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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 7: Its not like this..

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon Yes! A 2 part chapter! (part 2 will be out tonight and it gonna be juciy!) maybe 3 part idk...
Venie and Ava walk through Lumiose City at night.. The weird thing is, Nobody is there, and Prisim Tower isnt lit up!

Ava: I know its night, But why isnt anybody here? And why isnt Prisim Tower lit up! Venie: Yea.. Its not like this. -they walk up to prisim tower- Ava: I wonder what ha-

Out of Nowhere, They hear glass breaking from Prisim Tower and a Boy falling.


Ava: Thats.. Venie: CLEMONT!

Venie grabs a nearby net and catches Clemont

Clemont: T-thanks for c-catching me.. Venie: Clemont! What the hay happended to you! Ava: Well, A black eye, bloddy mouth, rugged clothing and his glasses are cracked thats what happend. Clemont: -passes out- ???: -gets clemont- Long time no see! *Both*: Huh? Prof.Sycamore: Quick! In my lab!

They all go to Prof. Sycamores lab.

Ava: What is going on? Prof. Sycamore: Team Blood has taken over Lumiose City. Dont worry. All Resedents are safely in Santalune City. Venie: Thats a Relif. Clemont: -wakes up- Huh? What happend? Ava: Hes awake! Venie: CLEMONT TELL US EVERYTHING ABOUT TEAM BLOOD PLEASE WE NEED IT!!! Clemont: Well... I was at the gym and a guy named Jet wanted to take the gym. I said no, So his Zangoos started to beat me up like a Caterpie. Ava: That explains all those Scars! Clemont: Then, I still refused even though it almost cost my life. He pushed me off Prisim Tower. Venie: That explains you falling off! Clemont: Y-yes. I know. We need to get there as soon as possible. Prof. Sycamore: But, how?