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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 5: Team Neos

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey The titular Team has at last made their presence known! Can Brian and Axel overcome these dangerous new foes?
Chapter 5: Team Neos

“What did you see? What did you see!?” one of the hooded men interrogated. I was unable to answer, still in shock from the dead body I had seen float past. “Answer dammit!” he barked punching me in the face sending me to the ground.

You’ll pay for that!” Axel said furiously getting in fight position.

“Stand down Axel.” I ordered calmly. I got back on my feet wiping my mouth with the back of my gloved hand. There wasn’t any noticeable blood on the black fabric. Yet anyway. I turned to face my attackers. “The correct answer to your question, the one you want to hear, is ‘Nothing. Nothing at all.’ Or if you guys are more into scare tactics ‘N-nu-nothin’ suh.’ But I find the truth to be the more interesting route, so I’m gonna have to say that I saw the dead body of the guy you were using as a punching bag the other day float by the ship just now.” I said in spiteful sarcasm.

“You should have just lied.” The other guy said venomously. “Then we wouldn’t have to kill you. Break his bones Tauros!” he commanded sending out a 200lb bull covered in unkempt brown hair with three whip-like tails and horns that could pierce bone. The bull gave an angry moo, the air coming out of his nostrils and mouth turned to steam in the cold winter’s air.

“Rip his flesh Feraligatr!” the other joined in releasing a hulking blue reptile with plates running up its arms, knees, and tail. Three giant three pronged spikes ran down the crocodilian’s back. The beast opened its mouth with a roar showing off row upon row of sharp jagged teeth that could tear flesh from bone. Its savage yellow eyes stared us down like we were prey.

“What lovely commands you give when you summon your Pokémon.” I said sarcastically. “Now let me try. Kick their asses Axel.” The Infernape walked between me and the enemy Pokémon pounding his fists together. And to back Axel up I’ll use-

“Onii-chan!” No, not Onii-chan. Wait! Whoa! I turned around to see that damn weeaboo coming at me.

“Madison, get the hell out of here! NOW!” I yelled in a panic. A battlefield is no place for her, especially against dangerous people like these guys.

“You should know not to get distracted during a fight boy! As punishment, Feraligatr! Use Crunch on the Trainer!” the Trainer ordered.

“Tauros! Keep the Infernape busy with Take Down!” the other commanded. Tauros snorted as it began kicking snow back with his front right hoof. He then charged at Axel at an incredible speed. Before I knew it, the Big Jaw Pokémon was practically on top of me with its mouth gaping wide. Well shit. For such a large Pokémon, Feraligatr move faster than I thought and Axel was having enough problems dealing with the Wild Bull Pokémon to help me.

“Magical Leaf Cherrim!” Out of nowhere rainbow colored leaves flew past my head striking the giant reptile before it could clamp its massive jaws on my body. The sound of that command and the one who issued it filled me with anger.

“You shouldn’t have gotten involved! I had this covered! You should have run away like I told you to Madison!” I scolded angrily looking back and forth between her and Cherrim.

“Don’t worry, I’m a Magical Girl and Magical Girls are allies of justice!” she said with a dramatic pose.

“No you’re not! This isn’t a game Madison! It’s too dangerous for you here!” I shouted.

“But I wanted to help Onii-chan! I know we can win if we work together! The power of friendship always triumphs over evil!” she defended, tears starting to well up in her eyes. I took a deep breath. There was just no getting through to this kid.

“Fine! However, if you dare hinder me or things get too intense, get the hell out. Understood?” Madison nodded with her smile returning to her face. “Good. Just do as you did in combat practice.”

“This isn’t the sewing club! Now if you two are done kissing let’s get back to this!” Feraligatr’s Trainer mocked.

“Me? Kiss her? Pff. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a pedophile. Now the real fun begins!” I declared as a dramatic wind blew past. “Axel! Mach Punch Tauros!” I called. The monkey clenched a fist and sped off into a golden blur.

“Cherrim! Leech Seed… uhh…” Madison stuttered.

“Feraligatr! Do it!” I interrupted.

