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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 6: Partaé

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey After traveling the Sinnoh region for six months, Brian and Axel earned all eight badges and battled their way all the way to the finals of the Sinnoh League Tournament. This chapter also features the first, and last, reference to the Anime.
Chapter 6: Partaé

Over time I began to live up more and more to that annoying nickname Madison had given me. As an only child, I never knew what it was like caring for a younger sibling until now. She annoyed the hell out of me, but I simply couldn’t dislike her. Her airheaded, cheerful, optimistic dispassion made that nearly impossible. As Madison and I travelled together, I became more and more attached to her. I also learned more than I wanted to about shipping and moe from the Anime she watched. By the time summer rolled around, I had earned all eight badges to participate in the Sinnoh League Tournament. I made it all the way to finals that year, and this one turning into one close match!

“Infernape and Torterra are staring each other down.” The announcer spoke into his microphone to lay even more suspense on the audience. They were probably on the edge of their seats right now, I know I was. This final match had been intense from the word ‘Go!’ In the last 52 minutes my opponent Paul and I had completely annihilated one another’s teams. Axel was my last Pokémon, just as Torterra was his.

“Axel! Flare Blitz!” I commanded breaking the stalemate. The Infernape let out a battle cry as he surrounded his body in flames, then charged at Torterra like a comet. Torterra turned its head crying out as Axel landed a direct hit.

“Don’t just stand there Torterra! Use Earthquake!” Paul shouted. The massive tortoise lifted one of its giant feet and stomped the ground with enough force to cause the whole field to shake. I even felt the vibrations from where I stood, so I knew Axel was feeling it.

“You’re still close enough! Close Combat!” I called. With a single jump, Axel began beating on Torterra with a high speed melee assault.

“Get some distance! Leaf Storm!” my opponent commanded. As a strong wind began to blow, the leaves on the tree on the Continent Pokémon’s back started rustling as the whole tree started shaking. Axel crossed his arms in front of himself to keep from getting picked up by the wind, but that didn’t help when the blade like leaves were ripped from Torterra’s back and sent on a direct course for the monkey.

“Destroy those leaves with Ember!” I shouted over the loud hum of the wind. The Flame Pokémon spat out a flurry of small flames. While a lot of the incoming foliage was destroyed, there was still too many for Ember to counter. “In that case, turn it up a notch! Flamethrower!” Axel inhaled launching a long stream of fire into the Leaf Storm burning every last one until only ash remained of the onslaught.

“Now Torterra! Giga Drain!” Paul commanded. The giant tortoise shot three green tendrils of energy at Axel, two wrapping around his arms and the last one around his torso. The monkey looked at the energy whips disappointedly as they began sucking away his energy.

Even your strongest Grass attacks are pitiful against me!” the Infernape taunted as he surrounded his fists in fire and slashed the vines of energy, breaking them apart like they were real vines. The green energy slowly dissipated into nothingness.

“Let’s turn this up with Sunny Day Axel!” I called. After the battle on the ship with those Neos guys, Madison graced me with another TM so that I could make use of Sunny Day without her. And so I am. Axel concentrated a white ball of energy into his hand then threw it into the sky where it reacted with the atmosphere to absorb more sunlight making it feel hotter. In the heat, things will dry out from the increased evaporation of water making them easier to burn.

“You fool!” Paul laughed, most likely at me. “Now I don’t have to waste time charging! Torterra! Solar Beam!” Torterra opened its mouth and made use of the plentiful solar energy by drawing it in faster than usual then shot a golden beam of sunlight at Axel. The monkey gave me a look that said ‘dumbass!’ before firing a Flamethrower to hold the beam back. No matter how much fire the Infernape breathed into the attack the Solar Beam kept coming. Axel finally decided there was no stopping it and attempted to dodge it instead. However, the speed of light proved faster, catching his foot as he cartwheeled to the left. Axel grumbled as he stood up albeit a little wobbly from his foot hurting.

“Quit complaining! You know you’re having fun!” I called to him with a grin. It had been quite a while since we faced an opponent this skilled. “Now Axel, what say ye for Combo Two?” I suggested, although we both knew I was telling him to do it.

