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Pokemon Ultra Mega!: Chapter 5 Pt1: The mission at hand! Team Fusion appeared! Who is this new guy?

by King Jackal-Sama

King Jackal-Sama
As Riku and Chiri walked through the forest of Citadark Isle they came upon many odd crystal structures. "Hey look a Pikachu!" Chiri exclaimed, "Huh" Riku blubbered "oh yeah". Maybe I should catch it he thought. "Here Chi I'll brb, I'm gonna go catch that Pikachu!" Riku stated as he dashed off, "WAIT YOU DOLT!" She shouted angrily, but by the she finished he was already chasing it down "jackass" Chiri muttered.

Riku rushed into the forest after the mouse Pokemon. It dashed under a thicket. Riku tried to float over it using his aura power....but he fell on his face. When he looked up the Pikachu was rolling with laughter. Ya think that's funny Riku angrily thought, dipshit. "You should have seen your face!" a voice called, fraught with laughter, "Uhh, who's there?" Riku looked around until he saw the Pikachu in front of him look suprised. "Wait you can understand me?" It asked
"I DON'T KNOW!! Maybe my aura abilities are coming into play"
"Wait, your one of those aura freaks aren't you?"
"I wouldn't say freak, but sure"

"What are you doing out here anyhow? Pikachu don't normally live here" Riku exclaimed, "Well," it began. "I'm running away from my ex-masters". Riku looked confused. "I was experimented on to see if I could talk as well as fuel a select few peoples dark and quite nasty dreams", "you mean those people who want to turn Pokemon into sex slaves?". The Pikachu nodded.

After a long drawn out conversation Riku stood up. "Well I better get rollin'" he stated. "WAIT!" Pikachu exclaimed "take me with you! I could be a potentially helpful asset" it looked uncomfortable asking for assistance. "Fine" Riku obliged it reluctantly "I told my friend I would catch you though". "Alright fine" it agreed "but at least let me be one of those 'out of the ball 'Mons"

"Sheesh" Chiri shouted "you look like you just fell from a plane or something". Riku stared at her, he was covered in soot, his hair stood on end and he had branches, dirt and brush all over him. "We-" he began but was cut off by a loud explosion! "Hey you over there!" a voice shouted "Hands up!" Chiri looked at Riku and whispered "let out Lucario and Pikachu, NOW!" Lucario and Pikachu hit the stage along with Swellow and a Jellicent also followed. Two Golurk rolled in followed a Lycanroc and Larvesta. Two trainers appeared following their Pokemon. "You have an Ultra Mega Stone," The male trainer said "hand it over". Chiri and Riku stood back while their Pokemon readied themselves for battle. "Hold on" yet another mysterious voice shouted. A masked red haired kid showed up, but, the ground around him ruptured and the head of an Ultra Mega Steelix appeared!