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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 5: One Crabby Creature

by MegaloX

MegaloX So happy to be writing these cause I plan to do many more.
"So this is route 203." Blake said as he walked along the dirt road through the forest. "There are a lot of trees in Sinnoh. Like I mean, a lot. Like even a whole lot more than the other route we were on back when we dealt with those two jerks." Cody said. Blake sighed, "Yeah and speaking of those guys I have the feeling that they're gonna come back sometime and try and get revenge. Hopefully by then we'll be strong enough to handle ourselves and won't need to rely on my sister." Blake said. "So Blake, what exactly are we going to do once we get to Jubilife City? It's not like it has a gym or anything according to Maya and what if we get bored over there." Cody complained. Blake laughed a bit, "Calm down Cody, this is supposed to be an adventure, remember?" he asked his friend in a joking manner. "Oh yeah I guess you're right. We have to take every opportunity we can to explore the region." he responded. Blake nodded at his friend with a smile and Cody nodded back.

All of a sudden there was a rustling in the bushes. The two boys stopped and eyed the bush that was rattling, waiting to see if it moved again. There was another shock in the bushes and Blake began to approach it. Just before the boy could touch the bush something jumped right at him. It landed on his head and jumped off again. Next thing the boy knew, he was hit with a blast of water in the back of the head and face-planted in the bush. Cody gasped and ran over to Blake. "Are you okay?" he asked while laughing a bit. He was trying to sound concerned but the laughter didn't help too much. Blake sat back up and rubbed his head, "Ow that hurt but yeah I'm good Cody. That however, was one powerful water gun. Now we just need to figure out who shot it." Blake said. "Did you happen to see what it looked like Cody?" the young trainer asked. Cody scratched his head as he thought about what he saw. "It was...well it kinda looked like a blue crab." Cody said. Blake was puzzled, "I've never heard of a blue crab Pokemon before." he responded.

The two boys heard another rustling a bit farther down the trail. "Did you hear that Blake?" Cody asked. "You bet I did. After it!" Blake said excitedly. The two trainers took off, making their way towards the rustling bush but the moment they got there it was gone. Cody then heard a noise. He checked the bush but it wasn't moving. "Huh? Blake do you hear that rustling?" he asked, completely puzzled. Blake began walking around looking for whatever sprayed him earlier. He peered behind some bushes, parting the brush with his hands so he could see. His eyes got wide, "Umm Cody that's not a bush. That's a river!" he said, obviously surprised. The two boys ran through the bushes and stood by the river. Blake looked left only to find nothing but upon looking right, he discovered something. "Cody look it's right there. That thing that got me earlier." he said. The trainers began to slowly approach it, creeping up beside the Pokemon. "Hey you get back here!" Cody shouted. The Pokemon looked at the boys before it jumped into the river and began to swim away. "Come on let's follow it!" Blake shouted as he sprinted after the Pokemon.

Cody and Blake were running at top speed chasing after the Pokemon who was moving like a torpedo through the water. Cody began to get annoyed and frustrated with chasing the creature. "Why are we doing this anyways Blake let's just go." he said. "Look Cody you can leave if you want to but I want to talk to that Pokemon." Blake responded. Cody was taken back a bit but quickly shook it off and asked another question. "Why do you care so much? It was just water it's no big deal." he added. Blake growled, "Exactly Cody it was just water. That attack hurt a lot which means whatever that thing is has some very powerful water type moves. I want to see what Pokemon it is and besides, what's the point of the Pokedex if you aren't going to collect data?" he asked. Cody sighed and decided to not ask anything else.

- 5 Minutes Later -

The two boys had no idea that they were almost in Jubilife City. They were still chasing the Pokemon who was swimming in the river and were nearing the city's entrance. Blake and Cody ran past a sign that read, "Welcome to Jubilife City."

The two boys kept running right through the town chasing after the speedy creature. Blake followed the bubbles in the water so he always knew where the Pokemon was. All of a sudden they stopped and Blake couldn't figure out why. Cody caught up to his friend and was breathing heavily. "What's the matter?" he asked. Blake kept eyeing the water looking for the Pokemon that was under there. "I think that Pokemon is stuck." he said, obviously a little worried. Blake dropped his backpack and took off his hat. "So then what are you gonna..." Cody started to say before he heard the splash that was created by his friend plunging into the river. "Blake are you crazy!?" he asked, getting down on his knees and looking into the river for his friend.