“Combo Two?” Paul repeated in confusion. The Flame Pokémon balled his fist before disappearing in a golden blur. Axel landed his Mach Punch on Torterra’s jaw, then opening his fist, began Furry Swipes. It’s amazing what can be accomplished by combining attacks.

“Torterra! Solar Beam!” called my opponent. Shit! There wasn’t time to avoid this one! The Continent Pokémon rapidly drew in the sunlight before blasting Axel away with the attack. The way Axel bounced down the field there was no way that attack was anything less than a critical hit.

“Hey! You ok?” I asked him. The first thing to rise was his right hand with the middle finger up. Oh yeah, he’s fine. Axel once again picked himself up of the ground. Some things never change, even as a Chimchar he refused to give up. It’s just not in Axel’s nature to quit unless he’s unconscious. “As long as Torterra can use instant Solar Beam, I say we play the distance game. Flamethrower!” Axel nodded in agreement not wanting another face full of solar energy, then spit a long stream of fire at the tortoise. The sun had been strong for at least five or ten minutes by now as was obvious by the grass igniting under the Flamethrower serving as fuel making the attack stronger. Torterra roared in agony as the flames licked all over its body. When Axel ceased fire (pun intended), there was a long black streak still lit with small scattered embers leading all the way to my opponent who was almost completely surrounded by charred grass and smoke. Barely noticeable was a burn on top of Torterra’s shell.

“Enough of this! Torterra! End this with Frenzy Plant!” Paul commanded confidently. Frenzy Plant? Never heard of that move before. I wonder what it’s like. I didn’t have to wait long, Torterra was quickly surrounded in a green aura as it charged the attack. I don’t like the feel of this. The Continent Pokémon stomped its massive foot to the ground, only this time, instead of an earthquake, four giant earth-green thorned roots emerged from the ground. The giant roots lunged at Axel like snakes. In his attempt to evade one of them, Axel was struck by another causing him to fall on his back. The third root loomed above him thrusting downward like a spear, which he narrowly avoided by rolling to the side and back on his feet. The fourth one came for a frontal attack forcing Axel to jump backward. This had apparently been Torterra’s intention as the giant roots then spiraled around themselves like a drill before spinning into Axel’s chest. The Infernape screamed in pain as the roots continues twisting as if they would pierce him. Instead, he was picked up off his feet and thrown into the wall of the stadium behind me. The roots of the Frenzy Plant retracted and went back underground through the gaping hole in the ground they left behind.

The Flame Pokémon got up as always and staggered forward. As he walked past me, Axel turned his head to look me in the eye as an apologetic smile crossed his face. “S-sorry… I… can’t go on…” he said weakly before collapsing.

“Infernape is defeated! The winner of this match and the Sinnoh League Tournament is Paul Shinji and his Torterra!” the Referee declared.

“Don’t worry about it Axel.” I said gently. “You did your best and that’s all I could ever ask for. Besides, we had fun and that’s all that matters.” I picked Axel up and threw him over my shoulder to carry him to the stadium’s Pokémon Center.

“Brian.” came Paul’s voice. “Good match. You are a very strong opponent and I respect you for your skill.” he said extending his hand. I accepted the hand shake.

“Thanks. You are also a worthy opponent. I had a lot of fun fighting you.” I said.

“*Hmph* Whatever.” Paul said retracting his hand. Did I say something wrong? I wanted to ask him about Frenzy Plant. Oh well, maybe I’ll see him at the after-party. But first things first, I don’t plan on having an unconscious monkey on my back until he decides nap time is over.

After getting my Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center, I attended the Award Ceremony where I was given the 1,000,000 credits second place prize inside a silver trophy that read 2nd Place on it. All in all, this was a fun tournament. So what if I didn’t win, I haven’t won a League Tournament yet. I didn’t even place in Kanto or Johto, and I got 3rd in Hoenn. As far as I’m concerned, I’m getting better.

“I’m sorry you lost Onii-chan.” Madison consoled as if I were upset when we met up after the ceremony. “I even cast a magic spell for you to win.”

“Why are you sorry? I’m not.” I said matter-of-factly beginning to walk back to the hotel we were staying at.