“Right! Feraligatr!” she continued. The Cherry Blossom Pokémon shot several seeds from her purple flower at the crocodilian.

“Not so fast! Dodge with Agility Feraligatr!” the Trainer commanded. With even greater speed than before, Feraligatr dashed out of the way as the seeds fell harmlessly on the ship deck. Meanwhile, Axel landed his Mach Punch to Tauros’s left side causing the bull to cry out in pain.

“Retaliate with Zen Headbutt Tauros!” ordered Tauros (Trainer). The horns on the bull’s head began glowing blue. With an angry moo, Tauros pulled his head back then slammed it into Axel’s chest.

Damn that hurt!” Axel complained rubbing his ribs.

“Help Axel Cherrim! Use Magical Leaf on Tauros!” called Madison. From underneath Cherrim’s flower came several more rainbow colored leaves, all on a direct course for Tauros. The Wild Bull Pokémon mooed in annoyance at the attack and began whipping himself with his tails.

“Don’t forget about me now! Use Ice Fang on Cherrim Feraligatr!” Feraligatr (Trainer) ordered. Feraligatr opened its massive jaws where frost began surrounding its giant teeth. The brute then charged strait for the Cherry Blossom Pokémon. “And Feraligatr, don’t think it unnecessary to swallow.” he added cynically.

“You won’t eat Cherrim as long as I’m around! Axel! Flame Wheel Feraligatr!” I called. The flame on the Infernape’s head flared up as if lighter fluid had been splashed in it. He then jumped in the air and began spinning around into a ball shape rolling into the Big Jaw Pokémon before it could hit Cherrim. Feraligatr may be fast, but Axel’s faster.

“You’ll pay for that! Feraligatr! Aqua Tail!” Feraligatr (Trainer) barked. It was almost like the reptile secreted water from its skin on how fast the Pokémon’s tail was covered in the liquid. The crocodilian swung its massive appendage into Axel sending the Flame Pokémon flying.

“Now get the Infernape with Horn Attack Tauros!” Tauros (Trainer) commanded excitedly. Just before Axel hit the floor, the bull came charging with his head down and rammed his horns into the monkey’s side. It was absolutely brutal to watch. Axel staggered back to his feet tightly gripping his left side where Tauros had hit. Axel pulled his hand away revealing a patch of red fur on what should have been white.

Madison put her hands to her mouth in shock. “Axel’s hurt!”

Don’t worry about me. Tis but a scratch.” the monkey said bravely.

“He’ll be fine, Axel’s been through worse.” I said. Even though I knew he’d be ok, I couldn’t help but feel some concern for my friend and Pokémon. That’s when I came up with one of my usual brilliant strategies. “Madison, have Cherrim use Sunny Day.”

“Um ok.” she agreed nodding. “You heard Onii-chan Cherrim!” Cherrim temporarily turned upside down shooting a white ball of energy into the sky. The attack seemed to explode in the atmosphere scattering all the clouds in the area while causing the sunlight to intensify. It began to slowly feel like a summer day outside. The extra light caused Cherrim to burst from its flower revealing a small yellow pixie covered in sakura petals with cherries on her head.

“You people are up to something.” Tauros (Trainer) accused bluntly.

“Gee, I had no idea we were up to something.” I said sarcastically. I turned to Madison. “Did you?”

“I don’t know, what are you planning Onii-chan?” she asked. I should have known better.

“Enough of this pussyfooting! Feraligatr! Thrash them!” Feraligatr (Trainer) commanded. The Big Jaw Pokémon’s eyes narrowed as it became more feral. It let out a beastly roar and attacked the closest target, Cherrim.

“Cherrim has to survive if my plan is to work! Axel! Close Combat Feraligatr!” I called.

“You’re not going anywhere Infernape! Use Thrash as well Tauros!” Tauros (Trainer) ordered. The Wild Bull Pokémon began whipping itself again becoming more pissed off. Being closest to Axel, that’s who it went after. Axel instead initiated Close Combat with Tauros.

