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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 3 The Hoenn Region: Chapter 6, Briney The II

by Sylvious

Sylvious After This Chapter Ace Is Called Mew, now dont get confused with a mew pokemon. Whenever there IS mew in the series i wil call it Mew (Pokemon) :-D
Team Magma: Haha! I've got a Wingull! But why do I have to be the only person to do all the work. Why did they listen to that kid after the leader got defeated. Well, I got it! That will prove that im better than them! Ahaahahahahahahah..ha..." Ace: Hey! Grunt. You should go away. Or else." Team Magma: Or else what?" Ace: I'll crush you!!!" Team Magma: Haha! A little kid to beat me in a pokemon battle? The only one to beat me was that spoiled kid! And he just got lucky! Defeating.... The whole team..." Ace: Ha! Go Blaziken! Mega.....Mega......" Blaziken Mega Mega Evolved Into Blaziking! Team Magma: Thats not a pokemon! Its a fakemon!" Ace: Don't call him a fakemon. He's way different." Team Grunt: Cheater! I'll teach you! Go Poochyena!" Ace: Having that pokemon? Those pokemon are surly weak. So.. I'll teach you a lesson! Fire Punch!!" Team Magma: Return Poochyena....." Team Magma Fainted! Ace: Ha. Your a pokemon!" Mr Briney The II: Hello! Thanks for saving Peeko The II!" Ace: ......." Mr Briny The II: Oh! Your like Red!" Ace: Just to say. How the hell do you know Red?" Mr Briney The II: I played HGSS!" Ace: Dang this is a pokemon real life time paradox." Mr Briney The II: Thats your fault for traveling to the pokemon world." Ace: Wait WHAT?!" Mr Briney The II: Yep. Only a couple of us have gotten to the pokemon world. But how? We don't know. One person has a story of maybe it has to do with the great war in kanto. Which caused a time paradox. L.T Surge tells us about it in RBYFRLG." Ace: Man this is a weird world. Then i need to get back home. At least after my journey." Mr Briney The II: Actually i have a Pokemon machine to teleport you back to the real world. Your in a coma right now. I also have a boat." Ace: Can you take me to Dewford?" Mr Briney The II: Yes. For saving Peeko The II. Also you can go inside the pokemon machine any time you'd like!" Ace: Okay!" Jason: Hey Ace!" Ace: Hey. Do you need to go to Dewford?" Jason: Yes!" Ace: Well Briney The II can take us there!" Jason: Yay!!!" Ace: Okay. Lets go!" Ace, Jason, and Mr Briney The II go to Dewford Town. And many things await.
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