“But you lost. Aren’t you sad?” she asked in confusion following me.

“Disappointed, yes. Sad, no. Winning isn’t everything Madison. I live for battle, so I actively seek strong opponents to give me the thrill of a challenge. If I always won, I’d get bored. Knowing that there are still people in the world who can beat me is what keeps me going. Combat is a learning experience, remember that.” I explained. “Besides, you saw how close that battle was. If Axel could have held on just a little longer, his next attack coupled with Torterra’s burn would have won me the battle.”

Well excuuuuse me!” Axel said pretending to be offended.

“So you’re saying losing is a good thing?” Madison questioned.

“Indeed.” I nodded walking up to the door of the two-roomed suite. All the competitors were given one. There was still half an hour before the after party so I figured I’d take a rest before leaving, plus I still needed to drop off my goodies.

“Onii-chan, what should I wear to the party?” Madison asked as soon as we walked in the suite.

“What you have on is good enough. I’m wearing what I have on.” I answered tediously sprawling myself out on the sofa. Most of what she wears is Anime related in some way so it matters not to me which cosplay she chooses.

“You wear the same thing every day!” she retorted in frustration. And she doesn’t?

“No, I own two pairs of pants and three T-shirts. Not my fault if they’re identical in every possible way.” I defended. “One warning though, don’t drink the punch.” I warned changing the subject.

“Why?” she asked stopping midway to her room.

“Because the last party I went to, someone spiked it.” I responded flipping over into a semi-sitting position.

“What does that mean?”

“It means someone did something to the punch so that anyone who drinks it would do ‘funny’ things. For example, thanks to drinking some, I had my first kiss with Axel.” Madison’s eyes widened to the size of her face in shock. I was trying my hardest not to laugh It’s no fun having an annoying sibling if I can’t mess with her once in a while. Axel caught on to my prank and started staring at Madison with an amorous look. He then puckered his lips and made a quick kissing sound. With that Madison ran to her room screaming about me and Axel being ecchi.

“You’re bad.” I said laughing.

I learned from the best.” he replied.

“Aye, that ye did.” I agreed. I stood up and stretched. “Shall we be off then?” I offered.

“I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it! Ya like to… Move it!” Axel and I sang into our respective microphones while dancing around like maniacs. It was our tradition for any party we went to, go up to the DJ, request ‘Move it Move it’, obtain microphones, and karaoke! Naturally we became the center of attention. “All girls all over da world! Original Monkeys pon ya case mon!” we continued shamelessly.

When the song ended, we took our bow to the cheering audience then walked off to get a drink. Just not of punch. I threw Axel a water bottle from the food table and grabbed one for myself. I pulled off the cap and took a long refreshing chug of ice cold water. I sighed pulling the bottle away from my face.

“Excuse me, Mr. Brian Nosurname?” someone asked catching me off guard. I turned around to see a pudgy balding man with glasses in a red suit with some sort of envelope in his hand. I recognized the man as the official that handled the award ceremony.

“Don't call me Mister, I hate that.” I responded. I wiped some sweat from my forehead with my thumb as I felt it about to drip in my eyes.

“The Champion was supposed to get this letter, but Paul Shinji turned it down saying he’d rather train for the Elite Four. Therefore, as the runner-up you get this.” he said passing the envelope to me.

“What is it?” I inquired accepting it.

“I have no idea.” The man admitted. “I was just told to give this to the Champion.” I tore it open and pulled out the letter inside along with a boat ticket.

Dear Sinnoh League Champion,

It is my honor to invite you to the White City Tournament on White Island, located to the southwest of Johto. You have been recognized for your exceptional skill and will participate against one hundred twenty-seven other powerful Trainers from all over the world. The tournament will begin on July 1, 3008. If any of the one hundred twenty-eight competitors does not show up on this date or for their scheduled matches, then they will forfeit. Included is a ticket for a special transport that will take you to White City. Further details will be disclosed at the Opening Ceremony. Good luck.

The White City Committee

“Hm, interesting.” I said. Excitement began pulsing through my veins as I laughed quietly to myself. “I hope you’ve had adequate rest, we’re about to enter another tournament Axel.”
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