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This is not a love song.: Chapter 6 TINALS

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Sixth chapter of This is not a Love Song. (I think it's chapter 6)
"Are you for reals? You really like Pokemon?" I say as I mentally propose to her.

"Yes I do. I didn't think someone else in our school actually liked it." She replies, basically saying yes to my mental propose.

Remember when I said she was perfect? Well she is even more perfect now. She likes Pokemon. In my school, people who like Pokemon are considered losers. But, this girl. The most beautiful girl in the world, the greatest person to ever exist, also likes Pokemon. My life is even more complete then it was before. Imagine my situation right now. The most beautiful girl your eyes have ever seen, invites you to her house, tells you she secretly likes Pokemon like you do, laughs at your jokes, enjoys having conversations with you and her father likes you. Well, I think he does, he offered me a job and told me to take care of his daughter.

"Well this is just amazing! You are amazing." I say as I smile and watch as her cheeks turn red and she looks away, hiding her blush.

"Really?" Her shy voice replies back, making my heart melt as to how adorable she is.

"Yes really!" This is one of those moments when your brain just spills everything out, who cares about consequences? I am too close to the sun right now to just stop and turn away. My wings are spread open and are flying like never before. That's right, I am unstoppable right now. I am going to speak my mind and she will love it. "I mean it. You are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you have an irresistible personality, you are smart, funny and I love sending time with you."

Her lips are touching mine. When did this happen? We are kissing! I'm kissing a girl! I am kissing the girl of my dreams! I can feel it, the nice warm breeze of the sun. This is what being on top of the world feels like. This feeling, of my dream being accomplished, this feeling, of immortality, this feeling, of having the power to take on the world! It's mine! I am king of the world! Because she is my world. I no longer see nothing beyond her. It is just me and her.
  1. RenzFlintrock

    Thank you, Hecotoro, for this beautiful contribution to the great literature of the planet. I love this so much...
    Oct 20, 2019
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