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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 5

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Chapter 5 of my Bonnie fanfic!! Enjoy!!
"Clemont? Clemont, are you here?"
Bonnie scanned the Gym, but there was no sign of her big brother.
"Huh. Oh well."
She walked over to her house. "Dad, you here?"
She couldn't find him either. She started to get nervous, but didn't want to bother Dedenne who was sleeping in her bag. She ran to the lab.
"Professor!! Are you here?"
"Ah, Bonnie!! It's been a few days!!"
He walked out from the hallway.
"Did you get the Big Badge?"
"Yeah!! See?"
She showed it to him.
"Ah, I do see! Impressive!!"
Suddenly the lights went out. Everything went black.
"Whoa!! What happened!!??"
"I-- I don't know!!"
Bonnie saw some light coming through blinds covering a window and opened them.
The whole city was dark.
There was a blackout.
To be continued....
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    this is good but i only found one mistake instead of "Bug Badge" you put "Big Badge" but it was good i cant wait for chapter 6
    Sep 14, 2015