Blake swam down and looked around for the Pokemon. He spotted it trying to break free from some rocks. It's tail was stuck and it couldn't move. The boy darted down towards it and began to clear the rocks one by one. Once there were enough rocks removed, the Pokemon was able to wiggle free. It used water gun once more and hit Blake in the gut with it. The pressure in the blast was enough to send him way above the surface of the water. Blake shot out of the river like a rocket and flipped through the air before landing flat on his back in the grass. Blake then heard Cody right next to him yelling for help as the boy slipped out of consciousness.

- 20 Minutes Later -

Blake woke up in a house wearing a black T-shirt and some blue jeans. He looked right next to him and saw his hat and backpack. He sat up in the bed and rubbed his head. "Uggh can I just avoid being hit in the head for the rest of like, forever please?" the boy asked himself. Blake looked at the door and seen Cody's head pop in the room. "Guys he's awake!" Cody shouted. "Guys?" Blake asked. Cody quickly put his index finger up towards Blake. In a few seconds a grown woman and a little girl entered the room. "Oh um, hi everyone, I'm Blake." he said nicely. "Hi Blake. I hope you're doing okay. Your friend Cody called for help when you passed out and we came to the rescue. My name is Miranda and this is my daughter Marley. She told me all about how you jumped in the water to save Clauncher and what a hero you are and stuff like that." the woman said. Blake furrowed his eyebrows and began to think, "Well first off, yes I'm okay and thank you so much for all your help Miranda and Marley. But um, what's a Clauncher?" he asked.

Just then, a Pokemon entered the room and hopped up on the bed next to Blake. "Hey you have a giant claw just like that other Pokemon." Blake said, reaching for his backpack to grab his Pokedex. He placed the scanner on the Pokemon and let the machine do the talking.

"Clawitzer. The Howitzer Pokemon and the evolved form of Clauncher. The Pokemon uses it's powerful Howitzer claw to deliver powerful attacks which have more pressure than a water hose."

"Yeah that's Clawitzer. However you got the pleasure of running into it's buddy, Clauncher." she said, using the word "pleasure" sarcastically. Blake scratched his head, "What's wrong with him?" he asked. "Well he's nothing but a troublemaker." Miranda said with Marley nodding in agreement.

Blake quickly stood up from the bed, "Well let me talk to him then. I'm sure he's as bad as you guys make him out to be. There's got to be a reason for it." he said, slipping his shoes back on and walking outside. The second Blake got out the door he felt something grab onto his arm. "Claun..Clauncher!" the Pokemon said happily. The boy smiled back at the shrimp-like Pokemon, "I knew it. You were worried about me weren't you Clauncher?" he said, teasing the Pokemon. Clauncher grunted and stuck his claw in Blake's face, releasing a water gun from point blank. "Ahhh!" Blake shouted through the water as he was being sprayed.

- 5 Minutes Later -

Blake came back in the house with Clauncher attached to his shoulder. "I told you guys he's not so bad." he said, proving his point to the rest of them. Miranda smiled, "Well I stand corrected. I never thought I'd see the day where Clauncher got attached to a trainer...quite literally attached actually." she said jokingly. "Well it's getting late so if you two want to spend the night here then you're more than welcome to do so." she said nicely. Blake smiled, "We'll take you up on that Miranda thank you. I think I want to spend some time with Clauncher." he said.

- The Next Morning -

Blake and Cody were standing outside getting ready to get back on the path to Oreburgh City. Blake was looking a little sad because he hadn't seen Clauncher all morning. "Did anyone see where Claucnher ran off to?" he asked solemnly. Miranda and Marley looked at one another, "Nope no idea sorry." they both said. The boy sighed, "Alright then, thanks for everything. Let's go Cody." he said, still moping about Clauncher. As the two boys prepared to exit the city Blake was nailed in the side of the head with a Water Gun attack. He quickly sat up with a huge smile on his face. "Clauncher?" he called out. He looked and saw the Pokemon standing in front of him with tears in it's eyes. Blake hugged it tightly and almost cried. "Goodbye buddy." he said. Then like a truck it hit the boy, "Wait a minute! Clauncher! Do you want to come with me on my adventure to become number one?!" he asked excitedly. Clauncher thought about it for a second then began to yell, "Clauncher! Clauncher!" it sounded out excitedly.

"Okay then it's settled." the boy said while reaching into his backpack and grabbing out a Pokeball. He tapped Clauncher on the head with it and watched the shrimp transform into red light before beaming into the red and white ball. With a few shakes, Clauncher was safe and sound inside the Pokeball. Blake placed it in his pocket and smiled, "Alright Cody let's get a move on!" he yelled, running down the next trail.

Cody sighed as Blake went on ahead, "Stupid Clauncher. We chased you around for what? So Blake could already begin to pass me up in our adventure." he said to himself angrily.