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The Johto Escape: Chapter 6: Three months later...

by Drider

Drider We interrupt this story to bring you some breaking news... #summercamp15
Good afternoon, my name is Trevor Marsh, and welcome to JNN. Throughout the last few months, there have been positively hundreds of reports of Pokémon mysteriously disappearing from Trainer's PCs.

This incident has not just been limited to Johto, there have been many stories of missing Pokémon from Hoenn, Kanto and Unova, with a couple from Sinnoh and Kalos. The case has had the Police working 24/7 to uncover the mystery.

"It appears that the system is being hacked into," says Officer Jenny of the Goldenrod City Police Department, "we know this due to a brand new system code being imprinted deep in the hard drive of each victim's PC." Here, she looks down at a piece of paper, "this code is 1388000R1129CKT22EAM. Experts have yet to track down the PC that has this code."

Bill, the creator of the PC, was asked about these devastating incidents;

"I am saddened at the fact that many Trainers have lost their Pokémon," he said at his house in Kanto, "and I have been tirelessly working on strengthening the PC's system, so that no one can exploit them." Police originally accused Bill of using his PC to steal Pokémon, but they cannot prove this.

"Most evidence would suggest Bill is the culprit," says Officer Jenny, "but it simply isn't true. No PC of his has a 20 digit code, all have at least a 45 digit code, suggesting that it's a handmade PC not created by Bill."

Another theory is that Team Rocket, who were thought to have disbanded seven years ago, is behind this.

"It may sound stupid, but the clue is in the code," says PC expert Michael Walsh, "you'll notice that the only letters in the code are R, C, K, T, E, A and M. Put in an O, E and T, and you have a PC that was made by Team Rocket to steal Pokémon!" Most other experts agree that this approach is farfetched, and have since approached infamous former hacker David Maxfield.

"I would never go back to my hacking days," he says in his house in Olivine City, "and this hacking is far too advanced for me."

On the subject of David Maxfield, his son Thomas had recently gone missing on his Pokémon journey, along with a Teddiursa and a Totodile. Maxfield and his wife were unavailable for comment, ignoring reporters when asked about the tragedy.

The boy was last seen near Mahogany Town, and if you have any information regarding his disappearance, please contact the Police immediately.

In other news, the parents of the aspiring young Trainer James Fenrich are suing Cianwood City's Gym Leader Chuck, for badly injuring the young Trainer from an misdirected Surf attack from Chuck's Poliwrath.

"Unprofessionalism at it's worst," says angry father Harold Fenrich, "it was bad enough that he didn't go easy on my boy and try not to injure his shiny Starmie, but to injure the actual trai..."

I turned off the TV, yawning loudly.

It was about 8 o'clock at night, but I was already feeling sleepy with all the accomplishment I'd had throughout the last three months. I had thought about ringing my parents and telling them not to worry, but that would blow Team Rocket's cover.

The biggest relief was the fact that my good ol' Pokémon embraced my job rather quickly, they had an 'as long as Thomas is happy, we're happy' attitude.

Banjo, Goku and Jasmine also welcomed Ledger with open arms, and my team was slowly but surely building up.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I was allowed to have a day off and hit the Gym, which was a few floors down. There, I'd train up my Pokémon and challenge some Team Rocket Grunts to battle. I can tell you first hand that I hadn't lost a single fight.

I had made some good friends as well, I could often be seen chatting and laughing with Pace, Jim and Scotty, three young Grunts who usually hung out in the Gym with their Pokémon or in the cafeteria upstairs.

Like me, they had also ben allowed to keep their own Pokémon, Pace had a Aipom, Jimmy had an Exeggutor and Scotty had a Pokémon I hadn't seen before, a Deino.

I only saw them on my days off and briefly at meals, as my daily routine was pretty tight:

09:00 - Wake Up
10:00 - Have some Breakfast
10:20 - Head down to my very own office with a coffee and a bagel
10:25 - Start booting up my special computer some Team Rocket scientists created
10:40 - Start hacking into random PCs and swap all Pokémon over to my PC and withdraw them all. This takes ten minutes.
12:40 - Go to cafeteria and have lunch
01:00 - Head down to my office with another coffee
01:05 - Continue work
05:30 - Count up all the Pokémon I collected (average per day is 42 PCs and 96 Pokémon) and put the Pokéballs they're in into large bags
06:00 - Take all the bags to Archer's office so he put them into a large storage place downstairs
06:20 - Go to cafeteria and have dinner
06:50 - Head back to my room with some food for my Pokémon
07:00 - Flip through the telly for something to watch with my Pokémon
09:00 - Go to bed

This was roughly the schedule that was given to me by Archer, and I honestly enjoyed it. But there was one thing that I did that wasn't on the list.

Of course I felt a bit guilty about taking people's Pokémon, so upon breaking into a PC, I would jot down the name of the Trainer it belongs to and anything that might let me know which Pokémon are theirs.

I did this because I knew that Team Rocket wasn't going to last forever, Police and various Elite Four members were constantly searching for any signs of them. And when they found us, I was going to give all the Pokémon I had taken back to their owners. Giovanni, or any of the Admin for that matter, would've killed me if they found out.

But hey, I had the notebook hidden safely in my room.

No one was going to find it.