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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 6: Nice to Meet ya Jet

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst The Grovyle returns. duh, duh, duuuh.
Ry lead set up camp for the night. He had a small campfire raging, while he sat by it with is pokemon. "It's a nice night guys," Ry said to his friends. Both Splashy and Fuego nodded. Ry leaned back and looked at the stars. "Okay guys, lets get to sleep." Ry said as he drifted off to sleep. His Pokemon soon fell asleep with him.


The Grovyle stood watch over the campsite. he looked at the trainer and his Pokemon. Why was he so nice to his pokemon? It was an idea that seemed absurd . He was never treated kindly, When he wa youn, he was captured in Hoenn. They then flew to Solaceon town, and after that his trainer just released him. He sai dthat he was too weak. He had grow up hating the word weak. He hated humans almost as much as he hated that word. but this boy, he was never mean. He trul cared fr his pokemon. Was this a trick?

Then Grovyle heard a rustling noise. A large Bibarel emerged from the brush. He was the chief Pokemon in these parts. He was stupid, but strong. Most of the other Pokemon feared him. all, but Grovyle. Grovyle jumped off his branch and landed directly in front of the Bibarel.
"Grov," said Grovyle raisng his leaves, already charged with energy. He wasnt about to let this Bibarel hurt the boy.

The Bibarel barred it's fangs and Grovyle noticed the large scar across his left eye. Grovyle charged at the Bibarel. it countered with Slash. The Leaf Blade made contact with the Slash. The two pokemon repeated the process over and over.
"Grovyle,: roared Grovyle as he delivered the final blow. Bibarrel, whi was afraid to lose, ran off into the wood. Grovyle felt weak. he collapsed on the ground, just a few feet, from the sleeping Ry.


Ry woke up to see the Grovyle near him laying down, hurt. "Grovyle are you okay?" He asked the grass type.
"Fuego, Splashy, get me two Oran berries, and one Sirius berry." He told them. The Monferno and Poliwag, quickly began searching for the berries. When they brought them to Ry, he mashed them together, creating a berry mixture.
"Grovyle, i know it looks gross, but it will help." Ry said as he fed it to the Grovyle.
Grovyle recovered and stood up. "You're that Grovyle before." Ry said. The Grovyle nodded. "do you want to become part of my family?" He asked. Grovyle pondered. Family, wh call it a family, not a team? Then after a moment to think it over, Grovyle nodded. Ry tossed a Pokeball at the Grovyle and caught him. He picked up the Pokeball, he said, "I'll call you Jet, Nice to meet ya Jet."