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Life of an Idol: Chapter 6

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Akari surprises Yuuki with a new haircut, and Yuuki bumped into someone familiar while she was with Akari out shopping.
Akari and Yuuki were unpacking their boxes in their room. The room had two beds in the top of each side, and each of them have a bedside table next to them. In front of the beds, it had a cupboard, and in front of the cupboard, there was a desk, in each side.

In the middle, it showed a table for eating. Yuuki and Akari out on their pyjama's. Akari looked behind her at Yuuki. She kind of looks like her, from SC.. Yuuki saw Akari staring at her.

"What is it?" She asked. Akari grinned softly. Yuuki looked confused.

"Sorry, you just look like someone from the SC..." Akari scratched the back of her head nervously. Yuuki smiled and closed the cupboard, and pulled out her pink pigtails. She got a book and sat on her bed with her phone.

The manga was "Love Live School Idol Project" Akari got out her phone watching videos. She looked at Akari. "There is a haircut facility with a massaging room in our school!"

Akari clapped once with enjoyment. "Amazing! Let me see!" She sat down next to Yuuki. Akari was amazed. Maybe I should cut my hair. I want it simple..."

Akari sat down on her bed. Yuuki got up and turned off the room light. She lied down on her bed as Akari did the same thing. "Night!" They both grinned.

Akari got up quick. She saw Yuuki sound asleep. She grinned and got a paper and wrote on it, and put it on Yuuki's bedside table. She changed quickly and went to the haircut place.

She was running with all her energy, and when she made it she was puffing. She saw quite a few people. She was pumped and went inside.

"Hello, I am Megumi-san. Megumi Asahina. Want me to bring you to a chair? Or will you like a-"

"Haircut please!" Akari held out a thumbs up. Megumi smiled. I like her! She thought.

"Well, come this way," she grabbed Akari's hand and ran to a seat. "Sit down!" She showed the seat. Akari sat down. "So, what would you like?" She asked.

Akari smiled. "Oh! Since my hair is super long, I want to cut my hair up to..." She was thinking. She then got an idea.

At the dorm, Yuuki got up and read the paper. I am out somewhere. I will be back soon, so don't worry!

Yuuki changed into a blue dress and with a pink cardigan. She went down the stairs and saw Kanata. "Tachi-chan!" She walked quickly to her. "Where is Honoka?"

Kanata gulped. She looked uneasy. "S-s-she is being chased by her teacher... Thwy are going all over the place..."

Yuuki smiked. She got her phone out her brown backpack. "Lets text anytime!" Kanata looked and looked away.

"Of course idiot, at least you don't disturb. No! Wait, I wouldn't ever do it with you in my life!" She said softly.

Yuuki giggled a bit. "Calm down. You can tell me what happens to Honoka." Kanata looked up at her. Kanata was sitting in a chair in the dorm. Yuuki sat on th chair next to her.

Kanata sighed. "Okay, fine." She got out her ohone from her handbag. They were free from school today. They got out their phones and got each others emails.

Yuuki was walking to the cafertiria until she saw a girl running after her. She gasped. "Uh oh..." She said nervously.

"WATCH OUT!!!!!" She said and she accidentally bumped into Yuuki. They fell down on the concrete.

Yuuki was on the floor with her hand on it, with the other girl. The other girl haid straight blonde hair, right up her shoulders, with a black thick headband.

Yuuki looked at her. "Oh, are you a second year?" She asked. The girl looked at her.

"Oh Yuuki! You like my new hair?" The girl asked as she got up quick touching her hair.
Yuuki gasped.

"Oh, is that you, Akari?! You look cute!" She stood up quick clearing oit the dust from her dress.

Akari was wearing a white shirt with blue shorts, and a black jacket unbottoned, and white long socks, with blue sneakers, with a black handbag.

Yuuki was looking at Akari's face. "Where are your glasses?" Yuuki asked. Akari was twirling around with happiness.

"I decided to wear contacts." Akari jumped. "Wanna go to the library?" Akari looked like she was as new as ever, but Yuuki was happy.

Yuuki looked so haapy, like she has seen God. Yuuki and Akari really loved to read. They both got a manga and started reading for a long time. They borrowed tons lf books.

They were going out till they saw Megumi. Yuuki gasped. "Megumi! What are you doing here?!"

"Sorry Yuuki for distracting, but Akari's friend Matsuko Minami, is sick. By the way, the thing she said to you about Subaru was a lie, see ya," Megumi said as she raised her hand.

Yuuki looked at Megumi as she took 3 steps away. Megumi looked back. "also, bye, you apple!" She teased at Yuuki.

Yuuki looked so angry. Her face was deep red. Akari looked at her confused. "Do you know her? She is one lf my friends now you know..."

Akari frowned. Yuuki looked at her. "Oh, I knew her before I knew you when you were younger. I'll say the rest later." Her face came back to normal.

Akari pointed at a shop. "We can get clothes there!" Yuuki had a sweat streaming down her cheeck. "I'd rather go to Matsuko and see if she is okay..."

Akari grinned. "Okay, I'm going to get clothes quickly as possible. Bye bee! I will be back quickly!" She ran to the shop.

Yuuki giggled and got out her phone and texted Kanata and called her. "Hi Kanata-chan. I think Honoka is coming to your room now..." Yuuki continued talking to Kanata as she was walking back to school.