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The Eroteric Odyssey: Chapter 7: The Hidden Chamber

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm Dimrill, Mark, and Jenny head into Union Cave and find their way to the hidden Ruins of Alph.
The Hidden Chamber

The cave began as a two person wide tunnel leading further into the cave. It wasn’t too well lit, except by a torch or two on the walls halfway through. Once we emerged from the tunnel, it opened up into a large cavern. Geodudes and Sandshrew chased each other around. The Zubats nested on the ceiling. It was a truly wild habitat for cave-dwelling Pokemon.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Mark said.

Jenny was confused. “What do you mean? Don’t you have a wild Pokemon habitat near your hometown?”

“Route 29 is so full of roads and industrial buildings that wild Pokemon don’t hang around there anymore.”

Jenny looked down at the ground. “Everywhere where I live is mostly left wild so the Pokemon can thrive and survive on their own. I just can’t imagine elsewhere.”

We kept on walking through the cave, led by Jenny. As we entered a small tunnel, Jenny brushed her hand along the right wall. Suddenly she stopped walking. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention, so I ran right into her.

“Hey!” Jenny cried. “You pushed me!”

I blushed. “Sorry, wasn’t watching where I was going,” I apologized. Then I noticed the crevasse that Jenny had found. “What is it?”

“I don’t know,” Jenny responded. ‘This wasn’t here when I came through this morning.”

“Well,” Mark spoke. “Should we check it out?”

Jenny didn’t say anything but she turned on her flashlight and crawled through. Mark and I looked at each other and shrugged. I followed him inside, taking off my backpack, then pulling it in with me.

Jenny, Mark, and I crawled through the small tunnel for quite a while. By the time we got through, my knees were completely raw and painful. Once the tunnel opened up, it was a good sized room with a small pond in the center. “Water, underground?” I said, surprised.

“Dimrill, where do you think water comes from?” Mark questioned.

“From the mounta- oh,” I said, realizing that what I said was pretty dumb. Jenny laughed.

The surface of the pond was bubbling, as if, “Something’s alive in there,” Mark pointed out. Jenny approached the pond’s edge and cupped her hands in the water. The second her hand made contact with the water, the cavern began to shake. Shinx yelped and he grabbed my leg in fear. Suddenly a Pokemon burst from the water’s surface. Once the splash dissipated, we saw the Pokemon for what it was - a Lapras.

The four of us stepped back a few feet. “A Lapras! You guys know how rare these things are?” I said, amazed. The Lapras roared angrily. Apparently the Lapras didn’t like us touching his water, or being called a thing. “Ummm, Run!” I yelled. The four of us ran towards the small crevasse in which we came in. Then Lapras sealed the entrance by using Ice Beam, blocking our path. We looked at each other.

“I guess there’s no other option but to fight then,” Mark said. We approached the Lapras. The three of us sent out our Pokemon. I sent Shinx into battle, Jenny used Vulpix, and Mark used Mareep.

Our Pokemon had a hard time working together. All three were pushing each other to gain Lapras’s attention, and as they were fighting, Lapras blasted them all with a Hydro Pump, knocking out Vulpix and Mareep. Shinx hung on, but he wouldn’t be any good in a fight with his health.I returned Shinx to his Pokeball while Jenny and Mark did the same with their Pokemon.

Lapras roared, daring us to send out new Pokemon. “I have an idea,” Mark said. “But you and your Pokemon will have to trust me.”

After discussing the plan, we put it into action. I sent out Riolu, Jenny sent out Pidgeotto, and Mark sent out Butterfree. This time we were more successful.. Butterfree spread Stun Spore on Lapras, causing its speed to drastically fall. While it slowed down, Pidgeotto flew around Lapras taunting it. Lapras had its full attention on Pidgeotto, and shot Ice Beams at it, as Pidgeotto dodged them. Riolu took this chance and leaped onto Lapras’s back. As fighting types were strong against ice types, Riolu’s Arm Thrusts did a lot of damage. Eventually Lapras was overwhelmed and became weak. We called of our Pokemon, and Lapras roared weakly. Mark approached Lapras. He placed his palm on Lapras’s nose, then sprayed some Super Potion on Lapras’s neck.

Lapras cried with glee, then turned around and brought its back close to us. “I think it wants us to get on its back,” Jenny said. Mark stepped on its back, followed by Jenny and at last myself. As soon as I sat down, Lapras dived. I had no grip so I held on to Jenny. We dived deeper and deeper until we couldn’t see anything. After a while I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. But just then Lapras surfaced into another cave.

We all gasped for air. That’s when I realized I was still holding Jenny. I quickly let go. “Ummm, sorry,” I said uncomfortably. Jenny didn’t seem to notice, or at least she didn’t let on. We stepped of Lapras’s back onto the rocks, all soaking wet. We saw a streak of light coming from about 20 feet away from us. The exit to the cave! I turned to Lapras to thank it, but it had plunged back beneath the depths.

