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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 6, Nugget Bridge!

by Sylvious

After beating Misty and getting the Cascade Badge. Ace needs to train up for the challenges ahead. Whats better than going to Nugget Bridge? Ace goes to Route 24. Fighting many trainers. Although it was easy because most of Ace's pokemon are lvl 30.
Pidgeotto can evolve at this point of level. Nugget Bridge is very helpful. So Ace uses Pidgeotto in most of the battles, and also gives the others some levels. Pidgeotto was so close to evolving. But, Ace went to Route 25. And.... SOOOOO much battles. Most of Ace's pokemon are lvl 36. Which is when Pidgeotto evolves! Ace's Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot! So. Ace finds Bill. Bill: Hi! Oh... You want a S.S Anne Ticket? That sounds familiar . Oh yeah! I gave Red a S.S Anne ticket. Alright. Im rich of those now! Here!" Ace: Thanks! Bye!" Now. Ace found a big hole. And he enters it! Going through the pathway. Now Ace has to go through Route 5 and Route 6. Route 5 was easy, and same as Route 6! All the trainers were easy other than a lvl 20 squirtle. And thats where Ace gets to Vermillion City! Ace finds a fisherman giving Ace a Old Rod. So. Whats Next?
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  1. Sylvious
    Gen 1....... S.S Anne COMING UP!!!!! WOOT WOOT!
    Jul 25, 2015