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The Johto Escape: Chapter 7: Realisation

by Drider

Drider That egg that Thomas bought from that man at the Violet City Market has hatched, and results in Thomas seeing things in a new light... #summercamp15
I had just had breakfast, and was on my way to my office when Ledger came flying down the hall.

"What is it pal?" I asked, taking a sip of my coffee. "Gastly!" he said, hurriedly flying back down the hall. Curious, I followed him. He led me back to my room where I saw that Banjo, Goku and Jasmine were sitting around that egg I got from the Violet City Market.

"Is it about to hatch guys?" I said excitedly, and my Pokémon nodded.

Placing my coffee on a nearby desk and kneeling down beside the egg, I waited in anticipation as it started to shake.

A few moments later, it started to glow bright yellow, and form into...

"Hello little guy," I smiled, looking down on the little Pokémon. It was a blue, yellow and black quadruped, and it looked up at me with bright yellow eyes.

"Shinx!" it said cheerfully, sitting down and looking at my other Pokémon.

I ran over to my backpack and grabbed my Pokédex to see if it was indeed called 'Shinx', and if it was native to some other region.

With the Pokédex in hand, I turned around, only to find Archer standing in the doorway.

"Am I interrupting something?" he said, looking down on the newly hatched Pokémon.

"Not at all sir," I said brightly, "an egg I had on me just hatched, that's all."

"I see," said Archer, looking back up at me, "that's all fine and well, but you're supposed to be at work."

"I know sir, and I'm sorry," I said, far too rushed, "but I couldn't miss this."

"That's quite okay," said Archer, and bent down and picked up the Shinx.

"Uh, sir?" I asked as he stood back up, "what are you doing with him?"

"My dear boy, this is a female," laughed Archer, showing Shinx's back paws, "males have completely black hind legs. This one has blue hind paws, so it is a female."

"That's cool sir, but what are you doing with her?" I said in a frustrated tone. Archer raised an eyebrow.

"This Pokémon was hatched in Team Rocket's base was it not?" he said, stepping outside of my room, "so therefore it is property of Team Rocket. I am taking it down to the experiment chamber, we haven't studied Sinnoh Pokémon for a while."

"No," I said, seething, "she's mine. She was in my care, my possession..."

"...while she was an egg," finished Archer, "now she is a Shinx, she is ours. Now, kindly get back to your work."

"B.... b..." I stuttered as Archer walked down the hall with Shinx, who was oblivious to the fact that Archer was taking her somewhere not so nice, "H... b... b..."

I sat down on the floor, half of me wanted to sock Archer in the face, the other half wanted to cry. Goku definitely wanted to hurt Archer; he tried to storm out the room after the Admin, but Banjo and Jasmine held him back.

"I'll see you guys later," I mumbled, and walked back to my office. When I got there, I proceeded to do my usual work. Hack into computer, make notes, take Pokémon, repeat... Hack into computer, make notes, take Pokémon, repeat... Hack into computer, make notes, take Pokémon, repeat...

"What am I doing?" I sighed, leaning back into my chair and looking at the small pile of Pokéballs I had started to make. Realisation hit me like a Geodude to the gut.

"I am stealing Pokémon for Team Rocket," I said blankly, "I am causing hundreds of Pokémon and Trainers nothing but misery."

I couldn't take this any more. I literally burst into tears, sobbing at my desk for a few minutes. I needed to get out of here.

* * *​

The Mahogany Town Police would get an email from a mysterious person, telling them where Team Rocket's hideout was.

Amidst all the chaos them finding us will hopefully bring, I will sneak my notebook into the storage area, so that if the Police make it into there, they will know whose Pokémon they are.

Then I would leave with my Pokémon (Shinx included), and hopefully convince my pals Pace, Tom and Scotty to escape with me.

I would return home, saying Team Rocket kidnapped me, and admit that I was forced to hack and steal Pokémon. I would then help to give all the Pokémon back, and become a sort of hero.

This plan was very, very sketchy, with more holes then Swiss cheese, but what choice did I have?

Now that I saw how cruel Team Rocket and my actions were, I felt deep remorse, and wanted nothing better then to repay the world.

* * *​

"Police, how may I help you?"

"The new Team Rocket hideout is beneath Just a Souvenir Shop in Mahogany Town, come as soon as you can," I whispered, and hung up quickly. I looked around frantically hoping that no one heard. Nothing but silence. Thank Arceus, I breathed, and quietly opened the tiny safe my notebook was in.

Only thing was, it wasn’t in there.

Tearing up my room in silent panic, I came to the conclusion that I left it in my office. So I snuck out of my room, down the hall and into my office.

Nothing there.

Think Thomas, THINK, I repeatedly smacked my head in frustration, where on earth did I leave it?

I was about to sneak back out and search my room again, when suddenly, red lights slid out of the walls and starting flashing and wailing loudly.

“Grunts, Admins, assemble near the entrance!” boomed Giovanni’s voice through an intercom, “our base has been discovered!”

I quickly jumped back into my office just as various Grunts and their Pokémon came sprinting down the hall, ready to wage war with police.

Thankfully making it back into my room, I was greeted by Archer, who was standing near my bed, and my heart stopped.

He had my notebook.

Angrily slamming it onto the desk beside my bed, he grabbed a Pokéball from his belt and released a Houndoom.

“Houndoom, Flamethrower.”

I braced myself, preparing for an eternity of pain.

But Goku, hearing Archer’s voice, managed to break free from his Pokéball, pushing back at Houndoom’s fire with a Water Gun.

As Goku held the Pokémon back, I rushed over to my backpack, grabbing it and clipping the Pokéballs to my belt.

Before I grabbed Goku, who had exhausted the Houndoom, Archer grabbed my arm.

“You’re positively dead, Maxfield,” he hissed, “I bet you betrayed us as well!”

“Piss off,” I yelled, and smacked his face with my free arm.

It didn’t seem to hurt him, but it gave me an opportunity to release Jasmine, who bit his leg.

As the man howled in pain, I quickly summoned Goku and Jasmine back into their balls and sprinted down the hall towards the lab.

Upon opening the door, I was greeted by many poor, caged Pokémon, including Shinx.

“I wish I could take you all,” I shouted over the sirens blaring in the room, “but there are other nice people coming to help you!”

A large majority of the Pokémon cheered as I released my poor Shinx, who was covered with bandages.

Clutching it close to my chest, I raced out of the room and jogged behind some other Grunts, one of which was Jim.

I thought about asking him to run with me, but he looked too determined about defending the base. So I left the group and took off down a hall to the emergency exit.

I had just opened the door, when the frightening figure of Giovanni came running down the hall towards me, positively steaming from the ears.

Scared beyond measure, I slammed the door shut and ran for my life. I didn’t bother looking back, I just ran with Shinx at my chest for a good fifteen minutes.

Panting, I hid behind a large sign that said ‘Ice Path ahead’, and sat down, looking back. No one had followed me, so I gave Shinx a hug of relief.

“Are you okay little fella?” I said, and she nodded.

“Well you’re a part of the team now, so I reckon you should have a good nickname like...” I thought for about a minute, “how about Ricki?”

“Shinx!” she said cheerfully, but also weakly.

“I think we might be safe here for the night,” I said, pulling out my sleeping bag, “We’ll be safe from those Team Rocket bastards.”

One thing was certain though, I thought as Ricki and I snuggled down into the sleeping bag, I can’t go home. They’ll find me, so I need to get out of Johto. I need to escape.