Walking funny because we were wet, we walked out of the cave. “Nighttime!?” Jenny exclaimed. “Oh, my parents are gonna kill me. Any idea where the hell we are?” We looked around. We were amongst ruins of what seemed to be a lost civilization.

“I think this is the lost Ruins of Alph,” Mark said. “I’ve heard about this place. Not many people are able to find this place. I think this civilization was purely Pokemon, until humans came upon this land and industrialized the land, destroying their paradise.”

Jenny looked sad once more. “I really am a nature enthusiast when it comes to Pokemon. That’s why my dream is to stop the industrializing and protect what’s left of the natural habitats of wild Pokemon.”

“Well, on a happier note, it’s dinner time. And food’s on us.”

We sent out our Pokemon and together we cooked some rice and pork. Actually I should explain something about food. Travel food is filled with nutrients for a good diet as well as preservatives so we don’t need to lug a cooler everywhere we go. So the pork was still fresh, and Mudkip offered his water to cook the rice. Jenny actually showed us a cool trick with rice. She liked to mix it with butter, and it actually tasted pretty good. But as we cooked, we began to set up our tents and such. But then a cloaked man appeared from the shadows and nearly scared the life out of us. We noticed it and all three of us screamed. “I don’t want to die yet!” I cried.

“I won’t harm you!” the voice exclaimed. It sounded familiar to me. Then he uncovered his face. It was the guy Mark and I met from Sprout Tower. “Silver!?” Mark exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

Silver sighed. “The real question is what are you all doing in a place like this?”

Jenny responded,” We … sorta got lost. It’s kind of a long story.”

Silver noticed our meal in our bowls and the extra food in the small pot. “Oh, food! Do you mind if I …” We shook our heads. Silver quickly whipped out his bowl, put a tortilla on it, scooped up some food, put it on the tortilla, and took a big bite. He chewed a few times and, with the food still being chewed, said, “Thanks guys!”

Silver sat down next to us as we all enjoyed the last of our food. “Now I’m actually curious. How did you all find the ruins?”

Mark told Silver the play by play of our experience in Union Cave and fighting Lapras. Mark told him how he’d come up with the idea on how to beat the beast.

“Interesting…” Silver said, fading off. “Well, should I use my medicine to heal your Pokemon?”

“Yes, please!” Jenny begged. So we sent out our injured Pokemon - Shinx, Riolu, Vulpix, Pidgeotto, Mareep, and Butterfree. He used Revives on Mareep and Vulpix, then sprayed Super Potion on all of them. Shinx leaped into my lap, full of energy. He tackled me, then the rest of my Pokemon joined in, playfully cuddling me. I fell over from Shinx’s Tackle, but I came up laughing. I pet all of my Pokemon and eventually they got off.

“Your Pokemon must really love you,” Silver said, smiling. “Well, I’m off to bed. Good night.” He then walked a few feet away, set up his tent, climbed inside and was motionless.

“Well, I think we should all do the same,” Jenny said. “Mudkip, can you put out the fire for me please?” Mudkip said, “Kip Kip!” and dowsed the flames and its ashes until the campfire was no more. So we all climbed into our tents and went to sleep. Again, my tent was quite crowded due to five Pokemon and myself all in close quarters.


I awoke to Shinx running around the tent, jumping over me, and he was chasing Riolu. Apparently Riolu took Shinx’s pillow in the middle of the night. So naturally I had to break up the fight.

“Riolu,” I lectured. “You know that pillow is Shinx’s. Don’t take it from him. But if he wants to, he can share it with you. I’ll buy you and Mudkip your own once we get into town. How does that sound?”

Riolu handed Shinx back his pillow. “Rioluuuu,” Riolu apologized. “Shiiiinx,” Shinx forgave Riolu. And then the dispute was settled. Then I realized there were people talking outside the tent. I unzipped the tent and peeked my head out to see who it was.

“Dimrill! You’re finally up!” Jenny greeted. “Once you get dressed, Silver has a task for us. So hurry up.”

“Okay mom, I was just starting!” I responded sarcastically. Mark sniggered. So I quickly pulled on some jeans, changed my shirt, put on some deodorant, then stepped outside. Mark and Jenny had already put their tents away and their packs were packed. So my Pokemon and I quickly put away our stuff. I regrouped with Mark, Jenny, and Silver.

“So, you three ready for this?” Silver asked. Mark and Jenny nodded.

I was confused, and no, I did not hit myself in my confusion. “What exactly are we doing?” I asked.

Silver just said, “You’ll see.” So we followed him into the ruins. “You might want to put your Pokemon into their Pokeballs, it may get rough,” he warned. So I returned all 5 of my Pokemon into their balls. We walked in between small broken down adobe huts, and shattered columns leading up to the temple in the center of the Ruins of Alph. “There’s something in here I want you to see,” Silver said, and the four of us entered the temple.

The temple was full of rubble from what seemed like an attack. “People did this to the Pokemon civilization?” Jenny said.

