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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 7: Not a Ghost of a Chance

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Ry makes ot to the Hearthome city gym, and the battle for the Badge finally gets under way.
Ry walked through Hearthome city with a smile on his face. He had his new friend Jet, and he was ready to get his first Gym badge."Okay so I'll heal everyone up, and then passing by and win a gym badge." He thought to himself. he was completely ready.

After he healed his team, he went to the Pokemon. Center. He was greeted by a woman with purple hair, and a matching dress. "Hello, are you here to challenge the gym leader?" She asked him politely.
"Yeah, I'm here to win." Ry making a fist, and raising it high.
"Well my name is Fantina, and I'm the gym leader, but i was planning on going to a Pokemon Contest."
"What's a Pokemon Contest?"
"Well a Pokemon Contest is a completion, where trainers wrok together, with their Pokemon to put on a show. it's very exiting."
"Well can we have a gym badge?"
Fantina smiled and made a tsk tsk noise. "I'll make a deal, but this is the only way i willl battle with you. If you win, you get the badge, but if i win, you have to enter a Pokemon Contest."
Ry was shocked. "So I won't lose then." Ry said.
"COem with me." She led him into the gym. Inside, where was a large battlefield, risen form the ground, based on some kind of purplish rock. Ry took his spot on his side and Fantina took hers.
"My name is Ry Burst, and I'm here to win my first Gym Badge." Ry said confidently.
"Fine, this will be a one on one battle. No switching, and it is over when one side is unable to battle."
Fantina said sending, out a Gengar.
"Fine, go Jet!" Ry shouted tossing out the Grovyle's Pokeball. The grovyle appeared and took his stance.
"Start things off with Leaf Blade!" Ry shouted. Jet rushed forward, with his leaves surrounded in green energy.
"Shadow Punch!" Fantina comanded. The Gengar raised his fist and punched Jet. Jet's attack failed and he went flying back.
"Jet get up!" Ry shouted. The grovyle struggled to stand up. He was hurt pretty bad, from that one attack. "Now use Quick Attack!" Ry shouted. Grovyle rushed his opponent, only to go straight through him.
"Gengar Dark Pulse!" The short range blast crashed into the unsuspecting Grovyle's back slamming him into the ground. "It's over." Fantina said.
"No it's not. Jet You got this." Ry shouted. Jet wasn't down yet. He could feel his fighting spirit. Jet stood up with a grin on his face.
"Wipe that grin off with a Sucker Punch attack!" Fantina yelled. Gengar struck Jet in the stomach, and Jet struggled to catch his breath.
"Go Fury Cutter!" Ry shouted. Jet raised his leaves again, and began to try to hack at Gengar. "Counter with Shadow Ball." Fantina comanded. He fired a inky ball at Jet and it exploded on contact stopping his attack.
"Jet, you can do!" Ry shouted. Again Jet struggled to his feet.
"End it!" Shouted Fantina. Gengar fired a Dark Pulse that knocked out Jet once and for all. Ry rushed towards his fainted pokemon. Once he returned Jet to his Pokeball, he heard Fantina say, "Don't forget out deal." Ry gulped hard.