The two Pokemon began to get closer to one another and the whole crowd was anticipating the clash between the two. "Now!" both trainers yelled out. Torchic and Heracross both jumped at each other to add momentum to their strikes. The two Pokemon struck each other and almost immediately Torchic was flung back. The chick rolled across the floor before quickly standing to it's feet. "Okay so Heracross' size and speed are going to to make clashing with it almost impossible for Torchic. So let's beat it with speed then." the boy thought to himself with a smirk at the end. "Torchic attack with Ember!" Blake yelled, knowing that the move was going to hit twice as hard thanks to Heracross being bug type.

The fire type Pokemon released a barrage of tiny flame pellets that raced towards Heracross. "Get up into the air and come down on it with Rock Smash!" Devin yelled. The beetle opened it's wings and quickly ascended into the air to dodge the Ember attack. Heracross cloaked it's fist in a red light that also gave off three streaks of red energy which rotated around the Pokemon's attacking hand. Heracross then darted down towards Torchic and aimed the punch right at it's head.

"Torchic get out of the way!" Blake shouted. The Pokemon jumped back just before Heracross connected it's punch but it wasn't enough. The beetle instead slammed it's fist into the ground upon missing when it came down causing a small burst of wind that hit Torchic and knocked it back. Torchic struggled to it's feet and Blake had a pained expression on his face. His Torchic was taking all this damage because he didn't know how to stop Heracross. It's a fighting type Pokemon and he should know everything about it but he doesn't and he took it personally. "I'm sorry Torchic. This is my fault that we aren't winning right now." he said solemnly.

Cody growled, "Hey Blake! Did you forget what Maya said?" he asked. "Your own sister taught you to never freeze up in a battle because if you freeze up then your Pokemon does too! If you want to win then don't give up! Your Torchic is still good to battle and it wants to win! What about you Blake...do you want to win?" Cody asked sternly, trying to encourage his friend and snap him out of his guilty trans.

Blake was hit hard by Cody's word and he began to snap out of his previous mindset. "What was I thinking? I...we can still win. Torchic and I can still win this battle." he said. The boy then returned his attention to Heracross and Devin. "You giving up yet?" Devin asked cockily. "Just the opposite actually. Torchic and I are only getting started!" he shouted.

"Guess we'll just have to give em some more. Heracross use Rock Smash!" he shouted. Heracross prepared the same attack as before and stretched out it's wings. The beetle pushed off towards Torchic and soared just above the ground aiming the punch right at the fire type. "Counter with Ember!" Blake shouted. The fire pellets flew from Torchic's mouth and slammed into Heracross creating a small barrage of explosions. "That should do it." Blake thought to himself.

Just then a red fist could be seen through the smoke. It came barreling through and nailed Torchic in the head, smashing it into the ground. "Torchic no!" Blake yelled, running over to his Pokemon. Blake slid on his knees and stopped right when he got to Torchic. He picked it up and held it in his arms. "Torchic I'm sorry." he said.

Luna watched in horror as the events unfolded and she began to make a prediction of the battle. "I really thought today would be the day." she said. "I thought today Devin's Heracross would be defeated." she said, tearing up bit. Cody placed his hand on Luna's shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry Blake's not gonna loose. Him and Torchic are pretty strong." Cody said. He didn't like to admit that Blake was better but, after the events of today and back in the forest with Garret and Jake, he knew it was true. Luna looked at Cody and smiled, "I hope you're right. You believe in your friend so much, it's great. It makes me believe that he can win too." she said happily. Cody kept up his smile up until the moment he turned away from Luna. His expression changed to that of spite and jealousy. "I have to find a way to surpass him. There's no other way around it. What good is beating the gym leaders if he's just going to beat me in the end anyways?" he thought to himself.

"Looks like your little partner is out of steam. Just surrender and we'll let you go, along with Feebas of course." Devin said. That's when Blake got angry, "I told you already. You're not going to take Feebas from Luna!" he shouted. Torchic heard Blake and sat up, "Tor..Torchic!" it exclaimed. Blake placed his partner on the ground and smirked, "You good to go Torchic?" he asked. "We're going to have to change up our strategy and start moving a bit faster. You think you can handle it?" he asked the tiny chick. Torchic nodded affirmatively. The Pokemon then burst a fiery aura around itself before quickly condensing it into a simple red outline.

Cody watched in amazement, "It's that power again. Just like before in the forest. What is it?" he thought to himself.

A mystery man sat perched way above the stage. He was standing on top of the building that the stage was positioned in front of along with his Salamence and Infernape. "Is that what I think it is?" he asked himself.

"So what? You got a little power bonus and now you think you can beat me? Well think again kid because thanks to Rock Smash your Torchic's defense is pretty low now. Basically the next solid hit I get on that thing is going to knock it out." Devin explained, hoping to strike fear into his opponent. Blake however, simply smirked and responded. "Well then, I guess Torchic and I will just have to dodge every single attack." he said cockily.

Devin was baffled at Blake's declaration but quickly realized that the boy must've been bluffing. "You expect me to believe that bluff. Heracross use Brick Break!" he shouted. Heracross' hand became energized in a white light as it charged right at Torchic. "Who said it was a bluff? Dodge it Torchic!" Blake commanded. His Pokemon waited for the moment when Heracross was just about to hit. The chick blinked into the air somewhere behind Heracross.

The crowd went wild at the tiny Pokemon's amazing speed and the M.C. was shocked. "So fast!" he yelled.