“Don’t worry Onii-chan, I can take care of myself. Use Solar Beam Cherrim!” With the sun as intense as it is, Cherrim had no problem absorbing sunlight then sending the golden beam of solar radiation at Feraligatr. In an agonizing roar the crocodilian was sent half way down the deck before the Solar Beam faded leaving the beast unconscious. Now that’s one down, and one to go.

A little help here Brian!” Axel called desperately. He was surrounded in a flaming gold aura. It had been quite a while since I had seen Axel in this state.

“So you’ve been pushed so far that your Blaze is activated. Very well, this ends now.” I said silently. “Madison! Have Cherrim use Helping Hand on Axel! The power of friendship, right?” I instructed with a smile.

“Right! Do as Onii-chan says Cherrim!” she called in her usual cheerful manner. Cherrim extended a tiny little hand to Axel. He accepted and she began sharing her power with the monkey causing his Blaze aura to flare intensely. The sunlight, the Blaze, and the power boost from Helping Hand. Now for the last part of my plan.

“Axel! Finish Tauros with Flare Blitz!” I commanded. Axel got down on all fours then lunged at the Wild Bull Pokémon. There was a reason his species was called the Flame Pokémon; Axel had become a speeding fireball by the time he collided with Tauros. The bull mooed in pain as it fell to the ground fainted. Even Axel fell to his knees heavily panting from the double edged sword attack.

“You bastards think we’re finished here?” Tauros (Trainer) said pulling out another Pokéball. Feraligatr (Trainer) did the same. Shit, just when I thought we were done with these clowns. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sunnyshore Harbor, and on the shoreline were several cop cars waiting. I began laughing triumphantly.

“You fools. We have won, just look down there!” I said pointing to the harbor. Feraligatr’s eyes widened at the sight of the police.

“Who called them?” he demanded in a mix of fear and anger. He looked between me and Madison before looking Madison dead on. “It must have been you! You came into the battle late! That’s enough time to have called the police!” he accused.

“Little bitch!” Tauros yelled angrily charging at her like his bull Pokémon with his fists clenched. When he was close enough I punched him in the face so hard he fell to the ground causing his hood to fall down. He was probably in his 30’s with buzz cut blond hair. As he got up, he wiped blood from his mouth. “You’ll… pay for-” I kicked him in the ribs to shut him up. The man looked up at me getting a fearful look on his face at the fierce glare I was giving him.

“Don’t ever touch my little sister again, got it!” I said intensely. Madison’s eyes lit up at the comment. I turned to her and smiled. “What can I say, you’ve grown on me.” Like a fungus. “So you called the cops?” I asked her in an impressed tone.

“No.” she said shaking her head.

“It was me.” came a deep voice. I turned around to see the sailor I battled on the first day. “I saw these guys dump a body over the side and called Sunnyshore City Harbor Patrol to look out for two guys in grey.” The sailor explained.

I stepped forward to the murderers who were now looking to the ground in defeat. “Who the hell are you people anyway?” I asked. Feraligatr looked up at me with a sinister grin.

“Team Neos. Remember that name!” he warned darkly.

The Pokémon Feraligatr and Tauros were confiscated along with the rest of the Pokémon while their Trainers were put in separate cop cars. Madison and I both gave our testaments to the police on what we saw and our involvement in fighting them.

“Well this is it.” I said to Madison. “You should find yourself a boat that will take you where ever it was you said you wanted to go.”

“No!” she responded defiantly. “Kinsday is coming up soon and I want to spend it with Onii-chan! You finally acknowledged me as your Imouto-chan and it made me so happy! But even after Kinsday I want to keep training with you and traveling with you!” I face-palmed with a sigh. Axel started laughing but was cut off when his side started hurting again.

“You can come with me only if you agree to these conditions. We go at my pace, you slow me down I’m leaving you behind. You pay for your own stuff; food, lodgings, and whatever else. If we run out of food you hunt and gather your own, what you find is what you get.” I explained. “This way we aren’t exactly traveling companions, more like two people going in the same direction at the same time who happen to travel together.”

“Whatever works for you Onii-chan. I’d expect nothing less from a tsundere.” she said laughing at me. I sighed. This is going to be a long winter.