“Yes,” Silver confirmed. “But not all the Pokemon disappeared. Some of them were cursed to protect the hidden chamber for all eternity. They are the Unown.”

We walked into a new chamber, which had an altar lit by eternal flame, surrounded by black creatures shaped like letters of the alphabet. “So the Unowns are real,” Mark said, amazed.

“There’s a rumor that a magic portal allowed the remaining Pokemon from this civilization to flee to a safer place during the invasion. But only the chosen one may proceed to the altar and open the hidden chamber. I’ve tried to reach the altar, but the Unowns’ hidden power is so strong it blasted my back. Even with my Pokemon I couldn’t get there. I strongly believe that only one person can approach the altar safely. So, on a happier note, any of you want to try?”

We looked at each other in silence. “I guess I’ll try,” I said. Silver gestured his hand forward. Mark, Jenny, and Silver stepped back. I was frightened. I walked slowly and carefully towards the altar. I was almost there when the Unowns turned on me and blasted me with every color of energy.

I woke up on the ground in the same room with my friends leaned over me. “Are you okay Dimrill?” Jenny asked.

I sat up. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Silver approached us. He gave me my water bottle, and I drank some. Instantly I felt better and full of energy. I stood up. I noticed a new opening in the wall. “Did I open the door to the hidden chamber?” I asked, amazed.

Silver chuckled. “No, but you gave it a good try. Mark here opened it. The Unowns even bowed before him.” Mark looked very proud of himself. Then I noticed that the Unowns had disappeared. “Well, let’s go take a look in the hidden chamber, shall we?” Silver proposed. We walked in to the next room.

The walls were lined with gold, and in the center of the small room was a portal made up of a blue and purple orbit. Then as soon as we entered, a white Pokemon on four legs wearing some sort of crown on its waist emerged from the portal.

“Lord Arceus,” Silver bowed. We all did the same.

Arceus then spoke to us in a powerful deep male voice. “Hello humans! It’s nice to see that your race has evolved to a more humane people. I am Arceus, the ruler of all Pokemon. I am in charge of the hidden world where Pokemon live in peace away from humans to grow their own civilization. I see that you all have befriended Pokemon of your own. Perhaps…” He turned to Mark. “Chosen one! You have come before me to tell me something. Is the human world safe for Pokemon once more?”

We all turned to Mark. He looked up at Arceus. “The habitats for wild Pokemon are diminishing. Humans are industrializing into their territory, so they are forced to find a better home.”

“Then I sense that you wish to do something about this?” Arceus asked.

“What good is one teenager against the world?” Mark said.

“You will do much good for the world someday. I will appear before you once more once I sense you are worthy to harness my power to affect the status of your world. But now I must return to my world. Farewell humans.” Arceus turned around and walked back into the portal. Then the portal disappeared.

We stood there in silence. “Well,” Mark said. “I guess there’s only one thing left to do now.”

“And what’s that?” I asked him.

“I have to become the Champion. It’s the best way to prove my worth.”

I patted him on the shoulder. “I’m with you all the way man. Even if I have to battle you along the way. We’re all here for you.”

Silver coughed into his hand. “Well, I guess I better be going. So see ya later!” He released a Crobat from a Pokeball.

“Wait Silver!” Jenny stopped him. “I have my Pidgeotto, and you have Crobat. Could you give us a ride to Azalea Town?”

“Hmmm,” Silver thought. “I guess I could give you a lift. Alright Mark, get on. Dimrill, you get on Jenny’s Pidgeotto.” Jenny let her Pidgeotto out of its Pokeball, and Mark Silver mounted Crobat. I suddenly became nervous. I have a fear of heights, and I never told anyone about it except my aunt. I didn’t really have much of a choice but to fly. I mounted Pidgeotto behind Jenny and got ready for flight.

“Everyone ready?” Jenny announced. We nodded, so Pidgeotto and Crobat took flight. I shut my eyes tight and held on really tight to Jenny, who sat in front of me. We flew for what seemed like hours.


We at last landed on pavement, which I could tell because of the impact on my rear. “Dimrill, you can let go now.” Jenny said. I let go of her and stepped on the ground below. Instantly my knees began to wobble. I began to fall over but Mark and Jenny caught me. “Dimrill, are you okay?” Jenny asked, concerned.

“Yeah, just give me a minute,” I whispered.

“Are you dehydrated?” Jenny asked. I shook my head.

“Are you really tired?” Mark asked. I again shook my head.

“Are you afraid of heights?” Jenny asked. I looked up at her and nodded. She reached into my pack and gave me my water bottle. I drank a little bit at a time, and slowly I began to feel better.

Silver finally broke the silence. “Alright, I better be going now. And do feel better soon Dimrill.” Silver mounted his Crobat once more and took flight into the sunset.

Jenny and mark supported my weight and began to walk me through town. “Let’s go to my house. I need to get home because my parents will be super worried.” So the three of us headed toward Jenny’s house…
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