Cody and Luna were both completely amazed at how long Torchic waited before moving and was still able to avoid the attack. "Why is it so fast?" Cody asked, almost annoyed. "That's so awesome!" Luna shouted. "His Torchic has Speed Boost!" she yelled. Cody raised an eyebrow at the girl, "What's a Speed Boost?" he asked. "Well Cody, Speed Boost is a Pokemon Ability. A Pokemon ability is a special trait that your Pokemon has that can aid it in battle." the girl explained. Cody listened to her explain it but was still confused. "So wait...that means my Chimchar also has an ability too. So why are you only shocked to see his." he asked, not knowing whether to be insulted or not. Luna smiled, "Oh that's an easy one. It's because Torchic has a Hidden Ability. A Hidden Ability is a mega rare ability that is rarely obtained by Pokemon of a particular species. Only some Pokemon have Hidden Abilities however. For example, judging by your fight last round your Chimchar has the Blaze ability which makes it's fire attacks get stronger when Chimchar is pushed to the edge and it's a regular ability. Well, Torchic normally also has the Blaze ability but Blake's is special. Speed Boost is a rare ability to show up on a Torchic which is what makes the ability hidden." she explained further, hoping that Cody would understand. "Oh I get it, so Blake's Torchic is special and that's why it unlocked Speed Boost." he summarized. Cody thought about it bitterly. He thought about how it was just another thing that put Blake on a level above him. "Oh, well does Chimchar have a Hidden Ability?" he asked hopefully. Luna shrugged, "Not that I know of, just Blaze." she said blandly.

"I don't know how you moved so fast but it doesn't matter that was just a fluke anyways. Try dodging this! Pin Missile Heracross!" he yelled. The beetle's horn began glowing green. It then shot out five green energy rockets that all made their way towards Torchic. The tiny chick quickly blinked out of each missile's path, dodging them all. "Good job Torchic." Blake said with a smile. Devin growled and decided to go in for the KO. "Alright Heracross the game ends here! Use Brick Break and finish this thing!" Devin yelled. The beetle's hand was energized in a white light and the Pokemon dashed towards Torchic once again just like before.

Blake smirked, "Alright Torchic let's take him head on. Believe in yourself because I know you can do it." the boy said. The bird Pokemon discarded all memory of it's past head-on clashes with Heracross and prepared itself for the final attack. "Let's use Tackle!" Blake yelled.

"Ahhh! What's he using Tackle again for?" Cody exclaimed. Luna began to notice something going on with Torchic and was intrigued. "I don't know but something's happening to Torchic. Maybe he has a plan?" she asked herself, hoping that he did.

Torchic was preparing to use Tackle but something happened. The Pokemon's beak began to glow sky blue. Blake gasped, "Torchic what's happening? You look like you're learning another new move." he said..

Luna finally realized what was up with Torchic. "Blake don't panic! Torchic just learned Peck! It's a flying type move so use it!" she shouted to the trainer.

Blake listened to Luna and all of a sudden his fighting type knowledge came back to him. "A Flying type move would so help us out right now, especially against Heracross. With him being a bug and fighting type this attack should do four times the damage." Blake said. He smirked confidently and returned his attention to Heracross who was closing in on Torchic. "Alright buddy let him have it. Use Peck!" he shouted. The bird Pokemon began to run at Heracross, still surrounded in it's red outline obtained from Speed Boost.

The two Pokemon were nearing each other for the last time and Devin was smiling. "Those two may have a flying type move on their side but it's no good if it doesn't hit. Heracross has the range and can deliver the final blow before Blake's Pokemon even gets the chance." he said to himself while laughing.

Heracross swung his arm down to nail Torchic right on top of the head with Brick Break but the unexpected occurred. Just before the attack connected, Torchic blinked right above Heracross and came down from above with the Peck attack. It slammed it's beak right on Heracross' head and pummeled it into the ground.

Torchic jumped off and returned to Blake's side. The M.C. chimed in when he thought it was really over. "Looks like Heracross is unable to battle, which means that Blake, Cody, and Luna are victorious, and without a single loss too!" he shouted. The crowd went crazy and cheered for the three winners.

Devin ran to his Pokemon's side. "But how did you do that?" he asked Blake, taking out his Pokeball and retreating his Heracross. Blake smiled, "It was simple. Torchic knew the timing for Heracross' Brick Break. That's why he waited so long to dodge the attack the first time you used it against him. Once Torchic had that down he had no problem dodging the second one just before it hit in order to leave Heracross wide open for a very powerful Peck attack." he explained with a smile.

Devin growled, "Well you may think that you've won but you're wrong! This isn't the last time that you'll see us!" he shouted, running off to who knows where.

"You did it!" Luna shouted, running over to Blake with Cody in tow. "Good job Blake." Cody said, patting his friend on the back. Chimchar, Torchic, and Feebas chattered excitedly at all three of their victories over Devin and his friends.

As the cheering began to die down the M.C. approached the kids who were still on the stage. He covered his mic and whispered to the kids, "Umm nice job but can you guys clear out. Jonathan's supposed to be here any min..." he started to say before he was cut off by a giant shadow passing over the stage.

Everyone looked up to see a giant dragon flying above the stage. The crowd began to cheer once again and the M.C. quickly brought his mic to his face. "Ladies and gentlemen. The 12 year old boy who possesses the power to take on our very own champion, Cynthia, as an equal. You love him! You called him here today! May I present, Jonathan Ringer!" he yelled before also beginning to clap.

The dragon dropped from the sky and landed on the stage with tremendous force. Blake, Cody, and Luna all fell over due to the landing and they watched as a boy hopped off the giant dragon and approached the M.C.. He held out his hand for the mic and the man wasted no time in handing it over to the boy. Jonathan lifted the mic to his face and put on a smile. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Sinnoh Region I have arrived!" he shouted, relishing in all the applause and attention he was getting for just showing up.