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Fumi-iko's Alola Exploring: Chapter 5: Mimikyu

by BloomingSkyShaymin

Fumi-iko,Popplio,Litten and Nebby escaped the weird world Tapu Koko is here Fumi-iko said "Tapu Koko you here?!" Tapu Koko said "Yes im here i heared that you guys stuck but lucky you escaped" Nebby said "Pew! but how?! Pew!" Tapu Koko said "I being here for 20 years you can get out to search for something" Fumi-iko,Popplio,Litten and Nebby are going to Melemele Island their found a Mimikyu. Mimikyu said "You here to visit me?" Litten said "Maybe?" Mimikyu said "I just want to fight" Litten said "Ok" Mimikyu used Shadow claw Litten took 10 damage Litten used Fire fang and Mimikyu is busted Fumi-iko said "May we can help Litten?" Litten said "No im good" then Mimikyu used Mimic and used Fire fang Litten took 6 damage then Litten used Bite and Mimikyu took 60 damage its super effect and fainted Mimikyu said "agh you may leave please..." their leaved and Rockruff said "I really want to join your team i was scared" Fumi-iko said "Ok!"