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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 7

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Sorry it took so long.... *dodges tomatoes being thrown* I know, it's been like a month... *gets annoyed when hit in the face by tomato* Would you just read it already??
Electric Dragon
(Well I guess the picture kinda spoils it....)
Bonnie opened her eyes. Ampharos, Dedenne, and Skiddo were standing over her. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes.
"So it was Chikorita..... who I couldn't.... save..."
Skiddo nodded sadly, and Dedenne sighed. Ampharos, however, was unfazed since it did not know of the Pokemon. Instead it called out for the Professor as Bonnie sat up and wiped her eyes. Professor Sycamore ran over.
"Bonnie! Are you alright?"
"Yeah.....but Chikorita...."
"....I'm sorry. If you can tell me what it looked like, I'll try to track it down."
"It looked like a Pidgeot....but bigger. That's...all I could make out."
"Bigger, you say? Was it's appearance different as well?"
"More feathers, I guess..."
"I'll look into it."
Professor Sycamore rushed off and Ampharos grabbed the Mega Stone again with a determined face. It shoved the Key Stone into Bonnie's hand and it grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the lab.
"Wh--what are you--"
It cried out loudly, as if to challenge something or someone. After a few minutes, Skiddo and Dedenne raced out with the Professor just in time to see the action.
The bird appeared once again, without the bag.
"Bonnie...is that the Pokemon?"
The Professor got a few snapshots while Amphaors prepared an Electro Ball. It grew to a battle in which Ampharos was obviously losing.
It slid in front of Bonnie, holding the Mega Stone. Somehow, Bonnie just knew what to do. She knew what Ampharos wanted.
"Ampharos....Mega Evolve!!!"
It changed shape, becoming bigger and stronger.
And then the real battle began.