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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 3 The Hoenn Region: Chapter 5, Roxanne Gets Beaten!

by Sylvious

Roxanne: Hello, trainer. I've took 'n lots of trainers like you. Last time i've lost was that Brendan guy. Im counting on you Geodude! Go!" Ace: Ugh. My Blaziken will do nothing against this pokemon. But im counting on you! This is the only way to win! Go Blaziken! Mega....Mega...." Blaziken Mega Mega Evolved To Blaziking! Ace: Heh. Tackle!" Roxanne: Tackle!" Ace: Tackle!" Roxanne: Rock Tomb!" Ace: Blaziking. Take a break. Go Zigzagoon! Tackle!" Roxanne: Come back Geodude! Go Nosepass!" Ace: Tackle!" Roxanne: Rock Tomb!" Blaziking: Blazi...." Blaziking Mega Mega Mega evolved into ??? ! Ace: ......" ???: ....." Roxanne: Come back Nosepass! How did you evolve your pokemn like that?!" ??? Evolved Back Into Blaziken! Ace: Woah...." Roxanne: Your a true good trainer. To evolve your pokemon that far. Heres the Stone Badge." Ace: Yes...." Ace runs out of the gym and wanders around the city. Finding HM 01 Cut. And going to Route 115. And going inside Rusturf Tunnel.
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